A Filipina chick picked me up and it sucked

A Filipina chick picked me up at a coffee shop in Manila. I thought it might be something like when the waitress picked me up in Bangkok. But as it turned out this ended up being a major dead end. Actually worse than a dead end, as you will see.

A lot of Asian women have been talking to me this year. I honestly don’t know why. Sure I’m a decent enough looking western guy who dresses for success. But I am certainly not the hottest dude around. I’m not even that friendly!

In this case I was just ordering a coffee at Starbucks in Greenbelt when the chick making the drink started chatting me up. She asked how I was, where I was from, and all the basics. I didn’t think much of at first. Filipino people are usually friendly and talkative anyway. Plus she had a bunch of pimples on her face and wasn’t even that hot. But alas my ball sack kicked into gear and she was able to win me over with hopes of some easy hole!

Not a fan of Manila

I don’t spend nearly as much time in Manila as I do in clearly superior cities like Bangkok and even Phnom Penh. It’s just that the grinding traffic and prison style urban landscape makes me want to stay away. When I fly into BKK or PNH I can walk right outside and get a taxi with a fair meter price. When I fly into MNL I have to fight through crowds of people only to try to find a taxi who won’t completely fuck me with his on the spot and completely made up price.

Then you have to get around once you’re already in town. In Phnom Penh I can call a Pass App and be wherever I want to be in a matter of minutes. Plus the price is displayed on my phone and there’s no trouble. In Bangkok I usually just walk; but there are taxis, the BTS and the MRT if you need them.

manila traffic jam

Just another evening commute in Manila.

In Manila half of the city doesn’t even have fucking sidewalks. So you’re out in the road trying not to get mowed down. If you flag down a taxi you’re in for a shake down and shit show because they can see that you’re a foreigner. Even if you call a flip chick over to meet you it’s going to take her hours to get out of her local ghetto and into your area due to the laughably slow jeepneys in what is widely accepted to be the worst place to drive on earth. The whole thing sucks.

But I do still go to Manila from time to time. There are only two reasons for that. First, all the Filipina chicks in the city. Second, it is the gateway to places like Angeles City which are filled with prostitutes.

How she scooped me

So I was on a brief stop over in Manila. I was headed to Angeles City to see what the wasteland looked like the aftermath of the last few years. But I never go straight from Manila. The hassle of getting into Manila alone makes me sick for all the above reasons. And that’s before the smog and pollution kicks in. So I usually hang around in the Makati area for a least a few days before moving on to AC or any other part of the country. This helps me cool down and prevents vomiting.

I normally set up in the Greenbelt area of Makati City. I do that because it’s the closest thing to a civilized and peaceful area you can find there. Plus it’s also close to all the overpriced hookers on P Burgos Street in case of emergency.

But I wasn’t hunting for cunt when this chick picked me up. I was just waiting for my coffee. She was so friendly and nice that I got engaged in the conversation beyond pleasantries. I found out she was 24, single, unmarried and without children. Then I realized she still had a thin tight body. Although that was once the rule in the Philippines, it is now exceedingly rare. So after she turned around and I saw her firm little buttocks through her tight black pants I asked for her phone number. That night I sent her one text. She replied with twenty of her own.

How I got away

This chick was obviously in to me. The next day I went back to the Starbucks and she came out of the back and over to sit with me. You might think she’d get in trouble but her manager actually gave her the thumbs up and smiled over the counter. I guess they were planning this in advance. Here’s what I wasn’t planning: she asked me to go to a movie right then and there. I asked how she could leave work. She said it was alright because she already talked to the boss.

Well, whatever. I was already there so I just went for it. Like I said, I was hoping to continue my streak of getting picked up and ending up in soggy slits. But it definitely did not go that way. The chick was super annoying and she talked all through the movie. Even though the movie sucked I still find this annoying and unacceptable. Especially when she started talking a ton about religion and God and how she wanted to get married and have kids right off the bat.

Now the Philippines is famous for being an easy place to get laid. And Manila is the easiest city in the Philippines to have sex. Finding pussy there is about as difficult as locating sand at the beach. But here I was with an average at best Filipina self-admitted virgin who freaked out at the very suggestion of sex before marriage. What the fuck did I get myself into?

I didn’t want to be mean but once I realized there would be no attention given to my peen I had to make my escape. I came up with an excuse about going somewhere but she wasn’t buying it. I had two options. The first was just to be a total dick, tell her I was a poon hound, and storm out of the place. The other was to excuse myself to go to the restroom and then make my escape. I will leave it to you fine folks to figure out which tactic I employed.

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