Coronavirus, condoms and cowardice

Today two Asian chicks sent me random messages. The first was from a skinny Vietnamese chick with huge tits I’ve fucked a few times over the years. It said “you’d better wear a mask and not go out much.” The second message came from a dim Thai office worker who I let jack me off once a year ago because she wasn’t hot enough to fuck. Her message read, “don’t have sex with any prostitutes now because they have a big chance to be sick from Chinese.”

Of course they’re talking about the so-called Wuhan corona virus going around. Thought they probably don’t even know what it is or what it’s even called in my experience is anything to go on. Most people don’t. The people who do like the CDC say, “Human coronaviruses are common throughout the world. Human coronaviruses commonly cause mild to moderate illness in people worldwide.”

I can’t blame these chicks I guess. This is just a local panicked reaction, including the necessary Facebook rumor mongering, to what more powerful people are doing on a larger scale. Closing entire borders, putting whole cities and regions on lock down, canceling flights and otherwise hampering the ability of people to live a normal life. Rights suspended because some people got sick. Seems reasonable right? Might as well shut down planet earth because the planet is full of pussies.

An overblown reaction

Two months into the outbreak and a grand total of 250 people have died worldwide from the new corona virus. That’s less than 0.0000033 percent of the world population. And so far, the fatalities were all elderly people with weakened immune systems in China. Sad stuff for sure, but hardly the end of life on earth as we know it.

coronavirus conquered

So far 8000 people died from influenza in America in the 2019-2020 flu season, and it’s just getting started. This compares to the 61,000 who died from the regular flu in the United States alone in 2017-2018. Yeah, you read that right. Yet nothing was closed down then.

But elsewhere? Forget about it. Big parts of Asia are under some kind of curfew. It’s like mommy and daddy decided the kids can’t go out to play in the snow because they might catch cold. Because adults can’t make their own decisions. Need to travel? Sorry little Billy, some people got sick and you might too. And in countries where 1 person was found with an infection you can see tens of thousands of people walking around in various cheap medical masks that do little to nothing to stop infection.

If you think closing borders will help, you’re probably wrong about that too. Even the World Health Organization says so. According to the Bangkok Post, “it warned Friday that closing borders was probably ineffective in halting transmissions of the virus — and could even accelerate its spread.”

Funny shit in the sex industry

The funniest stuff has to come from the sex industry itself. I am hearing reports that business is way down because Chinese people stopped showing up. Then the same day I’ll hear from another person that chicks don’t want to work because they’re scared of Chinese customers. So which is it? Are there Chinese people there or not? And how do you know they’re Chinese, or from mainland China? Just by looking at them?

strong Asian woman boxer sexy

And why forsake a country of over a billion because a few thousand got sick anyway? It shows how fucked up people’s thinking can be. On sex websites some idiots are calling for “all Asians” to be banned from German sex saunas. You know, because there’s no way to tell them apart. Sorry Iranian dude with Dutch passport, you can’t come in to our sex club because some people are sick in China and your parents were born in the world’s largest continent. Because you know, only Asian people travel to and from Asia and carry corona virus. Or something like that.

The inconsistency is hilarious. Thailand has had the highest HIV rate in Asia for years. Doesn’t stop guys from going there, or even barebacking Thai hookers. Uncircumcised guys are according to studies more likely to get HIV than guys with cut cocks. No FKK bans guys with ant eater penises though. Why could that be?

Being a man in 2020

For millennia mankind faced off with a world that it largely couldn’t understand. That’s where all the superstition and ghost shit comes from. Now it’s 2020 and we have all sorts of information and understanding. That’s how we can even know what the corona virus is in the first place! Two centuries ago people would be blaming the stars or the ghoul who lives in the old oak tree that someone forgot to give a bottle of Strawberry Fanta to last week.

What do we do with all of this knowledge? Recoil into fear and lock ourselves in our rooms or behind surgical masks that are “primarily meant to keep healthcare providers from spreading their own mouth-borne germs to patients.”

Well, not me sir. I’m not staying inside and I certainly won’t be wearing any mask. I ain’t scared one bit. I’ve been locked up with hundreds of people in a metal tube for 12 hours enough times to know better. Sometimes people get sick. Sometimes they get sick from new stuff we haven’t seen before. Then we figure out how to deal with. Plus, all people die. Me and you included. This is life on the planet earth for we humans. What can you do? You can act like a man.

And what do I, as an experienced world traveler with a set of balls, do in the face of the threat of the 2020 Novel Coronavirus? I hang out with Asian hookers and crack ice old bottles of Corona like I did last night. The vitamin C in the lime has about as much of a chance and keeping me healthy as those stupid fucking surgical masks do anyway.

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