I fucked a German prostitute in Thailand

Here’s another tale from the From the Mixed-Up Files of Mr Lorenzo Enz about the time I fucked a German hooker in Thailand. You probably wouldn’t expect to find a German prostitute in the land of smiles. But everything surrounding this story was unexpected.

If you do have any idea about white prostitutes in Thailand your mind is probably going to the Nana Hotel. Or one of the other places that has Russian prostitutes like that weird go go bar on Walking Street. But like I said this chick was German, not Russian. And I didn’t meet her in any place like that.

Not to mention that I fucked this German prostitute for free. Well I did pay her, but that was before we met in Thailand. Are you confused yet? Read on for some clarity.

Another day in Deutschland

A while back I was on one of my regular visits to Germany. I like to go there at least once a year. I usually make the trip in the spring when the weather is super hot in Southeast Asia but nice and comfortable in Western Europe. It’s nice to take a break from the insanity of third world living and get some cool fresh air. But mainly I go to fuck chicks.

For those who don’t know you can basically get porn star pussy for around 50 Euros in the German sex saunas. These days that is like fifty bucks American. Plus it’s all legal and the chicks are even checked for diseases. Now you see why I like Germany.

blond german babe in lingerie

But I don’t only go to the FKK to get my loads off. I try dating even though I’ve never had a ton of luck there. Probably because my balls are always drained which saps my motivation to even try. I mean why bother working just to get a girl to meet you when you can take your pick of 100 fully nude women who are just waiting around to fuck?

I do wander around checking out the somewhat scary street prostitutes at times though. I also wander into the occasional walk up brothel just to see what it’s like. I normally take one look at the chicks and then leave. But once in a great while I’ll find a chick who I am into.

That’s exactly what happened a few months prior. I was on the way back from a legendary 5 orgasm session at Artemis that lasted most of the day. When I left I went for a coffee at Starbucks then decided to check out a walk up brothel on the way home. I wasn’t even horny but what else was I going to do, see Brandenburg Gate for the 58th time?

Paying just to talk?

When I got up to the brothel I was shocked to see an absolute stunning blond German girl in her twenties wearing super sexy lingerie. I mean this woman was like an image out of the old Victoria’s Secret catalogs. I was surprised even to see a blond German chick to begin with. But I never expected to see such a real beauty in a place like that.

When she told me the price was just 60 Euros for a half hour I was in. I wasn’t even horny any more but I had to get closer to this woman. I couldn’t risk letting her disappear without at least giving it a try. So I paid and off we went into the room. I was so tired I barely remember what went on. I know I got naked and laid on the bed. She wore that sexy lingerie but got her tits out. Yet all we did was talk. I got half an erection but I never put it anywhere near here.

This hasn’t happened to me before or since. I almost thought I was falling in love with a hooker. I convinced myself that she was actually just a college student trying to make a little extra money. And that she was. But she was also fucking for cash. Anyway we had a totally engaging conversation that ran out the clock quickly. She told me she liked me and wished we met in other circumstances. I asked for her personal phone number. She gave it to me along with her email address and a request to keep in touch.

After that we did a lot of talking even after I left Germany days later. She knew I was based in Southeast Asia and she thought that was cool. She told me she always wanted to travel there. So I suggested that she come visit me in Thailand. I offered to pay for her airplane ticket which was around 700 bucks. Again not anything usual for me. I am a fuck and forget kind of guy. But there was something about her!

Dreams come crashing down

We kept talking as the trip came closer. It was September when she finally got the time to come. I bought her the ticket and she showed up right on time. When she came out of the immigration area I was there waiting right where I promised I would be. But she didn’t look quite as pretty as I remembered. And her clothes were covered with what looked like cat hair. Probably just the effects of a long international flight, right?

On the way to the hotel things already felt weird. It was like the whole time we were talking was some sort of fantasy. Since we never even had sex it left something in the air. I had this image in my mind of what she looked like. And that’s all I had because we never sent pictures back and forth or anything like that. Now she was here in the flesh and I just wasn’t that interested. Maybe it was because I was close enough to Soi Cowboy to smell all the available pussy in the breeze. Or maybe it was because I was breaking out of a long held delusion. Whatever the case I just wasn’t that into her anymore.

Of course we fucked. She purred like a kitten and really seemed to genuinely get off multiple times. But I was just a shell of a man going through the motions. I blew my load in the rubber bag but barely felt anything other than the flow of semen through my sperm shooter. Later I showed her around town and took her out to wine and dine. She got a lot of looks from other dudes who obviously thought she was hot. And objectively she definitely was. But all I could think about was taking her back to the airport so I could get my cock sucked by the average looking MILFs at Kasalong.

I made it through her entire one week trip without breaking. Though it felt like I was coming up from air when she finally gave me a hug and stepped into the taxi that would take her back to the airport. I was reinvigorated with my freedom fully restored! No more obligations. No one to show around or entertain. No fantasies or hopes to maintain. Just the reality of being in a giant city crowded with available chicks.

I showered and headed straight to Kasalong to get my cock sucked. The ladies were outside eating, staring blankly at their phone screens and in at least one case picking their noses. A sewage stench blew in off of the street. Then a big brown Asiatic cockroach scurried across the alley. Finally one of the oldest cock suckers noticed me. “Hellooooooooooooo!” she yelled. Then she stood up to usher me inside with a smile short of a few teeth. I started to feel queasy. I mustered half a smirk then walked past the granny and into the alley behind the bar. Then I walked around Lolita’s and into the convenience store to get a cold bottle of water. As I paid for the water I wondered what was wrong with me. Then I went back to my room to sleep. Tomorrow is another day.

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