How I afford my lifestyle of constant travel and sex

When I was 19 I dropped out of the rat race, left America, and embarked on a life of constant travel and sex. That was many years ago. I am still traveling and having sex today. And I have never once stopped or looked back in regret. Not even when the world was virtually shut down for over a year.

I started this website because I got tired of writing out my tales one by one for friends back home. I figured it would be better to write about the amazing stuff I saw in one central location for people all around the world to enjoy.

As it turned out people liked to read this stuff. Since 2014, millions have stopped by to read my stories about $3 public blowjobs, mother-daughter prostitute teams, Japanese titty bars and sex with fat Indonesians. I guess you all find this stuff just as interesting as I do.

How did I get here?

I have never suggested that anyone follow in my footsteps. In fact I don’t think many could. For one, a lot of guys aren’t built for this lifestyle. Just as I am not cut out to be a brain scientist, no brain scientist is cut out to be a wandering sex blogger. There’s no shame in that. If anyone should be ashamed it is me. Though honestly I am not.

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The other thing is that I realize money is hard for most people to acquire. If it wasn’t, so many women wouldn’t let guys creampie them for cash. Making bank can be pretty damn tough.

Still the question remains and is repeated by many who come here. They want to know how I afford my lifestyle of constant travel and sex. Well today I will finally try to answer that question. At least to the best of my limited abilities.

How I make money

The simple answer is that I make money on the internet. I put in a grand total of 3 or 4 hours of “work” a week. Now I am not going to tell you exactly how I do that. Because doing so would only invite in lots of competition and make it harder for me to earn income. I will tell you that I just do this website here for fun, even if I do get a couple of bucks here or there when someone clicks an affiliate link and signs up for a porn site or buys live cam tokens. And I do appreciate that!

Cracking the online income nut took me a couple of years. It was a tough road there for a little while. But I eventually figured it out and I have been doing well since. It certainly wasn’t easy, though it beats doing 25 years in a sewage plant or car factory!

Easy Kindle Publishing book

This is actually a very good guide to making money from ebooks.

That is why I am always super suspicious of people who claim to tell you how to get rich on the internet. Especially when they charge money for their bullshit information. I don’t buy it. Literally and figuratively. Those guys make no sense. Unless of course they are scammers. I am definitely not rich, but I am certainly doing alright. In fact I make more than pretty much everyone I grew up with. Why would I want to invite in challengers to my position? It just doesn’t add up.

I have read some of those books but it was after I already started making money. I can’t say that I ever learned much since I was picking things up as I went. But some stuff rings a lot truer than others based on my experience. I have to say that the book “Easy Kindle Publishing: Get Paid to Write What You Already Know” is right on the money when it comes to putting out your own books and actually making money from it. I can say that this is close to the formula I follow myself.

What does it all mean?

I am not going to tell you exactly how much money I make either. Frankly that is a private subject. Only assholes talk about money. While I am certainly an asshole, I limit my fuckery to pussy and buttholes.

What I can do is tell you that I make more than the average person in my position. Since we know that the median income for Americans is about $68,000 a year then you probably have a general idea of what is going on here. And if you don’t then you might want to look into some math lessons.

Here is some more food for thought. I don’t own a home or a car. I don’t pay bills. I eat healthy food like vegetables and not fast food crap. I don’t buy Halloween costumes, Xmas presents or send out thousands of useless cards to ungrateful people on a mailing list. I don’t do drugs or waste money on shit like that either. So I have a decent amount of expendable income. In fact, almost all of my money is expendable. Since traveling is not hard that means I can get around quite a bit and still have money to date women and bang hookers.

I realize I haven’t said a whole lot of anything here. But now you should realize why that is so. At least you have a general idea of where I am financially and how I got there. I am certainly not the only dude to have made a life out of this kind of online shit. Many have made much better lives than me. Just look at the mainstream dudes like the Financial Samurai! He makes way more money than me. But I also invest way more into finding sex than making money. So there is that.

Even in 2022 there are all kinds of options to make money on the internet. Blogging and Youtube are still there but at this point they are both about the worst avenues that exist. For women, webcamming is a pretty easy way to put thousands of dollars away a month. There’s other stuff too from freelancing to investing to arbitrage and much more. It doesn’t all work and it doesn’t all work for everyone. But there are options.

The point is that I am not the only lazy and shiftless motherfucker out here bouncing around from place to place and screwing various chicks while the more industrious among us continue to crank out things like electric cars and cures for diseases.

Kudos to the hard working men and women in the world who keep society on track. I thank you all for allowing me to live on the edge, keeping my cock wet as much as possible and writing out my various harebrained ideas for the few who want to read them. One day I will be dead, and you will too. Until then, I am on my sexpedition.

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