I fucked a hot Thai granny

Guys, I have an admission to make. I fucked a Thai granny. I don’t regret it at all. Because even though she had a couple of grey cunt hairs, she had a curvy full body. And she was a ton of fun to screw!

I’ve already told you why Asian MILFs are great at sex. I’ve even listed off the best Asian MILF porn stars. But we haven’t really gotten into GILF range as of yet. Especially not when it comes to my own personal exploits.

A GILF is a granny I’d like to fuck. A granny is a lady who had a kid, who in turn had a kid of their own. So they’re at 3 generations back from the current crop of seedlings.

You might imagine grannies to be old ladies in their 70’s or 80’s with white hair. But that’s probably just based on your own family and experience. In Thailand a lot of chicks get knocked up when they’re 14 or 15. So you can actually have 45 year old grandmother. And you do!

Granny worked a gentlemen’s club

I walked into a gentlemen’s club in Pattaya expecting my usual. Some public petting and nudity. A suck off in front of an audience. Maybe even a fuck if the mood struck me right. All for under a thousand Baht. But I definitely was not planning on fucking a grandmother.

toothless blowjob meme

The Thai whore who let me fuck her bareback and cum inside for $30 a couple years ago was probably up in the grandmother age range. But typically I aim more for the 19 year old Thai chicks than their moms or grandmothers. Then again, variety is the spice of life.

So I wasn’t really surprised when I walked in to find that the best looking chick in the bar was also the oldest. She had a full voluptuous body that screamed out from her tight shiny dress. Nice tits, and big round ass, and a very pretty face. That’s more than you usually find in these places which have always been more about service and price than looks.

I called the old chick over from the group and ordered a drink for myself. This seemed to shock everyone. Including the younger but emaciated and unhealthy looking chicks who standing around on the side. Oh well, who cares? I live for me.

Grabbing on granny

This lady was really friendly and fun. She was kind and gracious. Though she kept saying she couldn’t believe I was interested in her. But really I don’t know why. She had no signs of baby damage, no tattoos, and no bad attitude. Plus as I let my hands roam I realized her body was even more ripe than I thought. Though I didn’t know she was a grandmother until she told me. She looked older but not that old. This was no barrier for me and my hard prick though.

After I bought her a lady drink and convinced her I was actually into her granny started returning the affection. The next thing I knew she dropped the polite and shy older lady routine and had her hand down my pants on my balls. I thought it was weird she decided to work my ball bag instead of grabbing my rod like most chicks in her position. But I liked it because it prolonged the pressure. She wasn’t going to try to milk a quick load out of me for the Baht. Instead we would take our time and have a great time.

Not long after I pulled her dress down and started fondling and sucking her tits right there at the bar. The other bar girls were at a booth in the corner with their faces focused on their phones. The bar tender was watching TV in the corner. The only other person in the bar was a Thai dude who came in to drop off some alcohol. So we were basically just in our own world.

Between sips of her second lady drink she kept pulling my pants down just enough to get a couple of nice licks in on my cock head. Then she’d laugh and put my junk away. I’d pull her in tight for more hugging and feeling on her big bulky ass. Meanwhile my manhood went to work churning up a huge sack full of semen in anticipation which caused me to leak significant amounts of precum.

Quickly turned quickie

After a while I took things further. I just couldn’t take how hot the situation was getting. I pulled up her dress and yanked her panties down around her knees. It was at that point I realized some of her bush hairs were white and silver. That didn’t stop me one bit. In fact I think it got me even more revved up! So I didn’t even notice the old French dude across the bar hitting on the disinterested bartender while I was knuckle fucking ol’ gran.

She was so wet that she had to stop and go get a towel to sit on. So I guess she liked the younger chunk of meat she was grabbing and sucking on. Mutual fun is the best kind, even if it is ultimately driven by cash at the end of the day.

Granny wasn’t as into sucking on my bone while the other dude was at the bar. So she recommended we go over to the private corner. Now that normally comes with a 300 Baht “bar fine” and I was fine with that. Because by then I was ready to bury my bone in her well traveled twat!

She told the bar tender and we were off. At this point the other chicks weren’t even paying attention to my presence. So it was like being in private even though nothing but a thin curtain was separating us from a full bar full of people.

She got naked and her frame was spectacular. Not really any visible fat at all. Just some really nice curves all in the right place. A great ass to grab on, big handfuls of natural boob, and a beautiful smile marred only by a couple of missing teeth in the back. Not bad!

She got naked and started giving me a great head job on the seat. No deep throat or hard face fucking. But a slow thorough suck that showed she really wanted me to enjoy. Meanwhile I had one hand on her hooter and the other halfway up her cunt. The hole was wet and wide but not so blown out that I couldn’t give it some use. I started making out with her and pulled her over to ride on top of my throbbing rod.

She hesitated and pulled a condom out of her bag. She asked if I wanted it. I said I didn’t but asked about her. She said she worried. I told her I just had a test a week ago and it all came back clean. She said she wasn’t worried about that. She didn’t want to get pregnant! Now I had no idea this old granny still had eggs that could be fertilized. But I guess she did. Once I promised to pull out she had no problem squatting right down on my slippery saliva covered hog.

I would like to tell you that I gave her the fuck of a lifetime. In reality I had to keep stopping ever few strokes because I knew I was going to bust my nut. Her body was too full, and so were my nuts. I was really into the whole thing and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t hold back. Finally I pulled out and squirted all over her pubes. She wiped it up with a napkin then licked the remaining drips of cock snot off of my prick hole.

We went back to the bar area to hang out some more. I bought another drink for myself and one more for the granny. Then I paid my tab. A whopping 2050 Baht. That’s less than 60 dollars American. Quite the value if you ask me. Even if she was old enough to be third generation. You know what they say about older berries and sweater wine? In this case at least it was true.

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