I fucked a Japanese actress

I fucked a Japanese actress. No, not a porn star. I already told you about the two Japanese porn stars that sucked me off. This time I am talking about putting my cock in the pussy of an actual actress who regularly appears on television in Japan.

I didn’t actually know this was an actress until she told me. But it quickly made sense. She was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in Japan. And she was also really outgoing and confident which is not so common with Japanese chicks.

How did I meet this actress and get her into bed? Well it was sort of easy. Because I went the compensated dating route and paid an agency to introduce me to her and a couple other chicks. I ended up paying for the pussy too. But it was definitely worth it.

Paying for a date

Some people think it’s weird to pay for a date. I’m not one of those people. When I have less than a month to spend in Tokyo I want to maximize my time. Time is money. I have more money than time. So I occasionally pay to date. I also pay to get my hair cut and stay in a hotel. Deal with it.

I did get a good amount of free slit on this trip too. So don’t worry too much. Although I did end up pissing off one Japanese woman so bad she told me to leave the country.

big butt from Japan

This time I started checking out the available women at the dating club. I made a list of three and went through them. The first one who was available two days later on the night I wanted turned out to be this actress.

Like I said I didn’t know she was an actress. I picked her because she was absolutely beautiful, twenty years old, and good at speaking in English. The fact that she was an actress was just icing on the cake.

Meeting and meating

I met this chick right on time outside of Ikebukuro station. She was even more beautiful in person. Fresh looking with a big smile and pretty good English. Well for Japan anyway. I often had to speak slowly or use Google translate to explain stuff. But I could understand everything she had to say.

We had ramen then went to an arcade where I won a Pokemon plushy for her. After that we shared a slice of cheesecake and had coffee at Starbucks near Sunshine City. It was a great time and I was enamored.

Then she said she had to go. I walked her back to the train station, gave her a hug, and wished her a found farewell. But I wondered why she left so fast.

I started chatting with her on Line. Turns out she was an actress and she had to be in to work at 6 the next morning. She even sent me a clip of the show when I asked. I ended up looking it up and it turned out it was a moderately popular soap opera in Japan. And she was a pretty regular cast member!

Then she said that guys usually give some kind of money for a compensated date. Holy shit! I totally forgot. It was so much like a real date that even I got fooled.

Realizing again that it was business I said sorry and asked her to meet again so I could give her some money. But now realizing that it was business, I also said “women usually give sex for a compensated date.” She agreed. And she agreed. Three days later we met again at Ikebukuro station.

Second date for the win

This time she looked even better. We hugged and tried our luck to win another doll. No dice. So I grabbed her hand and we walked right into a love hotel.

At age 20 some women have already fucked dudes by the dozen. That might be true of this chick too. But she definitely didn’t have much experience with love hotels. I actually had to arrange everything and show her how it worked.

She had almost no tits at all. Just little mounds with decent soft nipples. But her thighs was great and her ass was big, round, and super firm! I mean she was actually like a mini Japanese version of Pinky! Or maybe more like Yuka Kuramochi.

This woman was nice and clean. So I sucked her tits, licked her slit, and then put my cock near her face. She gave a really weak blowjob that was more like a lick job, but her face was so beautiful I still got into it.

Finally I pulled out a condom and rolled it on. Then I did her in so many positions and for so long that I broke out into a major sweat. A real marathon fuck! I was enjoying my time when the phone rang. We ran out of our two hour time.

She panicked and said she had to leave before the last train. I promised to pay for her cab. Then I slowly stroked off in prone bone style sliding my cock in and out of her hole and enjoying the firm feel of her tight ass cheeks. Next thing you know I unloaded in the condom.

I showered and then came time to pay the piper. I gave her an amount I thought was more than fair plus more for the last meeting and the taxi. She looked disappointed. I asked her why. She said she expected more.

First I thought “what the fuck?” And with most chicks that would have been the end of it. Not a yen more! But then I thought, what the hell? I just fucked an incredibly beautiful twenty year old actress. I ended up giving her the equivalent of about $700 American money. Nothing to sneeze out but still not a ton considering everything.

I walked her outside and found a taxi. We promised to meet again. I started texting the next day and said I would rather fuck without a condom. She said “okay” with no hesitation. Which means I probably could have barebacked her the first time!

Alas it wasn’t meant to be. I got caught up doing other stuff and other chicks. Plus I started thinking. This actress might have acted so well that she convinced me we were on a real date. And that I didn’t pay enough. Could it be?

As much as I liked her I don’t like getting played. So I left it alone and it will remain just a memory. But I did want to feel those sugar walls without a raincoat!

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