The 5 best Asian webcam websites

The five best Asian webcam sites take up a lot of my free time. I am not ashamed to admit that. Like any red blooded man, I am horny. And sometimes it is easy to satiate my desires by opening my laptop or checking out cams on my phone.

So far I have written exclusively about paid sex in real life. There are countless places around the world where all sorts of sexual services are available. Everything from handjobs to full body soapy massages are sold to customers day in and day out. Amazingly, a huge portion of the male population is seemingly unaware of these places even in the age of the internet. That seems hard to believe when information is but a finger tap away. But is true. Others know about these places but are not able or willing to go to them for whatever reason. That is not all too surprising. Not everyone is up for adventure.

five best Asian sex cam sites

What is surprising is that so many modern men armed with computers, smartphones, and pads are still unaware of the wide world of adult webcams. Still in need of adult entertainment they instead rely on disorganized tube sites filled with dated content of varying quality and subject. Some haven’t even reached that point.

I ran into a guy a few years ago who makes his living selling porn DVDs online. I was amazed that people with access to the internet would still purchase physical discs. He told me he made thousands of dollars each month. By the looks of his lifestyle he seemed to be telling the truth. Perhaps old habits die hard.

The best Asian webcam sites

While there will always be a place for porn, live entertainment has it beat by a long shot. Webcam sites are the pinnacle of online adult entertainment. And they will remain so until virtual reality and interactive sex toys are finally mastered. I’ve been hearing that the next big breakthrough in interactive adult entertainment is right around the corner since the turn of the century. So I won’t hold my breath. For now I’m quite satisfied watching smoking hot chicks spread, suck, and fuck live.

Of course I’m not limited to passively watching. Most webcam sites today dp let you watch for free. But you can make suggestions and even direct the action by tipping the performers a few inexpensive tokens. Fully nude women showing whatever you ask or even fucking a guy or girl in any position you want for a few bucks is a lot better than watching a porn scene filmed a few years ago. It even has strip clubs beat!

Asian cam website model

As the content on this website should demonstrate, I find Asian women attractive and alluring. I don’t go for “yellow fever.” But I do recognize that a region where the average woman is thin and fit with long black hair and perky breasts tends to have better looking ladies than areas where the average woman is obese with saggy swinging tits.

Porn featuring Asian actresses is popular worldwide. But there aren’t many big Asian-focused adult webcam sits. Asian models usually have to be sorted out of the rest at large cam sites. Here’s a list of the five best adult webcam sites for watching Asian women. I’m also going to give you information on how to find Asian model on various cam sites. You can trust my research. I’ve put more hours in than most, and I’m always looking for the next best thing in the broadcast of boobies.

1. LiveJasmin

LiveJasmin has been online for years and turned into the most visited adult webcam website on the entire internet. What matters more for inclusion on this list is the amount and quality of Asian women who work there. I don’t think I’m exaggerating at all when I say that LiveJasmin has more Filipina models than any similar site. At most times you’ll be confronted with more than you could ever chat with even if you watched webcams for a living. Women from other parts of Asia also broadcast. But the Filipinas make up the clear majority.

Livejasmin cam sites

Finding the many Asian models on LiveJasmin is as easy as clicking the “Asian Girls” link in the menu at the top of every page. This brings up a unique grid filled with photos of the various Asian ladies online at the time. When you click a picture you’re taken into the model’s room. There you can see her live broadcast on the left and some more pictures of her on the right.

LiveJasmin can be more expensive than other sites that allow sexual stuff to go on in public chat. You have to sign up and buy some credits to take any of the models into private chat if you want to see them with their clothes off. On the plus side, you are the only person in the room when you start a private show. So you get the model’s undivided attention. The models aim to please. And most are up for absolutely anything that the rules allow. The women who work through LiveJasmin tend to keep their promises and deliver great performances.

2. MyFreeCams

Myfreecams has been one of the best webcam sites for years now. It features models from all over the world and broadcasts are totally free to watch. Most models get naked in the free chats and many even do a lot more. There are always guys tipping to motivate them. By throwing a few tokens of your own in the ring you can help encourage a model to do more. For a little more you can take her into a private show and direct the performance. The best part of all is that the private show is saved into your archive so you can come back and watch it again whenever you want.

There used to be hundreds of Filipinas broadcasting on Myfreecams but many disappeared a few years ago. There are still some there on a regular basis but today there are just as many women from other parts of Asia like South Korea and China. Most intriguing is probably the large number of women from central Asian countries like Kazahkstan. You won’t find those chicks on many other sites.

