Single Man’s Paradise is gone, but what happened?

Here is a question some people have asked me. What happened to single man’s paradise? No I am not talking about a mythical nirvana for single men. The question is about a website that existed for a few years that was called Single Man’s Paradise. As you might guess it was located at

Single Man’s Paradise was made by a guy who called himself “Skins.” He commented on posts here back in early 2015. I think that is when he started the site. I noticed that he left a link to his site in one of the comments he left here. So I checked it out. It was basically a single man’s travel blog. I checked back a few times. But I stopped reading when I saw that he was calling women in Vietnam “gooks.”

I guess he kept on going with the site though. He tried different formats and ways of making money like a lot of bloggers do. It went on for a few years then suddenly SMP simply shutdown without even a note from the author. He must have had his fair share of readers and plenty of people commenting.

single mans

Since I never really followed Single Man’s Paradise after early 2015 I had no idea the site disappeared. Someone sent me a message asking if I knew anything about it. The truth is that I don’t. I found out what you just read above by doing five minutes of research on the interwebs. It appears the site was taken offline. Some people who liked the site put up a sort of memorial. Others have tried to guess at the reasons the site shut down on some other similar websites.

I have no way to know what happened to the site. Or even why it happened. It doesn’t surprise me that the site shut down. It happens a lot. Monger Planet disappeared recently. A Farang Abroad has been idle for years. Living Thai slowed way down. Nomad Philippines has an active comment section but I haven’t seen a new post there in a couple of years. It’s just the nature of the game. Blogs in general usually die out after a while. Not always. But often. Especially in this age of 5 second Tik Tok videos. Why read 1000 words when you can watch a chick dance in a bikini instead?

I never found blogging to be very difficult. I do it for fun more than anything else. I guess it might be harder these days but it depends on what you are looking to get out of it. I started this site because I got tired of writing out my stories to my buddies back home. Next thing I knew lots of people were visiting. Some leave comments. Most do not. It’s all good with me. I will keep writing as long as I enjoy it. So far, so good.

I make more money than pretty much all of the friends I grew up with. Not with this site but in general. And I only put in a couple hours of “work” a month. I choose when to work and how to do it. And all I need is my laptop and a wifi connection.

So for me the internet is a blessing rather than a curse. I understand that everyone is different. And I know for a fact that a lot of guys aren’t built for this lifestyle. There’s nothing wrong with that. We need people to go to aviation school and learn to be pilots and air traffic controllers. Otherwise I couldn’t jet from country to country!

I can’t claim to know what happened to Skins or his website. Maybe he just got tired of it. Who knows? Speculation is just that and at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter. He wrote words. I write words. You can write your own words. You can even go out into the world and make your own adventures. Then you can choose if you want to write about them or not. Or you can stay home and write a bunch of made up shit. Or you can copy and steal from this and other websites. Or you can do none of the above. Hey you might go a totally different route and discover a cure for childhood disease. This is one of the many beauties of life my friends! Best wishes to you all.

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