I don’t care if hookers have orgasms

I am going to be honest guys. I couldn’t care less whether or not a hooker I am paying for sex has an orgasm. A lot of guys apparently feel bad or lose self esteem if they can’t make a chick cum. I am not one of those guys. When I pay for the sex the goal is that I bust a nut. Everything else is secondary. Or in this case, of no importance at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I never try to be an asshole on purpose. But I’ve always been the kind of guy to tell it like it is. If people are offended by the truth then so be it. I am not going to walk around on egg shells in the fear that somebody, somewhere, may potentially dislike some of the facts of life.

I don’t care if a hooker has an orgasm with me any more than I worry about whether or not the pilot enjoyed flying me from point A to point B. Sure I wish the best for everyone. All people deserve a happy and fulfilling life. But work usually sucks for everyone. And I don’t see why that would be so different for people who fuck or suck cock for a living.

Life sucks and so does she

Do you truly think the cook at your local McDonald’s enjoys frying up hundreds of frozen hamburgers every day? You know for a fact that they hate every minute of it! That’s why they have to give the dude money to show up. But yet you still go there and buy hamburgers. You also beat your dick to porn featuring chicks who often times are faking it. Yet you still bust off. Because deep down you understand that society is setup around people doing stuff they don’t really like to do.

orgasm meme

Most people go to work at jobs they can’t stand. They do it in order to get paid. Some use that money just to eke out a basic survival. Some use it to make money for those little extras they do enjoy but don’t need like chocolate or video games. The same thing can be said of a pizza delivery man and hardcore whore who bones 5 guys a day in a German sex sauna.

There’s a chance that a lady sucking dick for money at a Japanese pink salon is just trying to put food on the table. But I’ve also met Japanese actresses who fuck dudes for money just because they can. They are at no risk of starving or even struggling at all. Yet they let dudes slide their dicks in for extra spending money. It takes all kinds!

Let’s say I see a chick who looks really good and gets my prick stiff. I want to bang her. She wants a pair of Gucci slippers. So she screws me for $500. Then she gives the $500 to Gucci for the slippers. Does it matter if she enjoyed the dick since she ended up with the thing she wanted at the end? Life is not just black and white my friends.

I’m a lover not a hater

Now I love women deep down to my very core. There’s no hatred anywhere in me. In fact, I am not even capable of it. So I always wish the best for everyone, including the women who ride my meat stick for a fee. If they are able to get off on my dong then more power to them! But if they can’t I am not really bothered. I definitely don’t need to them to fake an orgasm just for my satisfaction. If my cum sprays then it’s all okay!

I don’t pay every chick I fuck either. I’ve nailed plenty of women for free. Most of them quick trysts or one night stands. But I’ve also had longer and more meaningful relationships. Those were some of the best times of my life, even if I did have nightly dreams of huge orgies with willing prostitutes. I’ve made most of those women cum in one way or another. But not always, and not every time we fucked. Again I am not that bothered about it. And I don’t think anyone else should be either.

One cool thing about women is that they are able to enjoy sex without having an orgasm. They don’t even need to climax to get pregnant! Of course dudes can enjoy sex without busting too. It’s the basis of edging after all. But we’re always waiting for that big release. While overly aggressive western women may be “all about busting that nut” these days, I find that some of the most lovely and feminine women I’ve encountered in my life were more interested in the connection formed during the act than any kind of screaming, squirting grande finale.

When I was a teenager I looked at the way society was going and turned my back on it all. I packed my bags, left my country, and set out on a global road trip that continues to this day. Sex is my main pursuit, hobby and past time. I love to fuck and blow loads. So I do both as much as I possibly can. Hopefully some other people get enjoyment out of it too. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. But as long as I catch my nut I’m good. And that has always seemed to work for me.

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