I fucked the Vietnamese mamasan

In 2014 I made this site and gave it the slogan “screw the whole world.” In the 7 years since I have had sex with hundreds of women all around the world. So I am living up to the high standard I set for myself. Some of the chicks I fucked were plain janes that faded into the background. But some stand out like the Thai taxi driver and the skinny real estate agent. The same goes for the Vietnamese mamasan I fucked in Can Tho.

Now when you think of a mamasan you might picture some old granny. That was definitely not the case here. While this chick was in her late 30’s I would describe her as more of an Asian MILF. But that is only because I think it terms of porn terminology. In fact the lady never even had a baby. So really she was just a sexy middle aged Asian.

I met her in a pretty strange way. It all started when I wandered into this low key blowjob barbershop way south of Ho Chi Minh City. At the time I didn’t really know it was a place to get sucked off. But I saw a barbershop with no barber inside and just a couple of decent looking chicks in short skirts. So I took a guess. I watched the shop from my seat in front of a cafe for about 40 minutes. After I saw 3 Vietnamese dudes go in and out I figured I was right. So I headed over.

Cheap suck jobs outside of Saigon

When I walked in an old chick in the barber chair seemed shocked to see me. I guessed they didn’t get many foreigners down there. Later I found out they never got any. Still one of the younger chicks stood up and walked me upstairs. The downstairs looked like a real hair salon with mirrors and everything. But again no barber. Upstairs they had a row of hastily assembled booths. Each one had a lay down hair washing table and a coat rack and nothing more. I knew I was in the right place.

Can Tho Vietnam

I visited twice in two days. The cost was only 150,000 Dong which is under 7 dollars American. Great deal! The first time I got a hot 20 year old chick with a great body who gave decent head. But her body was so nice that I was able to blow a big load simply based on feeling up on her ass and tits.

The second day I got some old skinny hag but she was smiling so much I figured I would give her a try. It turned out to be some of the best service ever as she literally licked me head to toe for a good 30 minutes. She had my feet and ass in her mouth long before she ever started sucking my rod. And boy oh boy could she suck! I regret nothing.

Meeting the mamasan

I sort of forgot about the place until about a year later when I somehow wounded up in the same general area. I realized I was about 15 minutes away so I stopped in. It was the middle of a very hot day and I was sweating. I wanted to get in to the air conditioning as quick as possible. I jolted inside and there I saw a very hot curvy chick a skin tight dress. I stared at her like a dog looking at a bone. Then she started talking to another lady.

Quickly she smiled and looked back at me. Then she started speaking in English! “Oh so you the guy who come here!” and they all laughed. I smiled and said okay sure. I started talking to her. I found out she was from Can Tho. She was in her late 30’s but she wouldn’t give an exact age. She wouldn’t tell me if she had a boyfriend either. But she did actually give me her number. So after I got another session with the hot firm body chick I left and started texting her.

First she played me off by saying stuff like “oh I think you like the lady from my shop.” But I wore her down after a while. A few days later I was in HCMC and she said she was coming to town.

I met her down around Ho Chi Minh’s new walking street. She brought a friend. We had fried chick and then some drinks. We held hands and her friend laughed. Then she went home. I kept in touch with her and she would send me stuff like pictures of her in a bikini. But it never got serious.

Meating the mamasan

Fast forward an entire year more and I am down in Can Tho. So obviously I contacted this mamasan. She seemed shocked and basically ignored me for a day or two. Finally on day three she agreed to meet me. But to my surprise she told me to go to a hotel. It was one of those by-the-hour short time hotels that costs like a dollar an hour. I showed up anyway.

I was standing outside sweating again. She was running late. When she arrived she was covered in various cloth and a helmet. You couldn’t see any part of her skin. She drove right past me on her bike and right into the hidden parking area. I walked in and met her in the lobby. As it turned out she was married to some dude in Can Tho. So that’s why she was so secretive about everything. But it also turned out that she had an even better body than I thought. All natural and all juicy.

Even though this woman knew I was a blowjob loving pig she kissed me deeply with tongue. And she basically threw me down and shoved my raw cock into her dripping wet fur burger too. Guess she didn’t care about bringing any STDs home to hubbie. Oh well, not my problem! She never did suck my cock. Maybe she considered it below her and something only barbershop bitches did for money. Who knows? All I can tell you is that we fucked fast and furious for the entire hour. And I blew two separate loads up her snatch.

After that we went our separate ways. We chatted a bit on Zalo here and there. Eventually though she lost interest when she realized the borders were closed and I wouldn’t be able to come back for a long time. I think she blocked me because now she doesn’t answer me at all. Either that or her groom found out she fucks around with foreigners and smashed her iPhone into a million pieces. Whatever the case may be, I fucked the Vietnamese mamasan.

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