The 5 best cam websites

These days the best cam sites earn millions of dollars. Top cam models can make tens of thousands of dollars in a single month or more. Porn is as popular than every but most of it is consumed on free websites like Porn Hub. Camming is still lucrative because cam shows are live and you can interact with the models.

Live streaming is the hot thing today. But it has actually been around for a while in one form or another. I am old enough to remember dial up internet and the very first web cams. Of course they were sex related.

Back in the day the hot thing was to have voyeur cams installed in a house. Then people would come to the website and spend money to “spy” on a chick who would do things like walk around naked. But the chick was actually a model who signed a release. And the connections were so slow it was more like paging through a flip book than watching a video.

Eventually the internet got way faster and so did the chicks. After Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian dropped their overrated sex tapes, getting nude on the internet became mainstream. Back in the day sex workers were scorned. These days the chick down the street from you probably cams and has her own Only Fans account.

But the rise in camming has also crowded up the scene. There are more cam websites and cam models than any one guy could count. The cream of the crop still rises to the top though. So for every chick who makes major bank showing her poop shoot on a high res livestream there are a thousand average looking chicks doing 2 shows for 3 guys and 40 cents before they quit.

I’ve been watching cams from the beginning. I knew a Filipina chick who was making $4000 a week back in the day before sites like Only Fans even existed. She let me fuck her for free all the time, and she also filled me in on how everything worked in between our sex sessions. Over the years I’ve built on that knowledge by spending countless hours watching chicks cam while simultaneously choking my chicken. So when I give you my list of the best adult cam sites you know you can trust what you are reading.

Why cam websites?

If you are a regular reader of this site, then you will know that I have had sex with hundreds of women. I’ve had my prick jerked, licked and sucked by even more women than that. So you might think it’s strange that I would be a fan of cam shows over the internet. Allow me to explain.

Although they are “virtual” in the sense that you are not actually in the physical presence of the models, I still think that cam websites are better than a lot of strip clubs. Especially in a country like the US where you might drop hundreds of dollars on a topless chick wearing pasties and literally not even lay a finger on her. I’d rather be home watching a full nude babe fuck a dildo while I jack my own rod off into oblivion!

Plus there are times when you either can’t or won’t go out. Whether it is location, illness, lock downs, or time spent hunkered down in a bunker, there are periods when cam sites are about the best option for interacting with hot naked chicks.

1. Chaturbate

chaturbate is the best cam site

Chaturbate is without a doubt the greatest cam site of all time. There isn’t even any competition. It is simply as good as it gets or has ever been in the history of the internet. So there is no sense waiting until the end to list this fantastic website. If you know anything about cam shows at all then you already know about Chaturbate.

When Chaturbate first launched it created a lot of controversy. That was due to the way it operated. In the past cam models would keep all their clothes on as they waited in free or “public chat.” Only when you agreed to pay a per-minute fee for a private show would they take their clothes off and meet requests.

At Chaturbate models are free to get fully naked and even fuck in the free chat area. So anyone can go right to Chaturbate and watch it completely free of charge. You don’t even need to sign up for an account.

But how do the models make money? That is where the controversy came in. Early on some people argued that guys would just watch the public shows for free. The thought was that no one would pay to see anything if they could already see it all without spending a cent. So camming would supposedly be destroyed just like the porn industry was.

The argument looks sort of ridiculous in retrospect. Chaturbate has grown to become the biggest and most popular webcam site in the world. Tons of models ranging from model looking European chicks to couples, gay guys and transgenders broadcast on the site day in and day out. They are making money and everyone seems satisfied.

As it turns out, viewers like me are more than willing to purchase tokens at Chaturbate. These tokens are given to models for all sorts of reasons. There are tips. There are also dildos that the chicks use that are connected to the website. So when you send over a token, you vibrate the dildo. This is interactive online sex at its best! Then there are “goals” that models set. For example a chick might say “50 tokens to spread.” So if you give her 50 tokens she’ll open up her holes for everyone to see. Chicks can also sell their pics and videos with tokens. And the good old private shows are still there too in case you’re feeling romantic.

