How I save money by traveling constantly

People often ask how I afford my life of constant travel and sex. At the same time, I often wonder how people afford a life of home and car ownership in inflation ridden hellholes like the United States of America. In my experience it is much cheaper to be mobile than it is to settle down in a suburb where the industrial-bureaucratic machine can milk you dry and leave you for dead.

On my last visit to the states I spent time with one of my aunts. As always, she was curious about how things are going in other parts of the world. Like many Americans, she has never been out of her country. She doesn’t even have a passport. So I tell her about the various things I have seen. Though of course I don’t mention stuff like the blow job bars in Bangkok.

As is often the case, the conversation quickly came around to finances. Like many others, she wants to know how I can afford flying from one place to the next for years on end. I want to know how she can afford things like her house, her car, gasoline and $5 gallons of milk. After all she is an older woman on a fixed income. To me her life seems a lot less realistic and financially stable than mine! Once we started comparing costs, it turns out that I am right. She is barely making it in middle America. I am bouncing from one city to the next fucking women and sleeping in luxurious surroundings.

Always moving saves me money

By being in constant motion I am actually able to avoid lots of regular and recurring fees that other settled people have to shell out. There are lots of examples. I don’t pay house or renter insurance, because I don’t have a house or rent. I don’t pay a car payment or car insurance because I don’t have a car. I don’t pay an electric bill, gas bill, sewage bill either. I stay in hotels, Airbnb rooms, and short stay rentals, and then let the owners take care of all that annoying shit.

What else? I don’t pay for gasoline. Again, no car. So no title, registration, vehicle tax or parking fees either. No new tires every year. No oil changes. No windshield wiper fluid. No new brakes. No dealing with dishonest mechanics or shiesty car dealerships at all!

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Plus, no house means no HOA fees. No local head taxes. No property taxes. No cable or internet bill. I don’t cook for myself, so I don’t have to buy groceries either. No cooking oil, no butter, no eggs, no spices, no pots, no pans, no utensils. All of that is provided in the food I order out three times a day. In fact, I just had a delicious plate of chicken and rice with an iced coffee prepared by better equipped professionals. At $2.75 total cost, that’s less than most people pay for food they cook themselves!

I don’t pay a recurring phone bill either. I have an unlocked phone. When I get to a new country I buy a sim card and some data and I’m good to go. In a place like Cambodia or Vietnam it comes out to like 10 bucks a month. In Japan it’s about $50 a month. It’s always cheaper than the $100 or so my friends pay back home.

What about the cost of travel?

As you can see, I have fewer expenses than the average person who lives in the “normal” way. I don’t really have any extra expenses at all. The only thing I spend money on that is different is the actual traveling from one place to the next. But even in this inflationary age, that doesn’t cost a ton of money.

The main expense these days is the travel between America and the rest of the world. It is true that a flight from the US to Asia costs more than it did only a few years ago. But once I am in Asia, I can get from one country to the next for less than most people spend on their monthly car payment. The average car payment in America is now $729. A flight from Bangkok to Phnom Penh costs $44. What about a longer flight like Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo? That 7 hour trip costs $255.

If you start adding in things like gasoline, maintenance and auto insurance, you’ll find that the average American spends more on a car that gets them to and from the local McDonald’s than I spend on flying all over the world.

The same goes for housing. The average rent in America is now $1700. The average mortgage is $1760. That works out to about 50 bucks a day. I can stay in a nice hotel in Bangkok for that price. And I don’t even have to buy furniture, bedding, soap, shampoo, cleaning supplies, etc. It is all provided with the cost of the room. The best part is that I just pick up and leave whenever I get sick of the place or want to try something new. If I go the Airbnb or short term rental route I can save even more. I just recently spent a few months staying in a new luxury condo in Chiang Mai. I paid $270 a month for the privilege.

Traveling is cheaper than sitting still

As you can see I save significant sums of money by traveling around from one place to another. This allows me to focus most of my time on the biological urge to have sex with women instead of wasting my life away enriching some corporate overlords. I work less and enjoy more and it’s less expensive. How could I take any other path? Why suffer more only to end up with a less enjoyable life? It simply doesn’t make sense.

I do spend money on blowies, hand jobs and sex with women at a pretty regular rate. But even this is normally cheaper than the dating regiment that a lot of guys go through. And that doesn’t even come with a promise of sex. These days countless simps work underpaid, terrible jobs only to earn enough money to get acknowledged by some chick on OnlyFans who will never even do them. Fuck that. I’d rather fuck hookers.

I get plenty of free sex too. The balance is probably about fifty fifty. A lot of times I move straight to the room. But when I do date I typically end up in the same kinds of places where I bought the cheap rice and chicken mentioned earlier. When in Rome, do as the Romans. When in Chiang Mai, eat chicken and rice with sexy 22-year-olds. Then go back to your rented condo and bone them.

Obviously this will not work for everyone. Not everyone is built for this lifestyle. Someone has to fly the planes I board, build the hotels I sleep in, and teach the college students I have sex with. But it’s not going to be me. I left the rat race because I didn’t want to end up like my poor old aunt.

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