I fucked three Asian chicks at the same time today

I have been hiring out hookers in groups of two or more going back years. Although I admit it is great to be in bed with multiple women at the same time, it just isn’t that out of the norm for me anymore. This is so true that I just realized I have never even written about fucking three Asian chicks at the same time!

I was talking to a friend back home today and he asked what I was up to. I told him that I just finished fucking three chicks. Being trapped in a sort of hell with no similar options, he naturally wanted to know the details. That’s when it hit me. I have written about fucking three Asian chicks in the same day. I have even written about fucking three Asian sisters. But I have never written about fucking three Asian chicks at the same time, even though I’ve been doing it an average of three or four times a month since I started this website!

Asian whore foursome on demand

It all started when I woke up. I ate my breakfast and then decided I wanted to enjoy some female flesh. One advantage of being here is that I just walk up to a certain place and pick out chicks I want to fuck. Most guys go in and pick one, but I guess I am not most guys. So I rarely pick less than two. A lot of times I pick three. Today was one of those times.

When the sun went down around 6:30 I headed out. I was the first guy in the spot so the chicks were still putting on their war paint in the mirror. Pickings are slimmer than they were prior to the panic, but there were still about fifteen chicks around. One of them has been there since before I started this site, and she was close to forty then. So she’s fucking old.

conquerer looks at his harem

The other chicks in there were between nineteen and maybe thirty one. Maybe half of them were doable. I picked one I knew before with a nice hard body and round perky tits. Then I picked a slightly older chick who does great blowjobs. Finally I had them call over a new chick I hadn’t seen before. I did a quick pat down and interview and decided she could join us. Then I chugged my drink and got the bill.

We met at a nearby love hotel. I gave the first chick a few bucks for the room and sat down. She paid up and got the key. We all walked up to the room. I instantly got naked and the chicks followed. The newer chick was a little shy even at twenty four because she was new to the game. She didn’t have a baby and her body was great. The older chick had saggy tits but they were big and full enough plus I brought her along mainly for her mouth. I think she knows that.

The chick I picked first came in the shower and washed my dick, balls, asshole and armpits thoroughly. Then she gave me a towel. The other chicks joined her in the shower and they all cleaned off. Thankfully there was only two towels so they had to come out naked.

Getting busy in the love shack

I laid back on the bed and the ladies went to work. I had the blowjob queen get down between my legs and suck my cock. I pulled the chick I knew over to my right side so I could suck and fondle her tits. Then I had the new girl hold my balls and lick my neck. This went on for a while and I felt like I was in heaven.

Just before I felt like I was going to shoot my wad I told them to get a condom. The cock sucker put it on my stiff Johnson with her lips. A true professional. I had the first chick I picked get on top and ride me. I told the blowjobber to massage my nuts. Then I pulled the new one in so I could suck and fondle her tits were dark brown with small sensitive chocolate nipples. She looked and smelled great. After a bit of this I had them swap rubbers so the new chicky could ride my pony.

This one slid down on my stiffy looking like she just sat on a pineapple. But before long she was bouncing up and down with that amazing style of cock riding only petite Asians seem able to do. I knew I was going to bust in her snatch so I got up and changed positions.

I bent her over doggy style on the bed. I had the older dick licker to my side rubbing my balls with one hand and sort of hugging me with the other. I pulled the other hotter chick to my other side and started kneading her tits like bread dough. Then I did a nice steady stroke until I felt the steam building in my balls. I unloaded in what felt like a five minute orgasm and filled half the condom with my creamy filling. It was fucking awesome.

I got dressed and sat on the bed in an afterglow of pleasure while watching the ladies watch their pussies in the shower. Then they squeezed back into their sexy attire and checked their hair in the mirror. I gave them thirty bucks a piece and they all said thank you with big smiles. The first two walked out first and the third held my arm until we got to the front door. Then she disappeared into the night. I went home feeling a lot lighter with my ball sack fully drained. It was a great end to a good day.

This never gets old

On the hand fucking three or even four Asian chicks simultaneously is one of my favorite things to do. On the other hand, it has become a pretty regular part of my life. I probably do reverse gangbangs with Asian chicks more often than guys who like golf hit the links. The part that is crazy to my friends back home is that is so straight forward. I literally walk into a place, pick some chicks, and then stick my cock in them.

Since I do this a lot you might think it would get old. I am here to tell you that it doesn’t. I would love to fuck a group of sexy Asian chicks pretty much every day. It’s not even an impossible feat. I have actually had weeks where I’ve fucked multiple women at the same time for seven days straight. It doesn’t cost a ton of money either.

I’ve even seen some weirdos online complaining that threesomes and group sex are a disappointment. I sometimes wonder what planet these guys are from. Then I realize they are probably caught up in the sexual mores of the west where they think all fucking is romantic and that the women are all going to be totally into each other for the sheer joy of sex.

I think those dudes just don’t know how to unwind and enjoy life. Sure it’s not going to be like what you saw in a Thai porno. At the same time it’s your real actual life, so it’s going to be better. Even a mediocre blow job is better than watching the best suck job in the world from the comfort of a toilet in the basement bathroom where you hide out from your fat ugly wife. If you find yourself fucking a bunch of Asian chicks and you don’t feel good, you might want to take a long look in the mirror.

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