I fucked three Asian chicks today

I fucked three Asian chicks today. As I write this, the clock just hit midnight and all three pussies were penetrated within the last 12 hours. So it is actually more like I fucked three chicks in a half-day. If I keep going I might be able to add more notches to my belt. But I am already drained and I don’t want to run the risk of shooting blanks. So let’s just say I banged 3 babes and call it a day.

Now as anyone who has been to most of Asia knows it’s not necessarily very difficult to fuck 3 women in the same day or even the same hour. Especially if you are paying for the pussy. I have already told you about the best places in Asia for a threesome or moresome, but I am not talking about that here. Today I actually screwed three regular Asian chicks and didn’t even pay them much attention let alone money. It wasn’t all that notable to me but I’m on a never ending sexpedition. I think you guys might want the details though. So let me tell you how it went down.

The barbershop babe

I woke up just before noon. I took a shower and headed over to a full service barbershop I know and love. A nice ivory skinned skinny chick got to service me. I guess she was next in line. I went back to the VIP room not expecting anything. I’d seen this chick around before but she always looked like a stuck up bitch. As she washed my hair we started talking. She asked why western guys don’t like white girls. I said I do. She asked why I never talked to her. I said I thought white skinned girls don’t like western guys. She laughed.

As she cut my toenails we started talking more. I got a hard on. I told her about it. She didn’t believe me so I made my cock jump through my pants. She laughed and then asked to touch it. She seemed amazed that there was a dick between my legs and especially that it was hard. There were a lot of people in the shop so we went back to normal service. I got her LINE info and started hitting her up as soon as I was out the door.

3 thicc chicks flashing their tits

She agreed to come see me after work. It didn’t take much to get her over there. Once she was inside I told her I could show her my cock in person. She looked real shy but she had no problem stroking it when I walked over and put my rod in her hand. When I realized she wasn’t going to suck it I just pulled her clothes off and started to touch her soaking wet twat.

She had a nice set of hanging pink meat flaps hidden behind long wispy black pussy hair. There was no smell at all so I had myself a nice little picnic down there. Then I stood up and rested my cock head on her cunt. I started to push it in and she asked “condom?” I said “no I don’t have one, do you?” She relaxed and I slid right into her snatch.

The chick didn’t look as good naked as she did in clothes. I also have to say that the sex was really uneventful. I am glad I did it though. I’d seen her little ass stuffed in her tight jeans enough times to fantasize about fucking her from the back. At least now I know what it is like. I pulled out and blew my load all over her little asshole. My jizz coated her anus in a way that reminded me of vanilla icing on the Pilsbury Cinnamon Rolls my mom used to make.

A quick piece of app ass

Right after the babe from the barbershop left, the maid came in. She’s an old chunky lady. So I don’t say much more than hello to her. While she was cleaning the long black hairs off the floor and swapping out the sticky sheets I fired up Tinder to see what was happening. I just started right swiping on everyone doable. About a minute into it I matched with a chubby 20 year old chick with brown skin.

Since I could do without her I just went straight into it. “Can you deep throat?” If she didn’t answer I wouldn’t care, but she did. She wrote back “Can but not easy.” That was good enough for me. I did a bit of quick chatting and told her to come over to my condo. She agreed. It was literally that easy. My place is centrally located right next to a major mall that everyone knows. I told her to get in a taxi and I’d pay. It’s quicker and I have the three dollars to spare.

She showed up wearing a flowered dress that hid her chubbiness. She wasn’t bad though. Back in America they’d probably call her skinny. Here in Asia she’s chubby. Not obese, but there’s definitely no gap between her legs. I met her on the street when she arrived. I grabbed her hand and walked her past reception and over the elevator. We talked a little but and I kissed on her the cheek.

I am like the Don Juan of Asia

As soon as we got in the room I closed the door, kicked off my shoes and got naked. I sat down naked and said come here and show me what you can do. She got on her knees but looked at me with big doe eyes and said “ok but not do too hard.” I let her suck at her own pace for a while but it was pretty weak. After a couple of minutes I grabbed her head and pushed my cock into her mouth with a little force. She pulled up, gasped, wiped a tear from her eyes, then looked at me and smiled. I let her suck my cock and lick my nuts for about a half hour.

Figuring it was time to fuck I got up and went over to the bed. I told her to get naked. She did. Then she came over and sucked me some more. Then I laid her on the bed, spread her bald pussy and slipped my hard rod right in her slit. I pumped her for about five or ten minutes while looking at her big black areola before I shot my wad up her hole. Then I got up and showered.

