Watching white British babes on cam

A lady I know from London just got in touch with me out of the plain blue last week. I was in Hong Kong at the time and she was the farthest thing from my mind. I met her by chance in Manila years ago and took her back to my room for a root. It was decent enough but I didn’t feel any desire to pursue her any further.

To be totally honest, I’m not all that interested in hooking up with British women. I’ve met quite a few in my travels and there was only one that I ever remember wanting to get into bed. I have seen two or three sexy British chicks on apps like Tinder in places like Ho Chi Minh City, but alas I wasn’t able to meet any of them in person. With so many sexy Vietnamese women around it is hard to spend time on much else when I’m there.

British cam whores

I have seen plenty of hot cam whores from Britain online that I wouldn’t mind bending over a table for a long hard doggy style session. I would hate to see a summation of all the time I spent watching those chicks on my laptop or phone though. Countless hours have gone down the drain as I watched their British boobs and butts and gave myself a dick and ball massage.

You can find English chicks here and there on cam and porn tube sites. Or you can go to a place that brings them all together. FilthyBritain UK Sex Chat is one of the few places where you can find collections of live British cam chicks. So if you have a craving for British but don’t want to reach for a can of spotted dick, you know where to go.

If you want to go further than just beating your meat to live broadcasts of British babes, you can get in depth at Filthy Britain’s Sex Blog too. That’s great if you’re like me and still interested in sex even after you shoot out your cock snot. There’s an intellectual level involved here. It goes deeper than pale white bean-fed booties.

Big British boobs

Why would any guy care about British chicks when surrounded by hot exotic poonani in lands with warmer suns? It’s a fair question. But I do like variety. That’s one reason I like the Germany sex saunas so much. I also like titties. Big fun bags are well, big and fun!

British chicks have big bouncing boobs. The average cup size in England is now an extraordinary 36DD. Seriously! Look it up. That’s a lot of chest meat. Of course some of the chicks sporting the big sweater puppies are also packing a lot of blubber on other parts of their bodies. But there are still some babes with tight frames and massive hooters.

The average dress size in Britain is now a 16. I think that converts to “pretty damn big” on the Asian scale. But like the miner panning for gold in the muddy bottom of a dirty runoff river, I keep digging for the gems. And I find them too. Partly due to persistence, and partly because I’ve got an eye for hot chicks.

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