I face fucked a fat chick in South Dakota

In the latest of a lifetime of sexual adventures I face fucked a fat chick in the American state of South Dakota. The craziest part is that meeting this woman and getting a blowjob required less effort than the thrusting I had to do between her lips. You might not believe me but I really have no reason to lie. Anyway, if I was going to make up a story I would be more inclined to write about butt fucking a super model in Paris. Instead I’ll tell you the tale of time I fed a fat American chick some of my man milk.

Now when I say fat a lot of you are probably picturing your average obese American woman shopping at Wally World. In fact this chick was fat by my standards, which is to say widely established and respected medical findings about body mass index. She was right at the top end of a healthy BMI. If she lost about 20 or 30 pounds she’d be back closer to a healthy shape.

What mattered to me in this case was really only the shape of her pie hole however. Here I had a woman not just ready actually eager to suck on my cock totally free of charge. As it turned out she was more than an experienced blowjob artist too. She actively swallowed my meat stick and pull off some serious deepthroat maneuvers. By the end she was encouraging me to fuck her face! I didn’t want to disappoint so with her guidance I stood up, put both hands on the back of her head, and fucked her face like it was a pussy.

Getting from here to head

I left America behind when I was 19 and I’ve been living a life of constant travel and sex ever since. Even though I would never move back the US I do still visit two or three times a year. Usually I go back to visit family and friends. But every year or two I try to get in a coast-to-coast road trip too.

The truth is that America is a really beautiful country even if it contains a lot less beautiful women than it used to. It’s difficult or maybe even impossible to find a similar place where you can get off a plane, rent a car, and drive through a series of forests, cities, deserts, plains and mountains in a couple of days. The crown jewel might just be the National Parks system which includes natural wonders of the world like Yellowstone and Yosemite. Sometimes it’s nice to visit these places and clear my mind from the utter chaos found in easy sex locales like Manila and Jakarta.

grand teton

So after a brief stop over in South Korea I flew to Boston and rented the nicest car I could afford. Then I set my sights on Grant Teton National park and started driving. It’s a long drive but except for the major urban hell holes like the Chicagoland area it is mostly nice and peaceful. Taking it 500 miles a day is a nice pace and covers a lot of ground at the same time.

If you’re familiar with America you might expect that I would have driven through Nebraska. Especially since Omaha is on my list of easiest American cities to have sex. But I have already seen and conquered that place. So I decided to route through South Dakota instead. It was there,in Rapid City of all places, that I buried my bone.

From a swipe to a suck

Now Tinder is scary in America. But I admit that I still have a habit of pulling out my phone and swiping through profiles whenever I have free time. That is unless I’m in a place like China where other apps work better.

Anyway I was there in my hotel room swiping away for about fifteen minutes when I got my first match. It was this chunky chick with a decent face and pink hair. I couldn’t care less if I ever met her or not and she could probably tell from my limited conversation. When she asked me what I was looking for in South Dakota I answered “clear air first and foremost, and secondly a mind blowing orgasm.” Normally this will get you ignored, blocked, or even reported when a western country. But when it works, it works. Plus, like I said, I didn’t give a fuck if I could fuck her or not. Either she’d let me catch my nut or she’d be gone. That was a win-win in my book.

face fucking meme

To my surprise she said she’d love to nut too but she was on her period. More information than I needed to know but at least she was upfront. Without thinking I quickly wrote “but you could still give me head haha.” Again, this is usually going to get you blocked. In this case she said “Yeah I could lol.” That was my in, so I stopped swiping on others and pursued this lead to the logical conclusion: me driving to her apartment building somewhere in the black hills of South Dakota!

Friends of mine back home might think this is too good to be true. But I’ve experienced enough to know that this sort of thing happens every day. After all I had a similar situation with the chubby Thai chick in Bangkok not long ago. So I went over and then called from the parking lot and asked her to come outside so I could find her place.

Really I just wanted to see her and decide if I was going to go through with the meeting or maybe even if it was some kind of setup. Well it was all clear! She was a college student in her mid-twenties working on some kind of useless masters degree. Her roommate was gone but their shedding cat was around to stink things up. That was no obstacle to me. After some brief chat I rubbed her leg, asked her if she wanted to get down to business, and then pulled down my linen jogging pants.

She sucked and I fucked

I have to admit that the blowjob didn’t start out with much gusto. After getting blown by literally hundreds of women including some full time professional cock suckers I need a little more than a basic lip slide across the rod to get going. Sure I can get hard with any stiff wind but actually busting a nut is a different story entirely. So after a little while I started some light movement with my hips to get more friction on my cock.

I don’t know how or why but that suddenly kicked this little piggy into full on cock hound mode! She made a seal around my shaft with her plump lips, started fondling my ball bag, then went to town with a nice aggressive slurp and burp. Soon it became apparent that this was not her first rodeo. Especially after she took a break long enough just to look up and say “I wish I could ride on your hard cock.”

Well when your bleeding that’s a no go from Enzo so I just said “me too” without meaning it and guided her head right back down to the important parts. A little ball and taint licking with wet slippery hand pumping got me pretty close to cumming. But with the cat odor in the room and a plump average looking stranger with pink hair between my thighs I knew I would need a little something extra to get me to the finish line.

Since I am a courteous gentleman I nicely asked if I could fuck her face a little bit. “Oh I love that” she belted out, now seeming more like a possessed demon than a country bumpkin I just happened to meet. So I stood up in front of her and started gently pumping with her sucking and stroking. I started off really easy. You never know how much mouth pumping a civilian can take. Most can’t much at all. But this wasn’t most women. This was a chunky chick from South Dakota!

The next thing I know she’s moving her head back and forth faster than I am pumping. So I start pushing back and pick up the pace. Soon I’m outpacing her back and forth head motions. I got so close to nutting that I went into hyper mode. Finally I had my hands in her hair giving her some pretty good thrusts in the kisser. Amazingly she started moaning in pleasure as if she had a g-spot in her throat. So I did what any guy in my position would do and starting pumping even harder.

As I got right up to the point of no return I was literally fucking her face as hard as I would have pumped her pussy if we were having regular sex. She started moaning even more and that gave me all the encouragement I needed to blast a pretty prolific wad of jizz right down her throat. She deepthroated me right at the end of the last squirt which made my knees buckle so hard that I almost fell over. I collapsed on the couch and before I could tell her how great it was she said “that was amazing.”

I left Rapid City the next day with no regrets. The chick was not attractive but she was friendly and very accommodating. If that’s what they call hospitality in South Dakota than it must be a hell of a place! I got what I wanted and I guess somehow she got what she wanted too. I may never understand it but I’m sure somebody else might.

She told me to call her the next time I was in town “on business.” I said I would but I deleted her phone number as soon as I got back to my hotel.

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