I had sex with my landlord’s daughter

Lately I have been writing about some of my greatest hits. I have fucked almost a thousand women at this point. And my cock in even more mouths. But some of the sexual adventures stand out more than others. Like the time I fucked my landlord’s daughter.

I had been traveling around Asia for a while and I decided to settle down for a bit in Cambodia. First I stayed long term in a hotel. It was so cheap that it didn’t bother me. Plus I got my sheets turned down every day. But eventually I got tired of the tourist style of it all so I looked for a room.

With the help of a real estate agent I was able to locate a place in a single day. It was a nice little apartment off of a main street that cost me just $300 a month. It was at least as nice as the place I left back home. Plus it was fully furnished. So this was a real deal.

The landlord and his daughter

The real estate agent introduced me to the landlord and we did the usual signing of the lease. I got a six month lease, signed it and pressed my thumb. The landlord was a jovial guy in his 50’s. His wife was probably 10 years younger but a lot more reserved. I didn’t find out until later that they also had a few kids. One of them was a 21 year old college student.

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I actually didn’t meet the daughter until I was already 2 months into my stay. I just happen to run into her when I went over to pay the rent. They lived a few doors down and I would just pay them with cash. The first time I saw her inside but didn’t think much of it. The second time she answered the door and I realized she was fluent in English.

I still didn’t do much beyond some small talk. For one she was the landlord’s daughter. Secondly she was just average looking. At least from what I could see on the outer layer of clothes. As I would find out later she had a nearly perfect body. I wasn’t bringing a lot of chicks back to the room though since I was busy banging in brothels and fishbowls. So in the back of my mind I always knew there could be a chance. Especially if I didn’t care about staying in the room anymore. Half of the battle is just getting to know a chick. Once you’re familiar everything is a lot easier.

Hey is that you?

Probably a week or two after that I decided to take a break from fucking hookers. I was in a big coffee shop that had some really good food and I opened up Tinder. I started swiping and I think the second or third chick I saw had a really familiar face. She also had a really long written out profile talking about books and politics and more. Guess who it was? That’s right! The landlord’s daughter.

I swiped her and I guess she already swiped me because it was an instant match. I said “hey do you know who I am?” She wrote back “of course” an instant later. So I figured I was really in. I asked for her Line info and we went over to that app to continue chatting.

We talked for a while and I asked her if she wanted to hang out. She said okay. I told her I didn’t want any problems with her family. She said “why would there be any problem?” Good enough for me! I guess things really have changed in this part of the world. I remember just a few years ago when so-called good girls wouldn’t even hang out without friends or family. Especially not after dark!

Anyway we met at a well known park. We walked around and talked. Her English was nearly perfect though she had some weird phrases and ways of talking that is common with people who aren’t native speakers. It was no obstacle though. Especially since she knew all about western and especially American stuff. I asked her how she knew all of this stuff. She said “Facebook and Youtube.” Like I said, things have changed.

From sex to next

I had fun talking to her and I wasn’t going to press the issue of sex. Especially since her parents owned my dwelling. But to my surprise she asked why I never tried to kiss her “or anything” the third evening we hung out. I said I thought she might be offended. She replied matter-of-factly. “Just because I have only had sex with one guy doesn’t mean I don’t like it.” Fair enough! An hour later we were in a guest house on the outskirts of town.

I have to admit that there was nothing really romantic about it. We got in, took our clothes off, showered and started fucking. Well it was more romantic once we were on the bed naked. We were French kissing and I had my hands all over her. Like I said, things aren’t like they used to be! Her body was really spectacular. Nice big round firm boobs with pink nipples. A very small bush over small bright pink pussy lips. And a nice little asshole that I never played with but did enjoy looking at. This was one of those women who looked way better naked.

She was really straight forward though. She showed almost no emotion. Even during sex. Except she did kiss passionately and she really tried her best to suck dick too. I knew she was into it all anyway because her pussy would literally be dripping wet in her panties before I even got them off. She had little blowjob skill but I can’t blame her. I was her first in that department. Her pussy was fucked before but the guy did no damage. Because that hole was great! Even thinking about how good it felt inside makes my dick rise as I write this.

I guess we “dated” for the next few months until my contract expired and my visa ran out. A day before I left we met and went to a hotel. After I pulled out and sprayed a load on her arched back I told her I was leaving but I wanted to be friends. Just as matter-of-factly as before she said okay. We kept chatting on Line for the next two days. I left and then sent her a message. She never responded. And that was the end of that. But on a return trip I did see her walking with some blonde white guy closer to her age. I wonder if he ended up blowing a load on her too.

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