I boned a butterface with an incredible body

I recently banged a buttaface babe with one of the best bodies I have ever seen in my entire life. If I was an eighteen year old virgin from Iowa that might not mean much. But since I have seen tens of thousands of naked women you can put stock in my words. The lesson I learned was never to just a pair of tits by the face that is attached to them.

It all started when I began boning this beautiful chick with a great body. I met her at a club in Phnom Penh. When I first saw her I knew I had to have her. She had a gorgeous face complete with the model like cheek bones and all. She was wearing a tight, low cut top that showed off her ample natural tits. Plus her legs and ass were shapely and simply wonderful.

A path through another

I looked over at the woman and she smiled, with the diamond in her tooth glistening under the disco lights. Now the stone in the grill thing is a bit old. So I thought I might be dealing with a MILF or something. But when I approached, I realized this woman was in her twenties.

everything looks good butterface

She was twenty one in fact! Very friendly and forward. She told me she worked in a hostess bar. So she wasn’t trying to hide anything. After a few minutes of flirting I asked her to leave the club and she agreed. We went out to eat at a roadside fried rice place. We talked more and I thought I was falling in love.

About a week into the relationship I realized I wasn’t in love with her. I was in lust with her looks. She was honestly smoking hot with full tits that were so perfect they looked fake. She let me do her tight little hole raw multiple times and never asked for a single Riel. But man she was boring! I mean she had the personality of an invasive snail. Before, after and even during sex she would just sort of lay there with a dumb expression on her face scrolling endlessly through her Facebook feed. Even with the banging body, I had to call it quits.

Number one led to number two

Fast forward about a month and I wander back into the same nightclub. I am not even a club guy, but hey if it worked once it must be worth another shot. Soon after I entered I saw the chick mentioned above. I never officially ended it with her, so of course she yelled out and came running over.

Before I could make my escape, I noticed that she was with a friend. I am not trying to be mean, but this chick was butt ugly. No, she was actually fugly. But she was in this super tight blue spandex dress and her body looked absolutely incredible. Like maybe even better than the bod on the first one!

I did what any man in my position would do. I got a table for the three of us and ordered up some drinks. The uggo asked about ordering food and I did that too. She got some kind of grub that made her breathe stink. But she looked so good as her dress rode up and exposed her white panties that I had to stay in it to win it.

I already figured it was over with the first chick, so I paid tons more attention to the new one. Her face could stop a clock, but when she got up to go to the bathroom my dick screamed out in need. I had to have her even more than I needed to stick the first one a month earlier.

Kept it real and sealed the deal

I had three things going for me. First, the chick I wanted was with me and loving the attention. Second, I was done with the second chick and didn’t care about losing her. Her friend didn’t seem to care either! Finally, I knew both chicks were bar girls, so they would at least in theory be more open to a sexual switcheroo than a regular Cambodian chick.

So, I made my move and asked them to come back to my condo. The original woman though I was only talking to her. She quickly perked up and said “Yes, let’s go!” I made it clear that I wanted her friend to come too. I may even have yelled a bit over the loud music. She seemed hurt then yelled back louder: “Do you want to fuck my friend or what?”

I answered like a guy who was honest and had nothing to lose. “Sure, can I?” She looked really mad. But without missing a beat she whispered something to her friend. Still looking angry as hell she came back with an offer. “One hundred dollars.” I said okay, grabbed her friend, and started heading towards the door.

Two for one and lots of fun

Guess what? The original chick thought she was coming too. Rather than risk the whole deal, I pretended like that was my plan too. So out the door and into a taxi and we were headed to my room. The new girl was all giggles and smiles. The original chick had a serious scowl on her face the whole time.

Long story short, we all got naked and showered. Then I fucked them both bareback in my king sized bed. I did the original chick first out of habit. Then I moved on to the butter face. Her body was definitely the best I have ever seen or touched. It was like she was sculpted in heaven. Big, perfectly shaped tits that didn’t sag at all. A tummy that was flat but not hard like a man. A solid round ass with skin as smooth as silk. Her hole was nice and tight too!

I spent way more time on the second chick before blowing a wad across her belly. I almost forgot about the first chick until I realized she was on the other side of the room scrolling through her phone again. The two chicks got up to shower together. But before they left the first one handed me her phone. Only it wasn’t her phone. It was mine!

Was she going through my personal shit? Nope. Turns out she was taking pictures of me fucking her friend with the heavenly body! Some are a bit blurry but I can still see every inch of her perfect build. She even took shots from different angles showing us in all sorts of positions.

I never really got a chance to thank her. When she and her friend came out of the shower she said they had to go. I gave them a fresh US $100 bill. The original chick said “one hundred for each.” I told her it was the only money I had. She sighed and headed out the door. I saw her yesterday in the mall. She was eating fried rice with a Japanese guy. I haven’t seen the butterface chick since.

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