Coronavirus didn’t close any go go bars

A lot of go go bars in Thailand didn’t make through the coronavirus lockdown imposed in the land of smiles. It seems like 20 or so pretty major go go bars have gone out of business permanently. There’s been outcry all over the pro-bar crawler parts of the internet over this terrible mass atrocity. Guys are complaining they’ll never be able to go to their favorite go go bars again.

I can sure understand the bad feelings from guys who maybe get away once a year and spend their vacation days on walking street in Pattaya. Thai chicks aren’t suddenly going to stop offering sex for money but it can be nice to be surrounded by a bunch of naked Asian chicks. Sadly the go go models mostly changed long ago. And way back in 2018-2019 I was seeing empty go go bars and hearing bar girls and bar owners alike claim “business no good.”

It’s not only Pattaya. A lot of big bars closed in Bangkok. Over in Angeles City it seems like a lot bars are going the same way. They all share a pretty similar model. The downfalls of this have become hard to miss for the last several years.

It wasn’t Covid-19 that did it

First we have to deal with a point of fact. The novel coronvirus Covid-19 did not close any bars anywhere. A virus doesn’t have that kind of power. Only people do. So what closed the bars down was in fact orders from people in power. Or in some situations it was the bar owners themselves who started closing their bars in the beginning of the year before the lockdown and curfews were issued.

out of business sign

Let that second part sink in for a second and the point of this post will become self-evident. Coronavirus did not close any go go bars down. People did. And the lockdown itself isn’t what drove so many go go bars out of business. They couldn’t make it in the economic atmosphere. The lockdown just sealed their fates. It’s not the 1970’s anymore.

Some of these go go bars were major investments will all kinds of money spent to build and operate. They weren’t shy about the money they were raking in either. They’d post pictures on social media of massive receipts from lame guys who overspent tens of thousands of Baht. The walls would be covered with the names of guys who “rang the bell” for whatever reason and bought drinks for all the women in the bar to no personal benefit. So with all that investment and all that income you might think some of them would have enough savings to get through a crisis. If so, you’d be wrong.

Alternatives to go go bars

Months ago before all of this was even going down I explained why go go bars suck. It wasn’t always that way but things change and life goes on. That’s just the way of the world. There are many reasons. A big one is that sex with a Pattaya go go dancer cost 2 to 3 times more than sex with a blonde bombshell in the middle of a rich country like Germany. It just doesn’t add up.

Another is that the chicks in the go go bars kept looking worse and worse. You can go online and find pics of go go girls from the past and see the progression. Or just walk around and open your eyes like I do. The dancers in go go bars have been getting older, fatter, more wrinkled and more tattooed for years. This is a general societal trend, but that doesn’t explain it all. You can still find very hot Thai chicks in the sex shops meant for Thai dudes.

Finally you have all the other ways prostitutes can meet Johns. When there are so many other options that are better for both the women and the guys who want to do them, you end up with alternatives. Women could always go the independent route. Some go go stars of the moved on to Soi 6 short time bars or even the Coconut Bar so they could keep more money for themselves. Older and less attractive chicks have moved to blowjob bars and gentlemen’s clubs where they can put their skills to use. These days you also have the internet which changes everything.

Prostitutes will look elsewhere

Go go bars arose to fill a particular void. Bars where set up to entertain western soldiers on break for the fighting in Vietnam. Some soldiers stayed on. Others went home and spread the word about the little brown fucking machines. Enterprising actors put the women in bikinis on stage to bring in more guys.

Alongside that were the soapy massage parlors. Then there were the naughty massage parlors. Plus the massage parlors where you could get extras. Then the blowjob bars, gentlemen’s clubs, nightclubs with freelancers, hoe strolls, and everything else. All this was all before the internet become common around the turn of the century.

Long before anyone heard the word Covid-19 there were hundreds of ladies and ladyboys in Pattaya finding their customers online through dating apps like Tinder and especially dating websites like Thai Friendly. That’s the one thing that didn’t change all throughout, even when the lockdown and curfew was at its most restrictive. Days after the bars had to close and for months after I was getting messages from bar girls all over Thailand asking where I was and if I wanted to meet.

Women aren’t going to stop selling pussy because of a virus. HIV spread to humans a hundred years ago and has been a global epidemic since the 1980’s but that hasn’t stopped people from having sex or paying for it. Especially not in Thailand which has both the highest HIV rate and highest number of incoming international tourists in Asia.

Go go bars as a whole aren’t necessarily on the way out. A lot of them aren’t coming back though. I don’t know how many new ones will come along either. Money might go into things like massage parlors or even apps instead. Women will keep looking for money. Guys will keep looking for sex and affection. The two will meet somewhere or another, more than likely over the internet since that has been the trend across all industries for many years. The sky isn’t falling but the bar fine prices aren’t either. So more people are going to meet in more ways. Stay tuned for an interesting future!

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