Asian MILFs are great at sex

Today is mother’s day in America. Call me a cynic but this date always makes me think of the empty commercialism that permeates there. Tens of millions of guys have already lined up to hand over their cash to chocolate and flower companies in an empty gesture made to placate the whacked out social norms of a country where mass murder is an every day event. But that’s neither here nor there. Because you can call me a pervert, but mother’s day also makes me think of all the moms I have had sex with. And prostitute moms too.

This is nothing new. People who don’t understand have been calling me a pervert for years. I still remember the guy who used that slur against me when he found out I was banging his sister while she was away at college. Sorry dude! And hey, maybe there is something to that. Three years ago at this time I announced a bunch of mother’s day sales for men like me and you. I guess it all depends on your social standards. I set my own. I like sex between consenting adults. I like freedom. I like to have fun.

MILF meme

I don’t particularly like older women, cougars or “milfs”. Childless women in the 19-22 age range are the best. That is in many and most cases. So I wouldn’t even bother trying to fuck the average 30 year old American land whale with no makeup on her face but lots of stretch marks on the flabby gut she tucks away in her PINK brand sweatpants.

But in my experience there is a special class of MILFs that really deserves the name. These are moms I would like to fuck. They are also moms I have fucked in forty or fifty cases. And in every single episode the sex was not only good but great. Come to think of it quite a few of them weren’t actually mothers. But in my porn addled brain they would still be classified as MILF level since they were all over the age of 30. So I am going to roll with it.

As you may have guess by the title that I left back behind hundreds of words of interlude, I am talking about Asian MILFs. These are mature Asian moms from countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, China and especially Japan and South Korea. Whether they are timid and shy or open cougars on the hunt they have all been excellent and beyond excellent in bed.

In my plentiful experience with this women they were all some combination of open, romantic, animalistic and ready for action. They all had surprisingly good bodies, full luscious tits not often seen with Asian women, and (with one notable exception) they all had fuck holes clean enough to eat off of. Or out of as the case may be. In other words, unlike some of their younger cohorts, they all knew how to take care of themselves. Chalk it up to experience.

On top of all of that, none of them were clingy or expected relationships or anything else out of me. A couple of them even paid for the hotels or asked me to take naked pictures of them to keep for my memory. They were all relatively easy to get into bed too. A few might have required a little chatting and maybe a half of a date. Others literally met me and went straight to bed. It was as good as it gets in almost every experience. I loved every second of it and I long for more.

At this point I’ve had sex with hundreds of women from dozens of countries. I haven’t seen it all. But I have seen a lot. I can honestly say that some of the best sex I ever had was with Asian MILFs or Asian women who were at least old enough to be moms. Why do I tell you this? The same reason I tell you anything else. I wrote this like everything else on this website to document my experiences banging my way around the world. It just so happens that I stalled out in Asia more than a few times. And spectacular Asian MILFs are one of the reasons for that. I am sure you can understand. Especially if you’ve screwed five or six yourself.

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