A guy saw me get a blowjob in Germany

A guy saw me get a blowjob in Germany. It wasn’t like he walked in on me with a chick either. I wasn’t busted fucking his girlfriend or anything like that. This dude just moseyed on over, sat down, and watched me get my cock sucked. I’m pretty sure he was beating off too. How did this happen?

I already told you about the time I saw a guy get a blowjob in Thailand. Well I’ve actually seen that a bunch of times. But I told you about one specific story.

I’ve also had a lot of chicks watch me get blowjobs. Either because we were having a threesome or foursome or because their friends (or sisters) were sucking me. Exciting for sure. But still not what we’re talking about today.

Ich bin kein Exhibitionist

This particular story is about the time a guy watched me get a blowjob in Germany. As you might guess it was a little bit creepy. But I still managed to bust my nut so it was worth it!

Now I didn’t plan this thing out in the least bit. I always figured that it could happen. I’ve been getting slobbed off in public for years. It’s not a super regular thing. I am not an exhibitionist. And I wouldn’t do anything that would risk arrest.

But believe it or not there are actually a lot of places where you can blown in public without much issue. You’ve got the blowjob bars in Pattaya, blowjob bars in Bangkok, the pink salons in Japan, sex saunas in Germany, sex saunas in Austria, sex saunas in Switzerland, some choice go go bars in Angeles City, and swingers clubs everywhere else in the world.

Guy walks into an FKK

So one day I was minding my own business at Artemis FKK in Berlin. It’s basically the only real FKK in the city. Some local dudes shit on the place but I have never had an issue there. Even the time when a bunch of buff and tattooed Turkish thugs showed up I still had a lot of sex and fun. So what’s the worry?

artemis sex club in berlin

Anyway on this day there were an average amount of guys and a good amount of women. The guys stay to themselves and wear robes. The chicks mingle and wear lingerie. Since the women had the men outnumbered at a ratio of like 5:1 I have to say it was a good time to be there. Pretty much all the chicks were fuckable too. So I took my pick and banged this twenty something year old black chick. It was a good screw but nothing to write home about.

Later on I am milling about the place and I run into this super hot Romanian. To be honest her face was just over average but her body was spectacular. Skinny with a flat stomach and nice round fun bags. The jugs were fake and rock hard. But they were at least a realistic size and shape. Plus this chick had pumped up lips and a real sensual kind of attitude.

She caught me in the downstairs area and was really getting me going. She wasn’t aggressive or mechanical at all. It felt more like I was getting picked up by a horny chick in a bar. Except this chick was barely dressed.

Finally she suggested going one of the private room down there. I told her I already fucked and wanted something more exciting for my second nut of the session. She asked what I had in mind. I told her I wanted deep throat in the cinema section where they play porn on the big screen. Before I even finished explaining she grabbed my hand and said, “let’s go!”

Watching porn and being watched

So we get over to the cinema section and it is empty. If you’ve ever been to Artemis you know they have kind of wide comfortable seating that still layers up with each row like in a movie theater. There was some random German porn playing on the screen and my girl unties my robe and pops her firm tits out. Next thing I know she is licking my balls and sliding her plump lips up and down my already rock hard shaft.

She didn’t even get the head of it in her mouth yet when I caught a glimpse of a portly fella out of the corner of my eye. Now people are always moving around Artemis so I rarely pay attention. Especially to dudes. But I couldn’t help but notice that this fine gent was heading right in my direction.

The Romanian babe just popped my joint into her mouth and did her first full force deep dip on my dick when this dude sat down one row ahead of me. Now I have been getting my cock sucked for a very long time. And I have had some real pros slob on my knob. But this was one serious cock sucking whore. And I mean that in the absolute best way possible. I almost fell in love!

Next thing I know this chick is deepthroating me all the way down and licking my nuts at the same time! Then she starts pumping up and down from the tip to the base with real force. She was basically face fucking herself on my cock. I’m sitting there legs spread and caught up in the incredible pleasure of the moment when I notice that the dude is now looking over his shoulder as this all goes down.

No harm, no foul

I am trying to prolong the joy my holding my load in but the Romanian babe is bouncing up and down on my cock like a true master of the meat. This is no doubt one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had. It’s in the top three at least!

Luckily she does the occasional stop to visit my boys again. So when she is tickling my nut sack I am reloading and looking around so as to not blow the thing early!

Just then a couple of pretty looking chicks walk in the room and sit down. They take a look around and see what is going on. Then they head over to the Super Mario looking man indiscreetly peeping in on my hummer.

At this point the dude is turned almost all the way around and focused intensely on my dick and balls. Or the area they would appear if my entire unit wasn’t engulfed in this chicks sloppy mouth.

The chicks ask him something like “what are you doing there?” He answers with a sort of groan and grunt. Unfazed, they quickly suggest that he get some of the same kind of action from them. He sort of grunts again and waves them off.

Now I cannot remember every detail of this situation. It was a while ago and I was getting one of the best BJs of my life in one of the strangest situations I was ever in. But I remember one thing in great detail: the absolute look of scorn and disgust on the face of the two chicks who were so unceremoniously rejected by the cretin in front of me.

By then I could barely keep focused on anything. The thick lipped pro was bobbing up and down on my dong like a buoy in the ocean. The weight of her head and effort came down on me with each forward blow. It felt like I was getting milked by a machine. Except this machine had a smoking hot body and big tits.

Next thing I know I am trying to keep my composure while jets streams of hot jizz leave my dick hole at space rocket velocity. I had barely recovered when I looked up. The Romanian chick was smirking, wiping her face, and reaching for her top. The weirdo guy was smirking too. Then he said “good” with a thick accent, got up, and waddled away.

I never saw the dude again.

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