A waitress picked me up in Bangkok

Here’s a true story that seems stranger than fiction. One day a waitress in Bangkok picked me up and we went off and had sex. Yes I know this is probably hard to believe. Unless you’ve spent some time over here and seen this sort of stuff first hand.

I’ve told you some wild tales over the years. You may remember when I fucked my taxi driver. Or when I screwed three Asian chicks in one day. I might not have even believe this stuff if I didn’t live through it. But facts are facts.

None of that really compares to today’s story. It was so random and out of the blue that it even shocked me, and I’ve been spending most of my time fucking around Asia since I was 19. I mean there is no crazy sex story here. But to just be sitting somewhere and have a nice young lady scoop you up isn’t the sort of thing you see every day. Or ever…

How I got picked up

When I am in Bangkok I usually make the most of my time. Wake up and have a coffee and breakfast. Then go drain my balls at a Bangkok BJ bar. Next maybe read the news before going to another coffee shop for lunch. Then some bar hopping or a date with a chick from Tinder depending on the situation. Often I will get one last blowjob in before the night is over too.

note from a thai waitress

On this particular day I woke up late. I hadn’t even made it over to Kasalong for a suck off yet. Instead I went straight to a Korean cafe on Sukhumvit. I took my usual seat which allows me to look out the window and up at the walkway over the road. I like this seat because you can see right up the dress of any chick that uses the walkway.

After ordering I did a mix of looking at my phone and looking up over my sunglasses for upskirt shots for a few minutes until my order arrived. A dude brought over a tray with my drink, a croissant, and a noticeably out of place little green square of paper.

The next step

I immediately glanced at the paper wonder what it was. It was a handwritten note in English. It read:

Hello, Sir
How are you doing today? May I ask you how long have you been in Thailand? And well, would you like to have hot chocolate or a cup of coffee?

After snapping out my state of disbelief I took a picture of the paper. Then I picked up the note and walked right up to the counter. It was a little busy but I just cut past the line like a typical rude American. I walked directly up to the kid who brought my tray and help up the note. Before I could say a word he blurted out “not me” and pointed at this Thai chick to the left.

Now this woman wasn’t really hot at all. She was a pretty average looking Thai chick. Which is to say that she was prettier than the average American chick. Plus she was 24 years old. She was a little on the thick side for Thailand too. But how are you going to say no to a women who tries to pick you up in broad daylight?

If you can turn down a twenty year old woman of any size or look then you are a better man than me. I had to at least take the chance and see where it went. As it turned out it went right to her sopping wet twat.

From here to there

Once I knew who sent the note I motioned towards her. She looked shy at first but quickly perked up. I went through the normal routine: My name is Enzo, what’s yours? I’m from America, how about you? How old are you? Do you have Line? When do you get off work? And that was that.

Her English was really good. Especially for Thailand. I didn’t even have to use my Thai skills at all. It turned out she went to a pretty good Thai university. Though that obviously didn’t help much since she was making coffee for a living.

Anyway I finished up my food, took in a couple of really good panty shots on the stairs, then made my way back to my room. I chatted with the chick on and off all day on Line. After she got off work she wanted to go home and shower. But she agreed to meet me later around Lumphini Park.

To my surprise she showed up exactly on time! We had a decent time but battled unseasonable rain. She tried to “show me around” before realizing I probably know Bangkok better than her. After a while I asked if she wanted to hang out in my room. She quickly answered “sure!” I pretty much knew I was in.

My condo wasn’t much to see. A couple of rooms, a bathroom, then the couch. I invited her to sit. Next thing you know we’re making out and I have my hand up her shirt cupping her small but perky tits. I took her clothes off with time, ate her box for about 5 minutes until she came, then pulled off my pants and crawled on top.

She was pretty passive but she had a good solid body with lots of places to grab on. I did some good solid pumping on her hole from multiple positions. At one point I got up and stuck my cock by her mouth just to see if she would suck on it. She did, but it couldn’t compare to the pros I am used to. So back into her hole for the last bit of the journey.

I pounded away hard and she responded to every down stroke with a grunt or moan. Figuring she probably wasn’t on any kind of birth control I pulled out and shot several long watery strings of jizz up her belly. She smiled and said something like “wow, that was great” with a Thai accent. I know this sounds unbelievable, but I swear I am telling the truth.

We ended up meeting a couple of more times. She seemed to be head over heals in love with me for some reason. I promise I put in little to no effort other than slobbing her cat down good and plenty every time we met. But eventually I felt it was too much. So I just did the Asian style cut away by ignoring all of her messages.

I might run into her again. But probably not. There is too much tail to chase, even when some of the tail is apparently chasing me. I sort of feel bad about the situation. But what was I going to do?

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