It wasn’t more than maybe a minute after I dried off with the towel that I was pushing this chick to get dressed and back out the door. She kept looking at me with puppy dog eyes saying stuff like, “I thought we were going to go eat or something after.” I just kept firmly repeating that I am a busy businessman and I have to use my time wisely. It reminded me why I prefer to pay for sex, but I already blew my load in this chick so I just kept things moving.

I walked her across the street and down the block to the pharmacy. I walked right up to the pharmacist and bought the morning after pill. Then I grabbed a bottle of water out of the small fridge and paid for all at the counter. It was less than three bucks. Outside I opened the water and pill and had her drink it right in front of me. I told her I would see her again soon, kissed her now sweaty cheek and put her in a taxi. She messaged to tell me she got home later. I wrote back, “nice.”

Last but not least, an Asian nurse

Believe it or not but I was horny again a couple of hours later. I know, I am an animal. I had just finished a new book and felt a little bored. I started checking my site here and one thing led to another before I found myself watching naked chicks fuck themselves with dildos on one of my favorite Asian cam sites. I didn’t want to pump out a load by myself. So I opened Line and sent a message to a 25 year nurse I know with huge tits for an Asian.

I met this nurse when she was still a university student. I fucked her twice and both times she was on the rag. That’s nasty and I told her about it. This chick always claims to be a lesbian and she constantly posts pictures of herself with her “girlfriend” who looks like a thin weak dude. But she loves to get fucked as hard as a grown man can go. She is super hard core. I don’t know what she gets into with her lesbian lover but she claims they only cuddle at night. Whatever. When she is with me she wants hard doggy style for as long as I can give it. Then she gets on top and rides cock like it’s a bucking bronco.

Like I said this chick has a huge rack for an Asian. Even just for her body size her tits are massive. We’re talking Tittiporn territory! You’d never know it though because she keeps them strapped down with some crazy compression sports bra. Her face is just average. She has one of those pig looking noses. But her ass is right so it’s all good. When you need a nice sport fuck she’s the one to call!

Her blowjob skills are terrible which sometimes makes me think she might really be a lesbian. Who knows? It’s a mixed up world. I let her slob the knob for a few seconds before I ripped open the rubber and rolled it on. Then I spun her around, spit on her slit and started fucking like there was no tomorrow. I was staring into her little butthole like I might find the meaning of life inside while I drilled for a good ten minutes.

Now I am not the biggest fan of rubbers on the best of days, but I realize they are important. I don’t want to end up like my friend with the weird drippy dick that wouldn’t go away. At the same time I am man enough to admit that condoms can make me lose my boner at times. Today my cock stayed nice and hard but it was like a numb pumping with no feeling. So I pulled out and just sat down. She asked what was wrong and I told her straight up. She said “a condom is safe.” I said I’d rather just jack off than keep pumping away into nothingness. She felt my pain, started stroking it, and then just got up and sat right on my cock raw. So I was in my third hole of the day bareback.

Viva Asia!

So that’s the story of how I fucked three Asian chicks today. It wasn’t as good as the time I fucked three Asian sisters, but that took a hell of a lot longer. This all went down between noon and midnight. So it ought to count for something.

The simple fact is that days like this or even wilder really aren’t difficult to arrange when you’re a full timer in this part of the globe. The hardest thing is simply maintaining your sanity when you’re surrounded by a never ending deluge of noise pollution, garbage pollution and total wackos. Crazy chicks can be good for a fuck but it’s not a place to settle down and live a life.

When it comes to the ass, Asia is still tops in my books. You gotta jump through some hoops that can be really fucking annoying in some parts. So I rather just jump borders. I set up some place I can stand long enough to bust a couple hundred loads then I keep it moving. I’m here now for the time being, but I could be somewhere else sooner than you’d expect. Yes, even now in this midst of this worldwide panic.

Some guys will go on and on about how the glory days of Asia are over. A lot of guys say the same thing about dating sites and dating apps like Tinder. I guess Asia isn’t what it used to be, but neither is the west. Tinder probably sucks in western countries because the chicks in those countries suck. And not in a good way.

There was a brief period about five years ago when it was like a window into heaven opened. The perfect storm of Asian opening and apps starting struck and opened a world of legs. Getting pussy was easy as could be. It was almost unbelievable. But I can’t complain about the way it is now either. I would say it is like shooting fish in a barrel but I think that would actually take more skill. Whoever says either Tinder or Asia is dead isn’t here. It’s as alive as it ever was. The three chicks I fucked today prove it.

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