I fucked a Thai chick in Cambodia

It’s always strange when worlds collide. That’s what happened when I boned a Thai chick in Cambodia. I never really did figure out the deal with this chick. But she let me fuck her hole raw and he body was ripe so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

I met this chick on Thai Friendly. You might wonder why I would be using that app when in Cambodia. Well I was in Siem Reap. I had already been through all 150 chicks on Tinder and the app was starting to show me repeats. So while I waited for the beer gardens to open I jumped on TF to tee up some action for the future.

On a whim I used the search feature to check Cambodia. There I saw a pretty sexy chick who was just veering into MILF age. Actually it turned out she was well into MILF status but that was only because she had a kid at 15. Not so strange for Thailand. Or Mississippi.

I wrote her, she wrote back

Anyway I messaged this chick and she got back to me immediately. Her English was flawless. At least online. It turned out she was nearly fluent in person too. Again something I never really figured out.

thai MILF tits

I got more details. She was really 40 even though her profile said 36. She was from Thailand but staying in Siem Reap long term. She had an “online business” whatever that means — she said she sold stuff over Facebook. She lived in a nice private house just off of the riverside in a quiet part of town. And she invited me to come over.

It was like 10 at night and it seemed too good to be true. But I’m often thinking with my little head instead of big one. So I headed out on a rented motorbike to have a look.

Enzo’s in the house

The area was residential but pretty damn quiet. Then again most of Siem Reap is after the sun goes down at 6 o’clock. I didn’t want to get tied up and robbed or anything wild though. So when I got in front of her building I called her and asked her to come outside.

A few minutes later there she was. She was wearing a pajama suit like most Asian chicks in this part of the world wear at night (and often in the day too). But she looked good. She opened the gate in the wall that surrounded her place and I went inside.

It all seemed too good to be true. But there I was sitting right on her bed in her bedroom. The place smelled great. Like high end perfume. When she went to the bathroom I snooped around a bit suspecting I’d find something like a white guy’s clothes or something. Nothing like that. Only another bedroom that she told me belonged to her 15 year old kid. The kid wasn’t there that night though. So we had the place to ourselves.

Once she told me that I knew I was in. I started coming on strong and flirting. She kissed me and let me feel on her tits over the shirt. They were round and perky like most Cambodian chicks. But she wasn’t Cambodian. She couldn’t even speak five words of Khmer! Plus her sweater puppies were harder than granite.

I don’t mind if you don’t mind

She must have sensed my senses when I grabbed on her hooters. “Silicone” she said. “Nice” I shot back. Next thing I pulled her shirt up and started sucking on those jugs like I was thirsty for milk. She seemed into it but she never got over the top. It was more like she was humoring some horny dude who never saw boobs before.

It went on like this. She could tell I was sitting there like a dog with a bone just waiting to hump. But she never made the first move or even showed real interest. She would just keep talking then laugh or smile when I would make a break for her hole. Finally she asked “what do you want to do?” I told her I wanted to fuck. She laughed and said “fine you can.”

Again it was almost like I was a bad kid begging for an ice cream cone after dinner. But whatever the case may be, she invited me into her love tunnel. So you know I dove right in!

I took her pajamas off and she had a really nice body. The tits were firm and round but they weren’t so big that they looked fake. No stretch marks to be seen. Soft brown skin but it had just enough elasticity to let you know you were dealing with a chick who was 40 and not 20. The ass was pretty big for her body but felt nice in the hand. Her hole was shaved and small. I almost couldn’t believe when she told me she gave birth naturally.

Coming was easier than going

I didn’t bother trying to get my cock in her mouth. It already seemed like she was just doing me a favor by letting me slide my stick in. So I got on top and started slowly pumping. My cock was in pretty quick, mainly because her cunt was dripping wet. There was the tiniest bit of not so fresh pussy fragrance floating in the air once I started drilling. But it was just ever so slight and not enough to knock me off my game.

I rolled over so she could get on top and for some reason she found this really funny and laughed quite a bit. She seemed either embarrassed or incredulous that I wanted her to ride. Or maybe both. But I was the one who ended up looking lame because after she got up and dropped it back down on me about three times I realized I was going to jizz. I could barely pull out in time to calm down. I worked her fake tits a little more then rolled back onto the bed. I slid in missionary again and got maybe two and a half strokes off before I reached the point of no return. I pulled out and sprayed a moderate load on her stomach.

That was about it. Except that the pussy smell was now stronger in the air. It didn’t really stink at all. It was just that you could tell a sopping wet pussy got pounded, if you know what I mean. I wanted to leave at that point, but she took me into the shower. It was one of those bathrooms that had a toilet and a shower together with one big drain in the middle. It didn’t really fit with the rest of the mostly Western style house.

She didn’t seem to want to let me go even after the shower. She kept talking. Not wanting to be a total dick I indulged. But I got bored quickly when she wouldn’t answer anything clearly. What did she sell? How did she afford this house? Why was she in Cambodia? Why was her English so good? When she claimed she never even fucked a foreigner before I had to call bullshit. I got a little more forward and said something like “this was nice but I really have to go.”

We kept talking on Line for a while. I never ended up burning so her hole must have been clean despite the faint odor. Once I realized that I started to miss her pussy. I wanted another shot to last more than 3 minutes inside of her. But she would never agree to meet until it was like 10 or 11 at night. I got weird vibes. Finally one day she asked me to come over and do her friend from Thailand who wanted to try foreign cock. I usually would have jumped all over something like that but the entire thing just seemed to strange. Even for me! So I stopped answering and I haven’t seen her again since.

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