Asian massage chicks are awesome

Asian massage girls are great. In fact, they are more than great. Without going into a 1990’s retro kick, I would even say they are awesome. You know, like nude selfies. Though I won’t go as far as saying they are totally rad or gnarly, because that would be stupid. After being around Asian masseuses for more than 10 years, and fucking more than I can count even with my all my fingers and toes, I feel secure in my assessment.

I am not even talking about all the millions of Asian women who jack cocks or fuck customers for cash all around the world. They are beyond awesome, but I have already written book loads of words about them here. Today I am just talking about the average run of the mill Asian massage girl. By and large they are nice, friendly and up for a good time. In my experience anyway. What else could I base my ideas on? Today I will tell you about just a few of those experiences.

The petite pussy

When I first started bouncing around Southeast Asia many years ago I wondering into a regular looking massage parlor in a tourist area. The sign said it was open 24 hours. Back in America that’s a sign of sexual services. Since there were a couple of cute chicks out front, I figured I’d try it out.

One of the chicks got up and took me up some crooked stairs to a private room that basically consisted of a mattress on a concrete floor. I wouldn’t say she was hot, but she was pretty with a great smile. She was also friendly, and petite. I mean very petite. She probably weighed 85 pounds wet. She was 25 years old and you could tell from her face, but her body was really small. She did a regular massage and we chatted a lot. She practiced her limited English and I helped her along. She said I was a nice guy. I asked her to hang out with me. She did.

massage meme

On our first hang out we just walked around some parks and talked more. We got some cheap drinks off the street and sat on a bench. I wasn’t even trying to fuck her. But we started talking about living situations. I mentioned some stuff about my room. Then I half jokingly asked if she wanted to see it. She said she did and off we went.

In the room we looked around then she sat on the bed. I just went for it, and it worked. I ended up fucking her bareback multiple times. But back then I would pull out and cum on her flat chest instead of busting inside. She had no tits and no ass but she was really sweet and when she rode me it felt like I was fucking an Asian sex doll. Eventually she saw me walking around with another chick and called me crying so I cut it off. But I saw her again years later and she was married. So it all worked out.

The handjob mom

Another memorable massage chick came out of a totally mainstream place in a famous tourist town. It was just down the alley from the main part of town. I don’t even remember how I found it. They only had a couple of people working and one was a guy, so the selection was obvious. I picked a short but thick chick with a really pretty round face, big smile and bigger ass. Turned out she was a divorced mom. She kind of looked like one of the Asian women I fapped to on mature cams.

In the room I got naked for an oil massage. She told me about aloe vera massage gel which was a dollar more. I caught her drift and said okay. She then flipped me and gave me one of the best handjobs of my life, with complete ball and taint work, and smiling all along. I launched a load super far away and she laughed. I came back several times in the same week then got her phone number.

We were supposed to go out. But we met at my room and then just stayed there. Because she looked so appetizing in her tight clothes, I just started kissing her and touching all over. She went with it. Then she apologized that her body wasn’t nice. I said show me anyway, and we got down to it.

Her stomach was loose from carrying a baby year ago, but hardly the worse I had seen. She had big saggy tits with huge black nipples. I wouldn’t shack up with a single mom under any circumstances, but I have to admit I liked the novelty of it. Knocking her fun bags around and tugging on those teats was pretty fun too. I mean they weren’t deflated flapjack tits. They still had some heft. And her ass was tight and blemish free. One of the best I had seen. Her asshole was even perfect. It looked like someone drew it with a pencil. I fucked her every which way. Finally I was pile driving her doggy style and watching that firm ass absorb my every blow when I shot my nut and filled up the condom. She went home to overnight with her kid and I never saw her again. The sex was free. She said she needed it, since she hadn’t fucked in a year.

The tight and tanned Thai

The last massage chick of today’s list was one I meant just about a year ago. She was working in some run of the mill no name place in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t even know she was inside. I found the place on the side of the road and saw two older Thai chicks out front. I figured they did the massages and stopped in for a regular body rub. If they would have jacked me off or offered more, I would have surely accepted. But I didn’t require it.

Anyway, when I stepped inside the one in charge basically said “this guy is young, he wants a girl his age.” Then a 21 year old tanned Thai beauty with an angelic face and spectacular body came out from behind a curtain. Bingo! I don’t want to go overboard, but if this woman did webcam porn she’d bring in enough money to build new houses for everyone in her village in a matter of months.

She didn’t speak any English, but my Thai skills got us through the conversation with lots of flirting and complementing. I asked her to meet me after work to eat. We had local food then I just walked to my room and she followed me. There was really no discussion. Once inside, it was almost straight to the sex.

I fucked her once with a condom and came much faster than I normally do. Even after screwing hundreds of chicks, she was able to quickly coax a load out my ball bag on pure looks alone. She was that hot. Then we fell asleep naked. In the middle of the night, she reached over and put her arm around me. I started playing with her tits, one thing led to another, and before you knew it I was jizzing right inside her love tunnel bareback. She left early in the morning. I mistakenly didn’t save her contact info in my phone. I had to leave later that day, but I planned to come back to the city and then stop in to the shop to find her. I haven’t been back since. But I have been inside several other massage parlors and massage ladies since. The last one was just three days ago. I’ll tell that story some other time.

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