How to find Asian women on

To find the Asian women on Myfreecams all you have to do is scroll down to the “Model List Settings” section at the bottom of the main page. There you can check the “Only Show” box next to the Asia/Pacific Islands category and voila! This will show you all the models in Asia. Incidentally, this is one of the best places to see feet cam shows if you’re into that sort of thing. I won’t judge.

Myfreecams probably has more Asian American models than any other webcam site. They are harder to find. Using the above the method often excludes them since they are classified as American rather than Asian models. Finding their rooms requires going through the full list of online models. But it is never too tough since they are usually right up towards the top. A lot of Western guys are attracted to Asian women. And for good reason.

3. Chaturbate

Chaturbate has been running neck and neck with Myfreecams for quite a while in the struggle for superior sex cam site. Chaturbate follows the same model of free live broadcasts supplemented with token tips and private shows but what sets Chaturbate apart is the range of models it allows. Myfreecams is limited to women but Chaturbate features women, men, couples, ladyboys and various combinations of all of the above.

Lots of Asian models broadcast on Chaturbate. Most are from the Philippines but every other country is also represented. I have seen models from Thailand along with much less represented countries like Vietnam and Indonesia. There are also lots of mixed couples made up of Western guys and Asian women who fuck in front of the audience for fun and profit.

How to find Asian models on Chaturbate

Finding the Asian models at Chaturbate is easy. You can simply scroll down to the bottom of any page until you find the “Free Cams by Region” menu. There you can click either “Philippines Cams” or “Asian Cams” to narrow the results down to the broadcasters from those regions who are currently online.

Most times there are at least two pages of Asian cam models and at least one page of Filipinas. This includes men, ladyboys, and couples however. So if you’re looking only for women you may have to look past a few sets of dicks and balls. But don’t worry there are also plenty of live lesbian cams too. The good thing is that the pics you see next to each name are screencaps of the broadcast currently going on. I think this is better than sites that Myfreecams which let models select their own avatars to display. At times the avatars don’t even match the model which can lead to big disappointments.

4. Sakura Live

There is no need to sort through anything at Sakura Live because the site features nothing but Japanese webcam models. Japanese women are world renown for being hot in and out of bed but they are difficult to find on webcam sites. I have never seen a Japanese lady on Chaturbate in years of going there. I have seen one or two on MyFreeCams but they are vastly outnumbers by chicks from other countries like China pretending to be Japanese.

Sakura Live Japanese cams

Sakura Live is the real deal. It is run by a large adult entertainment company in Japan that also has a bunch of Japanese porn sites in its portfolio. The Japanese women who broadcast through the company mainly deal with Japanese viewers as is the usual case with cam sites in the land of the rising sun. With everything being in Japanese foreigners were largely shut out until the company launched Sakura Live.

Now there is an English interface that allows people from every country to navigate and enjoy live broadcasts from sex J-girls. It allows allows viewers to seek out the broadcasters who can speak and understand English. With educational regulations in Japan requiring students to study English for several years there are quite a few who speak our language!

5. Bar Girl Chat

Jasmine Live might have the most models from the Philippines overall but Bar Girl Chat has nothing but Filipinas. This site was created with object of broadcasting foxy Filipina babes to screens around the planet. For Filipina fans there is nothing to dig through or click. When you land at the homepage you’re immediately confronted with room after room filled with the kinds of ladies you are looking for.

Bar Girl chat

Even though the models are all from the same country there is a lot variation among them. Women from eighteen years old up to fifty year old moms with milked out mammary glands show their stuff on screen. There are also lesbians and groups of women who broadcast together.

Bar Girl Chat is well named. Most of the women who broadcast through the site are the same kind of perky Pinays who push their pussies out of go go bars in cities like Cebu, Subic Bar, Manila and Angeles City. Those who can’t get to the Philippines as often as they would like, or at all, can still have fun with Friendly Filipinas through the wonders of modern technology. This is especially useful for those who like to skip ahead to the good stuff instead of looking for a Filipina lady to love online.

Some of the ladies on the site stay fully clothed. Many of them wear something sexy like lingerie or panties and a tank top. Several sit around naked or with their tremendous tits out which is great for a free peak but most require at least a little money to get motivated into putting on any real performance. In that way they are more like go go gals than they may ever know!

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