With models of all sorts from all over the world doing live shows around the clock, Chaturbate has something for everyone. I buy tokens and contribute a lot. But sometimes I just stop in to see what is going on without spending a time. I have absolutely no complaints about Chaturbate. It is so good that I can’t even think of many ways it could be improved. Yet Chaturbate is not the only good cam site around…

2. Bar Girl Chat

bargirl cam site

Bar Girl Chat is based around models from Southeast Asia. These are hot LBFMs who are just waiting to get naked and get off. The idea behind the name is that these are the kinds of chicks you might find in a go go bar. The truth is that many of the models on this site look a lot better than the average go go dancers you find these days.

There are some other differences too. The chicks at Bar Girl Chat can speak English. They’re also willing to get fully naked for just a couple of bucks. That’s even cheaper than Bush Mountain in Pattaya! Plus, you don’t even need to leave your chair to get these hoes in the nude.

Some guys don’t want to pay a barfine. Or they can’t visit Southeast Asia at all. I spend a lot of my time in the region having sex with local chicks. A lot of them work in bars. But I am not there all the time. When I can’t be in Southeast Asia banging bar girls I am glad that I can still work a load out to some thanks to Bar Girl Chat. This is a truly unique site that fills a niche and helps a bunch of chicks make a living. Win win!

3. DX Live

DX Live Japanese cam site

DX Live is a webcam site featuring real Japanese models. There are lots of chicks pretending to be Japanese on other sites. But most of them are from other countries like Uzbekistan. At DX Live you can be sure you are dealing with the real deal.

Why does that matter? While I love women from all around the world, I have a special place in my heart for Japanese women. You can’t generalize a country of a 126 million people, but there are things you see in Japan that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Unless you have been with a Japanese chick than you might not understand.

But chatting with authentic Japanese models at DX Live can help you start to get an idea. Especially if you take one into a private chat and watch them strip out of their beautiful dresses, smooth stocking, elegant satin panties and bend over while screaming out kimochii! It feels good man. It feels real good.

4. Sakura Live

Japanese cam site Sakura Live

If DX Live is the best Japanese cam site then Sakura Live is the second best. In fact they are both pretty damn good. That only makes sense since they are owned by the same company. But they do have different models so it is worth checking out both sites in my opinion.

Like DX Live, Sakura Live looks a little outdated. At least in terms of the general layout and appearance of the main site. But Japan is of course a high tech country where lots of computers and other technology is designed. It’s also a haven for camera wonks. So you know you are going to get high quality streams.

I have been all over the world but I have never found another place like Japan. The same goes for Japanese chicks which are all together fantastic. When I can’t be in Japan I am glad I can pay a couple of bucks to spend time chatting to a hot Japanese lady with her legs spread. If nothing else this has helped me master the art of typing with one hand.

5. Live Jasmin

Live Jasmin

For years, Live Jasmin was the main game in town. You would see it all over the internet. Every porn blog I read back in the day had a link and some banners for Live Jasmin. This was way back before Chaturbate came along with the free chat model.

Back in those days there was no nudity allowed outside of private chats. Anyone could come in and take a look at a chick in her public room. But at most she would be wearing something like a bikini. So if you wanted to see the chick naked, you would have to “take her private” which cost a certain amount of money per minute. I admit that I tried it long ago, even though I didn’t really have the money. But it wasn’t until I came across the free chat model of Chaturbate that I started spending more money on cams.

So why do I mention Live Jasmin on this list? Simply put the site is legendary. It broke a lot of ground and helped make nude camming a mainstream thing. That’s good for me since I like watching naked chicks perform over the internet.

Furthermore, Live Jasmin has caught up with the times. The modern version of the site is sleek and filled with naked models. So you know what you are going to see even before you pledge any money. They have some of the hottest chicks of any cam site too. I mean these are porn star quality women available at only a fraction of the cost.

The private chat model is still good too. It allows you to be one on one with the model of your choosing without other people cutting in on the fun. Now I enjoy public action and I even watched a guy get a blowjob before. But it is nice to be the only one in a room jacking over a fully nude chick. That way you get her full attention which means you really get your money’s worth!

That is the full list in its entirety. At least until some other amazing new cam site deserving of the title is launched. As you can see the sites I’ve mentioned here are all pretty well established though. So it would take a pretty serious challenger to dislodge any of them from their hallowed positions!

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