I just fucked 3 chicks in 2 hours

A couple of days ago I fucked three different Asian chicks in two hours. If you have been reading for a while, know me, or know the areas I hang around, this might not come as any kind of major surprise. But for guys like my buddy back home that just complained to me he hasn’t been within 6 feet of another woman in months, it’s got to be something.

Looking back, it would have been something major to me too. That was before I decided the western rat race was dog shit and fled to Asia for a life of easy living and even easier pussy. I actually started writing the stuff on this site a while back when I got tired of repeating my stories to guys I knew back in the “real world.”

I did fuck three chicks in the same day back in America. It wasn’t even that hard. I was dating three chicks and I just went from one place to the other. It took all day though and the chicks were actually pretty annoying. I much prefer the action here where it’s all on demand. That’s why I banged 3 broads in 2 hours a few days ago. Now here’s how it went down.

A trip to the big city

It all started when I decided to take a trip to a bigger city a few hours from here. I started hanging around with this 22 year old local chick. She’s really laid back. And more importantly, she has beautiful tits and fucks whenever I want. She’s the kind of chick to wake you up for a blowjob. On top of it all, she’s never asked me for even one cent.

3 Asian chicks

I normally travel alone unless I am going somewhere special. But I knew she liked the city I was going to, so I asked her to join me. She agreed and even paid the roughly $100 for the one way taxi. We set up in a five star hotel which charged me just $39 due to the stuff going on. I was left with a lot of money to splurge.

After we ate and walked around, the girl I came with told me she wanted to go to the salon with her friend to get her nails done. I was totally fine with that, especially considering it gave me over an hour of free time. For me free time normally means fucking time. Unless I am reading. But I didn’t bring any books. So I went to a brothel instead.

Onward to the brothel

I hadn’t been to this city in over a year. Traveling became tough. You know why. I still do it anyway. But sometimes I show up to a different place than I remember. I took a taxi over to a semi-secretive brothel. I mean, everyone around knows it’s there, but they don’t have any signs. So I guess most foreigners and tourists would never find it.

I walked in and started heading over to where the girls line up for customers. A lady showed up out of nowhere and said “massage closed.” I knew that couldn’t be all there was to it. So I asked what I could do. She said sit down and wait. She made a call. Then a 21 year old chick showed up with a surgical mask and a big round ass. She explained they closed the display area as an official health precaution but were still actually working. Then off to the room we went.

I wasn’t masked up. She dropped hers are soon as we got in the room. I undressed and she realized I wanted to skip the massage and fuck. I showered. Then she did. Then we got in bed. She gave me a great bareback blowjob. Before they usually used a condom, but not always. This time it was the real deal. Then she rubbered me up and fucked me in a bunch of different positions. She really knew how to fuck. She even pulled out some new stuff for me. I asked how she knew so much at 21 years old and she said “I like to watch porn.” I put her on top, held her close, and pumped hard until I blew my wad in the rubber. Then I showered, paid her the 40 bucks, and said goodbye.

Back in the lobby I realized I only used about 25 minutes of my time. So I started talking to the lady again. I asked if I could get another girl. She said sure and even joked “why not me?” The truth is she was a MILF and I would have done her too. But it probably would have required dating or something. So I played it off and she called up another chick. While I waited, I saw another girl I fucked there a year earlier come down with a customer then disappear.

Woman number two

The second chick had a mask but not much else. Her short skirt barely covered her cunt flaps. And her tight low cut top had her big boobs smashed and spilling out everywhere. She said she was 24. Her tits looked like they were 19 though. Very big but also very firm. She had no ass, but I didn’t mind. The hole was there between her legs where it was supposed to be.

In the room I just got straight naked and showered. She came in and gave me soap. Her body was great, especially up top. What a rack! I complimented her and kissed her all over. She liked it. The great part was that she didn’t know I just fucked another chick, because the public display room was gone. So I got stellar service.

This chick had porcelain white skin and pink nipples. Her fuck holes were pink too, like freshly bloomed roses. She had just a trimmed bush that smelled like the best perfume money could by. And she also sucked me off bareback. She wasn’t great at it like the first, but she was definitely very good. She did it for quite a while too. Finally I had to tell her to stop sucking and fuck me. I joked that I wanted to go in raw. She laughed then got a condom and put it on me with her mouth.

I did her in three positions. She was so hot that it was easy to catch my nut, even through a few millimeters or latex. What finally did it was when she rode me in reverse. I got a great shot at her rosebud in front of me and a peripheral view of her bouncing boobs in the mirror across the room. I lost it and shot up the condom with a healthy white load. Then I showered, paid her $40 and left.

Third fuck in two hours

Back in the room I got undressed then showered. I made sure to check myself over in the bathroom mirror too. I didn’t want any lip stick or other markings to cause a spat. Thankfully there were no issues. I was clean as a whistle and butt naked when the girl I was dating showed up a few minutes later.

She saw my dick out and asked why I was naked. I said I took a shower because I went outside and started sweating. She told me that she liked how clean I was unlike those other westerners she always sees with sweaty stinky armpits. Then she came over and started stroking my dick. First it was playful, but when my rod got upright, it got serious.

This chick is ready and willing to fuck at any moment. She only had local dude before. So she doesn’t know lots of positions or special tricks. I don’t care though. Her body is awesome and her attitude is great too. So I just fuck her however I want and cum in her hole. She’s on the pill so it’s all good.

I fucked her this time too. I lasted a while and did her in a bunch of positions. Finally I moved her over to the window, pulled back the curtains, and fucked her in full public view. In reality we were several floors up and there wasn’t even anyone outside besides some passing cars. But the idea of it was enough to make my nuts muster another load. I shot several spurts up her love canal then took another shower. Then I took a nap.

The next morning we had coffee then taxied back to where we started. I dropped her off at home. Then I went to my rented place and took another shower. I started thinking about all the chicks from the day before. I got horny. So I dried off, opened my computer and started fapping to porn. The forth load in 24 hours was solo, but it still felt good. Yes!

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