I fucked someone’s Thai wife

I fucked a Thai wife. She wasn’t my wife. She was married to some white guy who I never met. It wasn’t like I fucked her behind his back though. The guy asked me to fuck his wife. It was a weird situation and one I probably wouldn’t repeat. But hey it happened right here in Bangkok. So why not tell you guys the story?

Now you might remember the time I fucked your Thai girlfriend. This wasn’t like that. Believe it or not but I am not a heartless cocksman. I am one of those weirdos who respects marriage. So if you are married to a chick and I know it, I will not put my dick in her.

Well there are some exceptions. If she works at a blowjob bar or brothel with your knowledge then you better believe she’s getting the dick. And if you ask me to bone your wife I might do it too. Or at least that’s what I would have said until I actually banged this guy’s Thai wife.

A Thai hotwife in Bangkok

I was in Bangkok doing my usual routine. Mid-morning coffee followed by a relaxing suck off over at a Bangkok BJ bar. Then back to my room to go through all the online dating options. Once I get my first nut of the way for the day I usually look for a regular chick to date. You know, to keep myself balanced. Then if that doesn’t work out or I am just feeling horny and lazy I head out to another BJ bar or massage parlor for a nightcap.

thai hotwife

This time I was on Tinder. I swiped through a ton of profiles then I saw one that made me hesitate. It had a pretty sexy picture with no face up front. And there was something written about a “hotwife.” I figured it wasn’t a regular chick and probably not a prostitute either. I was intrigued and I swiped right. Then I basically forgot about it as I swiped through hundreds of other profiles and started talking to chicks.

Later on I took a shower in preparation of a night on the town. After I got dressed I looked at my phone. There were some more matches. Including the Thai hotwife. She quickly asked me for my Line info. My Line is totally anonymous so I gave it to her. Then she started messaging me. And that’s when I realized that he was a she. Well, sort of.

Weird and wonderful

To his credit the dude was up front and honest. He was a white American guy in his 50’s. He was married to a Thai woman. Not a bargirl. Just a regular Thai chick from the province. He met her through some friends and they got married years ago. He kept fucking lots of Thai prostitutes while she was a dutiful wife.

Years later the guy realized she turns him on more than any of the nameless hookers he’s been banging. But she’s sexually inexperienced and somewhat antisocial. Plus she doesn’t know many people in Bangkok. Somehow they get into swinging. He introduces her to guys and she bangs them. The husband joins in or watches.

Now the woman is starting to open up a bit sexually. They are doing more experimenting. The husband is traveling overseas for work now that the world has opened back up. But he is horny and so is she. They are both recommitted and neither wants to cheat. So their solution is that she will bang some dude and the husband will jack off to it.

Sound weird to you? Well I can’t disagree. On the other hand I am the same guy who fucked a bunch of sisters and got a blowjob in front of another guy in Germany. So who am I to judge?

Screwed with stipulations

After he sent me more pics I was interested. Her face was average at best. She had a tiny little nose with big nostrils. And her haircut looked like it was straight out of the 1980’s. But she was childless and active. So even at age 44 he body looked great nude. Big tubular banana tits with large soft nipples. A tight stomach. Round ass. Trimmed snatch over what looked like a barely used snapper. In other words definitely worth sticking my cock in.

The husband wanted to watch the action on webcam. That was an instant no from me. And to make sure he didn’t try any sneaky shit I only agreed to meet her at a hotel of my choosing. I did promise to send some pics of the sex. But I would take them with her phone so I could make sure my face didn’t show up on some cuck fetish subreddit.

He agreed and said he’d check with her and that was it. A day later he was messaging me saying she saw my pictures and was excited to meet. I sussed out the scene a bit more to make sure it was safe and legitimate. Then I went over and checked in to a pretty good 4 star hotel just off of Sukhumvit for the night. He gave me her Line info. She was quiet and too the point. Once I told her the hotel, sent a map, and send a picture of the door with room number she said she’d be there soon.

Two hours of fighting Bangkok traffic later she showed up in a cab. No need to check her in or hand her ID card over at the front desk because she wasn’t a sex worker. For all they knew when they called my room she was a girlfriend or even my wife! She knocked softly on the door. There she was. Shy but smiling, looking exactly like her pictures, in clothes so plain you couldn’t pick her out of a lineup of three.

Fucked to facial finish

I tried to chat and break the ice but she was super quiet and just keep texting. Then I got a message on my phone from her husband. “She’s ready to have sex. Enjoy!” I looked up at her in disbelief and she was smiling. She stood up and started to undress. I took off my clothes too. Nothing romantic about it at all. But when she came to the bed my cock stood to attention. Her body was ripe and primed for a fuck. Her cunt was sopping wet and I had barely even touched her.

I fucked her good and hard in many positions. She slobbed on my pipe a bit but her head game was pretty lame. So I just kept doing her from different positions. A little finger banging was thrown in but I didn’t dare to eat her box out. Something about knowing her husband blows loads in there just threw me off. After about 20 minutes she was really getting into it. But she was still really quiet until I said I was going to cum. Then she said “cum on my face!” So I pulled out, took off the condom, and blasted all over her face.

Just then I realized I didn’t take any pictures. Not wanting to break my end of the bargain I asked for her phone. She knew what to do and had the camera open. I snapped a couple of shots of her with the melting load on her face. Then I slapped my semi soft cock on her lips for one last snap.

She just laid there with a smile while texting and sending selfies to her husband. It was sort of awkward to be honest. Then I started getting texts from the dude. He said something like “thanks dude that was great” before asking if I could do her again and take more action shots. I told him I only had the one condom. He said no problem. She went into the shower then came out looking like she was ready for round two. Weird stuff but somehow hot in the heat of the moment.

Of course I gave in and did her bareback from multiple angles. What do you expect? She handed me her phone and I took six or seven pictures of my cock in her cunt and pushed up against her tight poop shoot. Then I busted a second much weaker nut on her face with some dripping into her hair. That was the last picture I took. She showered again quickly then came out fully dressed. She smiled and waved then without saying a word she was out the door. I haven’t heard from either since and I’m not sure I want to. But just in case the husband is reading this, please send me the pictures of the facial so I can keep them for the memories.

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