How to dress for success with Asian women

At this point I have been with so many Asian chicks that I’ve lost count. My batting average is through the roof over here in the East. It is vary rare that I purse a woman and don’t get some action. Even then it is usually because I simply give up. With so many options around why waste any time?

Now I am not some super stud. I never had problems getting women even when I was back home, and Asia isn’t exactly the hardest place in the world for a western guy to get laid. But I do well. So guys come here and ask me for tips all the time. Now I am going to share what I know.

Today’s lesson is going to be dressing for success with Asian women. I will tell you what to do and what not to do in order to increase your odds with Asian women. This works for all Asian women, and it can even help in other parts of the world. But mainly I am focused on attractive Asian women who have good bodies. If you’re after old fat single moms you can take things a lot easier. Why not? They sure do.

Dress like a man

I do realize that it is now fashionable for grown men in America to walk around in Sesame Street clothing complete with matching hat and shoes. That shit doesn’t fly as well over here in Asia. At least not yet and in my experience. So if you want to score with women your best bet is to dress like a man.

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No male over the age of 12 should wear shorts or flip flops unless they are standing on a beach or next to a swimming pool. Your feet and legs are not that hot. Cover them up. Secondly, put a shirt on. No one wants to see your exposed flesh in the middle of a fucking city. Seriously, no one. You should also wear a real shirt that comes with buttons and a collar. Not an undershirt. If you take a moment to look around, you’ll notice that most Asian men do the same. You don’t really want to be out dressed by a guy who picks cans off the street for a living, do you?

What about head coverings? Just get a decent haircut and live with it. Unless you’re playing baseball, a baseball hat is not a good look. A backward baseball hat is worse. Wear your bucket hat and hiking gear when you’re on the mountain. When you’re strolling down Sukhumvit you’ll look a lot less like a total dickhead if you wear regular pants and a pair of shoes complete with the modern marvel known as laces. Remember: looking less like a dickhead now increases your chances of getting female attention on the head of your dick later.

Wash your ass

The number one complaint you hear about foreign guys in Asia is that they are interested in the most unattractive and undesirable women. Some hot Asian chicks actually avoid foreign guys entirely because they think we only like fat ugly women who dress like cracked out street whores from the Bronx.

The number two complaint you hear about foreign guys is that we smell. White guys get a reputation for having stinking armpits and not showering. Arab and African guys get a reputation for showering in cologne. Indian guys get a reputation for stinking all over.

total slob

Now there are cultural and culinary differences that make people smell different. Eating curry or kim chi regularly can give you a smell. Then there’s stuff like natto breathe and som tom mouth. It’s all real enough but some of that just comes with the territory. That is not what I am talking about here.

Let me fill you in on a little tip I learned as a child: you should wash your ass. Regularly. Not only your ass, but also the rest of your body including your feet, mouth and balls. It might seem crazy that I have to state these facts. But apparently I do, because an unbelievable amount of big sweaty stinky foreigners can be found dripping their way through every major city in Asia on a daily basis. They even gross me out.

You should be showering twice a day no matter what. If you’re in a hot place or prone to sweating you should be showering more than that. You should also wear a regular deodorant and avoid copious amounts of cologne. If I can smell you without being close enough to kiss you then you’re wearing way too much cologne. A dab behind the ears is really all it takes. Spend an extra fifty cents and get a decent cologne if you must. Limit how much of it you use. Don’t go around smelling like you work as a perfume tester. It’s gross and nobody likes it. If you wash your body with soap and water you don’t actually have to douse yourself in other sweet smelling liquids.

If you want to get in with Asian chicks then you need to get in to the bath. Wash your body. Keep it clean. Avoid sweating through your shirt and looking nasty. Enjoy modern conveniences like breathable fabrics, taxis and air conditioning. There’s a hose connected to the toilets in Asia for a reason. Asian people are generally a clean bunch. At least when it comes to their own bodies (some of their cities can be another thing altogether).

Say no to tattoos

Tattoos haven’t been cool since your mom started getting them. Even before that they weren’t that great outside of prisons and the military. Why would you want to mark your body up with ugly ass ink that is a huge pain in the ass to remove? It’s like a cry for help that no one wants to answer.

In most of Asia tattoos have a very negative connotation. In Japan they’re so associated with organized crime that people with tattoos are banned from jobs, hot springs and even swimming pools. In South Korea they’re associated with draft dodgers. Women with tattoos in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia are associated with prostitution or simply the lower ranks.

Obviously, you can do whatever the fuck you feel like. Tattoo big dicks all over your face if you want. In Thailand that might even get you some girls who think that kind of stuff and drag racing on 100 cc mopeds is really cool or whatever. But overall and in general you will always do better with women in Asia if you do not have tattoos. You’ll get better women too.

Exceptions to the rules

There are some exceptions. Aren’t there always? For example the modern bastardization of US/UK boy bands known as K-Pop is popular with younger women in a lot of Asia. But it takes a certain look to pull it off. If you are an effeminate guy lacking facial hair who likes to dabble in your sister’s makeup then this style may be for you. I caution that like most fads this will be temporary and fleeting. For the same reason no one dresses like the Bee Gees these days it is unlikely your man skirt and foundation will be effective in the future. On the other hand, nice clothes and classic hair styles are timeless.

Another exception is Japan and the Shibuya street fashion set. You know what I am talking about. Some Japanese people make a real fetish out of fashion. You can see some really weird Harajuku style shit in Japan. You might see a gothic dressed up like a vampire or a chick dressed up like a doll with a frilly dress. Some of it is cool, like when Japanese babes dress up like french maids. But some of it is really lame, like when Japanese dudes dress up like french maids. This is the kind of shit you’re either into or your not. And if my interactions and experiences are anything to go on, a lot of these fashion obsessed otaku are sexless anyway.

It’s also totally true that you can be a complete slob and get plenty of sex in Southeast Asia with the possible exceptions of maybe Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. I guess for a lot of guys coming over here to “take it easy” that is a big part of the appeal. It’s nothing to see massively overweight guys with hairy shoulders walking around in tank tops and swim trunks with an Asian chick holding their hands. You see it in Thailand, the Philippines and Cambodia every day of the year. It’s not so common in Myanmar or Laos, if only because its not common to see any local chicks there with western guys. But yea, it totally can be done. Especially if you’re paying for the pussy or company in some way or another. But just imagine how much more (and how much more quality) tail even those guys would be getting if they would do some sit ups, put on a pair of pants, and shower twice daily. They might even find a woman who likes and respects them and voluntarily wants to date and have sex. Imagine that!

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