Watching Asian chicks on cam

Earlier in the year I wrote about watching white British babes on cam. To my surprise I found that a lot of the UK chicks showing their stuff on cam had big spankable asses. But truth be told, I am more partial to brown skinned Asian babes. Or pale Asian chicks with light pink nipples. Actually, I like all kinds of Asian chicks as you might have been able to tell.

Recently I have spending a lot of time on the ground. I’ve been pounding the pavement and tapping quite a few Asian asses too. Some of them were among the hottest chicks I have ever done. And more than half cost me no money at all. Seriously. I might write more about that later. Or I might not.

What I am going to write about today are FapperChat Asian Girls. When I am going through my “down time” and spending more time at home, I still get the urge every day. A lot of times I get it even more than once. When that happens I usually start browsing the best Asian sex cam sites. I still like porn. But the live action is really where it’s at.

Combine a love of sex cams with an admiration of Asian women and you end up looking for Asian chicks on cam. I’ve written about this before. It can be a task just to narrow down the findings and get to some actual Asian women. Even though there are more Asian women than any others on earth, Asian chicks are still somehow in the minority when you go on most sex cam sites. Why is that? There are many reasons.

A lot of guys think of horny sexpots when they imagine Asian women. There’s even a whole “little brown fucking machine” myth built around this. The truth is that pretty much everyone likes sex. American and European chicks are probably the most outwardly sexual on earth these days. But your view is going to be shaped by your experiences.

So a guy might sit at home with his fat white American wife getting treated like shit on a daily basis. Then he takes a vacation to Angeles City and finds a bunch of better looking chicks willing to sit on his dick. From that he comes up with an idea. White women are sexless bitches and Asian girls love sex.

This is all a little of the topic I guess. And who knows how I developed my near addiction to looking at hot Asian women in the nude. It could all be analyzed. And some day I may even get around to doing something like that. But for now at least I am having a great time with a lot of Asian women from all around the world.

When I am not in Asia, or when I just don’t feel like going out into the world for whatever reason, I am happy to have access to naked Asian chicks on cam. I don’t know how far technology is going to go in this direction. I do know that nearly every major technical advance in my lifetime from the internet to home computers and airline booking sites has brought me closer to Asian pussy. FapperChat now joins that list.

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