I don’t shave my balls

I don’t shave my nut sack. I never have and I never will. I know it is all the rage or even considered “regular” in the good old US of A to have bald balls. But I leave the hair on my beans alone and I have never had a problem. If you read this site then you know I have screwed hundreds of women. Hundreds more have sucked or jacked my cock off too. Plenty worked my nuts while they were at it. None stopped short because I had hairs growing.

With very few exceptions all adults have pubic hair. It’s no different than having fingers or a nose. In other words, it is a part of being a human being. There’s hair there and so what? I mean who would really care about this? Human beings were fucking for hundreds of thousands of years before the invention of the razor blade too. So I don’t want to hear that having hair around your rod somehow keeps you from getting laid. That’s pure and simple bullshit. The fact that you exist proves that people with pubic hair fuck.

One of the great advantages of escaping America once and for all is being out and about in a world where a lot of the superficial shit from back home simply doesn’t matter. I write this from a beautiful room with an ocean view in sunny Sihanoukville. No one here knows who the Kardashians are or gives a fuck. I don’t see any bleached teeth either. Most of the chicks I spread in this neck of the woods have hair between their legs. And I don’t mind one damn bit.

Pulling our your pubes is pointless

It really doesn’t make any sense for my to depilate my ball bag. It is a waste of time, energy, and potentially even money if I pay for a wax job. And it gives me absolutely no benefit whatsoever. But it does carry plenty of risks.

What would I get out of shaving my sack? Seriously, what? Batwings that stick to my legs in the swampy heat of Southeast Asia? Razor burn? Itchy stubble? A potential slip of a razor leading to auto castration? The utter pain and humiliation of having your nut hair ripped out by the root by some maniac with a bowl of red hot wax?

golden ball bag award

Even if I managed to get the hairs off of my change purse without destroying my fuck stick in the process, there are still other risks. Like STDs. Removing the hair around your cock and balls raises your risk of sexually transmitted infections. Because the hairs are there to protect you and serve as a sort of shield for your skin.

So it turns out those Japanese dudes with the foot long pubes are better protected against stuff transmitted by skin to skin contact like herpes, genital warts and that nasty ass molluscum contagiosum pox virus. Sure they might catch a case of the crabs now and again. But that’s an easy fix with a bottle of special shampoo.

If a guy goes at his special section with a razor he could also create micro cuts that would let in the big stuff like HIV. Now that is just not worth the risk no matter which way you slice it. Especially since you don’t even get anything out of having a hairless dong.

Pubes don’t prevent sex

I can already hear someone out there tuning up their keyboard for a retort. They’re going to say that they have to shave their nuts so they can continue to get head and sex. But that just isn’t true. Especially not in Asia where women still expect men to be men, even if some dudes do wear makeup in South Korea.

Like I said, I have fucked hundreds of women. More than that have manipulated by shift stick. Sure I have paid some of them like the Cambodian massage lady. But I’ve also fucked tons totally free of charge including the Thai nurse. Once I even fucked a Thai go go dancer for free! And this is not only in Asia. I picked up freebies from Colombia to the United States. That is how I found the best cities for sex in America, hairy balls and all.

Sure I shower, groom myself, dress for success, and generally smell and look clean and fresh at all times. That helps way more than any razor blade around my nads could do. Besides, by the time a chick sees my cock I should already be approaching the point where I am going to blow a load. So who cares? And if I am paying a chick then even more so. Do you care what your dentist thinks of your haircut? Of course not.

Occasionally I will trim some of the hairs around my boys if and when they get truly unruly. But we’re talking about a few minutes spent at most twice a year. Plus I use scissors, not razors or wax. And that is for my own comfort more than anything else. It doesn’t make me a better person or get me laid more often. It doesn’t put me at increased risk either. At the end of the day no one really cares about your nuts but you. And I barely care about my own except to make sure that they are still there, cancer free, and cranking out jizz. Writing this is the most time I have spent on my ball hairs in the last decade. And that hasn’t slowed down my lifestyle of constant sex one bit.

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