Watch chicks cam because you can

Seasons greetings to you all. I spent my Halloween watching butt naked chicks spread their wings on cam. It was a great way to pass the evening. Even better than sipping apple cider and going around begging asshole neighbors for cheap factory produced candy. Call me a cynic. What can I say?

I was outside for a couple of hours but it was no big thing. I saw one really hot chick dressed up like an angel with a really tight cloth skirt. Her firm ass was bouncing like crazy through that thin fabric. I even caught a glimpse of her panty line which is always nice. But I wasn’t motivated enough to do anything about it. I did chat with a curvy chick dressed as a cow though. I let her return to pasture. Sometimes the feeling just isn’t there.

One thing I noticed a long time ago is that women with their clothes on are overrated. Unless we are talking about scientists in lab coats who are curing childhood disease. Even they might be better with their clothes off. I’ve fucked a couple of nurses in my day. But I’ve only done one doctor. Maybe I will tell you about that later.

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For now I want to stick to the topic at hand. Last night my dick was stuck to my hand. Because I was watching naked chicks at Fire Cams. It is crazy how good this stuff looks these days.

It’s now the norm for chicks to broadcast themselves in high definition. You can cast video from your phone to your HD television too. So what that means is that you can watch naked chicks in high quality video live and on your big screen. It is like living in the future. I feel like I am on the Jetsons except with my dick out.

What I like best about cams is that I don’t have to put in any effort. Like the cow I told you about earlier. I am willing to bet she looked fantastic in the nude. And another time I probably would have gone into overdrive and overtime to get a piece of that ass. But on this Halloween I just wasn’t into it. Nor was I all that disappointed. Because I know I can go into my place and get a naked chick or chicks on demand.

Now some anti-porn weirdos might look at this and say it is proof that porn or cams kill your sex drive. That couldn’t be further from the truth. If you read this site religiously like the heavens want you to do then you know that I fuck on a regular basis. I just happen to watch porn and cams and wank a lot too. It’s the best of both worlds.

Sometimes you are tired or worn down and you just don’t have the energy. It happens to the best of us. Like when I am in the Philippines and I have a hankering for black Colombian chicks. What am I going to do? Book a trip to Colombia with all that entails? Or go to a cam site and check out all the available ebony Colombian chicks who are already naked with their holes exposed? Either one will help me work a nut out.

As it turns out I actually did get a nice suck and fuck this Halloween. A regular hit me up out of the blue. I have done this chick every which way. At this point I have nothing to prove or any reason to impress. So I keep it totally real with her. My answer to her “WYD?” was “watching sex cams and jacking off.” She asked if she could come see. I said sure. She showed up after a party dressed like a sexy witch. I had already moved on to watching gangbang porn with a black chick getting fucked by 4 white grandpas.

I had a shirt and shoes on but no pants. Like I said I was wanking. She watched for about 30 seconds then gave me a great suck job. I let her ride it for a while to get off but to be honest she sucks better than she fucks. So after she caught her nut I told her to suck the load out of me. Five minutes later and I was unloaded down her throat. She said it was a lot. I believe it because I was beating off and edging for at least 3 hours. I got really tired and fell asleep. I woke up and she was gone. But she left me some candy. Trick or treat.

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