I screwed a cute Lao chick

I recently had sex with a very cute Lao chick. This went down in Vientiane and it was the highlight of my visit there. I hadn’t been to Laos in years. Mainly because I saw no reason to visit again. This sexual experience made me glad that I went.

Laos is a pretty quiet and boring place overall. I hear that it might be more exciting in some of the hippie hangouts. But I can’t stand hippies, I don’t associate with druggies, and I hate being around western people who don’t wear deodorant. So I avoid the dumb full moon parties and other assorted nonsense like that.

Indeed I do not even act like a tourist. I simply live like a normal person wherever I am. The fact that I travel constantly doesn’t mean that I have to behave like a newbie fool every time I land in a new country. Instead I act like I know even when I don’t. This has always worked well for me. Besides, it’s the only kind of life I know.

Laos isn’t for lovers

The Lao People’s Democratic Republic is not a top destination for a guy like me. It can be nice to visit, but it’s certainly not a hot spot for having sex. There aren’t many people. The nightlife is tame. There are a limited number of hookers. And even breaking out Tinder in the capital city will only let you swipe on a few profiles. Still, I visit from time to time. Why not?

Until recently you couldn’t even bring a local Lao lady into your room. As a foreigner this was forbidden by law. Well it is still probably illegal, but it’s fairly common these days. I’ve walked with Lao chicks right into my hotel room with no problem. So far, so good.

victory gate in vientiane

That was the case here too. I was hanging out at a pretty quiet bar down by the river. I was having a Coke and a smile when I noticed the lady with a couple of friends. I figured they were probably part time bar girls. It’s not normal for single Lao women to go to bars. Especially bars frequented by foreigners.

Since I am no stranger to paying for pussy I didn’t mind. I waited to catch her eye. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. Then I motioned for her to come over to me. Before she could move, her lame friend called for me to join them instead. I said never mind and pulled out my phone.

From ignoring to scoring

Before I could bring up my email the smiling cute chick was standing next to me. I introduced myself and asked her name and age. Then I offered to buy her a drink. The twenty three year old told me she already had one and showed me the glass. Then came all the small talk. I told her I just came from Thailand where I was staying long term. Then I used some Lao words that made her giggle. We were off to a good start.

I ordered food. She sat next to me while I waited. Then while I ate. I tried to share the food with her. I also offered her a plate of her own. She kindly refused but did eventually take a few bites from my dish. She was skinny but not rail thin. She had big wide eyes, very light skin, an ass with just a bit of a curve and absolutely no tits. In other words I was dealing with a short, petite chick.

These days the average woman back home would weigh as much as 5 of this woman. Yet she was a woman. Confident, friendly, outgoing and obviously kind. She showed no outward signs of poverty. And she spoke pretty good English. I’m sure she has been around foreigners before. She probably makes a living from them. But yet she is no hardcore hooker.

After a while I realized that things weren’t going anywhere beyond small talk. So finally I broke out and asked her to join me in my room. She hesitated for a minute. Then she asked where I was staying. I told her the name of the hotel. she said some things to her friend. Then she said “okay.” That was it. I paid the bill and headed to the curb. But before I could hail a ride back she showed me her scooter. I asked if she could drive with me on the back. All she said was “get on.”

Two kinds of riding

There’s something funny and yet horrifying about riding behind a tiny chick while she whizzes down the street on a 50 cc motor scooter. Even in the empty streets of Vientiane I couldn’t help but feel that I would die at any minute. Especially when she took the corners at full speed. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I have helmet.” Of course I didn’t have one on, but that didn’t seem to matter.

After a few minutes we were at my hotel. She parked and we walked in. It was late and there was only one guy at the counter. He didn’t even look up as we headed to the room. Inside we talked more. I wasn’t in a rush. Eventually we got close. I touched her and she responded in kind. I gave her some Thai-style nose kisses and pulled down her tank top. Like I said almost no tits at all.

scooter meme

The dress came off and then her grannie panties. There I found a nice innie pussy with some long soft hair. I rubbed it as she tugged on my stiffening cock. Then she moved down to suck it. The head was average at best. But hey, even an average blowjob is better than the best day at work.

She asked me to put on a condom. So I did. I had some of those new ultra thin Japanese rubbers in my bag. They’re tight but they don’t interfere with the pleasure so much. She got on top and rode me and it was great. I really took my time and pumped her slow. All the while I palmed her two tiny ass cheeks and sucked her pink nipples. Then I jizzed and realized how tired I was. I basically passed out onto the pillow. And she fell asleep next to me.

Wake ups to break ups

The next morning I woke up with the sun. Sun rise comes early in Southeast Asia. In Vientiane it hits you at about 6 in the morning. Especially when you forgot to close the curtains the night before. I started moving around and she kept sleeping. So I showered. When I came out, she was fully dressed and sitting on the bed.

She asked where I was going. I said I’d like to get breakfast. She said she was hungry too. I took her up on an offer to go to a restaurant she knew. Again we rode her bike. We showed up to a hovel that was a mix between an outdoor lot and a half constructed block wall. An old lady was cooking and a few locals were eating.

The food was good enough if a little exotic for my tastes. At least it didn’t make me sick or anything. It didn’t really make me feel anything. It was more broth than food. Still, it got the job done. As we finished she asked if I wanted to go anywhere else. She even offered to show me the sites.

I told her I had some things to do. She had no problem with that. Then she said something like, “well, see you later.” I said “wait a minute.” Then I dug into my pocket and pulled out 1 million Lao kip. I handed it to her. Before she took it she asked “What is this for?” I said, “buy yourself something nice with it.” Then without saying another word she looked down, took the money, and rode away on her scooter.

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