I got massaged by Thai ex-cons

I got massaged by two Thai ex convicts. These women were fresh out of prison but as friendly as could be. I guess that’s why they call this place the land of smiles!

As it turns out, there is actually a place called the “Women’s Massage Center” in Chiang Mai that employs nothing but former prisoners. They learn how to do massage while they are locked up. Then when they get out they work in the massage center so they can get back on their feet.

Now these chicks didn’t jack me off or anything like that. So if you want to read about a happy ending then you should probably move on to one of my hundreds of other posts. But I think this place was cool despite the lack of dick play.

How I found them

I was walking around Chiang Mai with a chick I met on Thai Friendly. This was our second date. She had a great body and she could speak English well. But her face was average at best and she dressed like a dude. I wasn’t going to meet her again until she sent me some nude pics. Like I said, her body was great!

This chick was just out of college. She was from Chiang Mai but she studied down in Bangkok. She was eager to show me around. So she took me to a bunch of areas where almost no whities could be found. This is exactly my style since I don’t like tourist areas much.

prisoner massage CNX

But at some point we ended up over by some temple. Not the temple on the hill but some more boring place in the city. I told her it was boring and I didn’t care about temples. She looked surprised then laughingly said, “I don’t either!”

She just figured I would want to see them since that’s what all the goofy looking unwashed tourists with dreads do when they come to Chiang Mai. Then she asked what I wanted to do. I said “get a foot massage then go home and fuck you” with a smile. Straight out and plain like that.

I mean she already sent me nudes, so I figured I was in. And even if I wasn’t I wouldn’t really care, because she was otherwise average looking. If I wasn’t going to get any slit I wanted to know then and there so I could move on to another hole.

But she was totally down for both the massage and the trip to pound town. So she told me she wanted to show me a touristic place that was still cool. Now thinking with my dick head I followed like a dog in heat.

At the women’s massage center

She took me to the women’s massage center. It pretty much looks like a mainstream Thai massage shop except that they make a few mentions of the prisoners. I guess this is supposed to make people feel better about themselves.

Whatever. The prices are about normal. And the chicks look like the usual ladies you see in a mainstream Thai massage shop: middle aged, plump, and friendly. They were also wearing neutral colored scrubs.

So we got some foot massages and they sat us down in some chairs. It was mostly quiet inside. For one all the customers were tourists who couldn’t speak Thai. And the masseuses couldn’t really speak English. Secondly most people want to relax in general silence when they are getting a rub down.

But I couldn’t help myself. My Thai is pretty good at this point. So I started conversing with the masseuses. They were laughing and smiling at my jokes about prison. Probably not something you would ever get away with back home in America. But then again back in the US we prefer to just dump prisoners off in the streets in the hopes that they will commit more crimes. And it works!

At one point I had my date and a group of the masseuses laughing so loud that some kind of boss or manager came over and told them to be quiet. I think one of the pissy western tourist bitches complained. You could see from the look on their faces that they hated me. I was well dressed, speaking Thai, flirting with Thai women, ignoring them completely, and with a Thai chick almost half my age.

Anyway I kept on talking to the prisoners. One of the chunky chicks ended up massaging my shoulders while the other did my feet. I offered to pay for it that way she could still hang around and have fun with us without looking like she was trying to get away from her work. Did I do the right thing? Who knows. But when I left I got a big group send off from a bunch of brightly smiling friendly ladies. I wish them all the best.

And yes I did sink my stiffy nuts deep in my date’s snatch minutes later. But that was less eventful than my trip to the massage center.

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