I screwed a Slovak chick in Cambodia

Cambodia has turned into a sort of sexual hot spot for me over the last few years year. First I screwed that Vietnamese chick doing the temple tour. Then I fucked that Thai chick in Siem Reap. Now I banged a Slovak chick in Phnom Penh. Here is how it all went down.

I’ve already told you about the Russian hookers in Asia. This isn’t related to that. This chick was just in Phnom Penh on her own. She struck up a conversation with me out of the blue. A few days later I was pounded her box out from behind. It wasn’t even that great compared to all my other sex adventures. But I fucked my first Slovak so that has to count for something.

There I was just hanging out on the riverside. Not something I usually do as I tend to avoid tourist areas whenever possible. But I was at a restaurant getting a plate of spaghetti. I figured I would fill up on carbs so I could do a marathon group session at the easiest place to get laid later on.

A cold introduction

I’m staring at the Vietnamese waitress’s thin little ass from behind while waiting for my food. Out of the corner of my eye I see these two blond chicks walk in. They sit down and I forget about them. I’m not that into most white chicks in Asia. Too much hassle, not enough ass. Then I hear someone calling out like “hey you.” Typical aggressive weird western shit I figured. But as I prepared to turn around and scream “what the fuck do you want?” I caught a better glimpse of the chick and she didn’t look half bad.

doggy style pillow

She was in her mid twenties. Not dressed all that great. Clothes more fitting to a man than a woman. But a very pretty face, not fat, and some prominent tits tucked away in her shirt. So I cooled off quickly and answered back nicely. Turns out she wanted a recommendation on food. I told her the pasta was good and she invited me to sit with her and her overweight friend. The friend ignored us both after introductions which was fine enough for me.

The other chick wanted to chat for whatever reason. Stupid stuff. Where are you from? What are you doing here? It was like talking to a bar girl without the option of quick and easy sex. But I talked anyway. Why not? What else was I going to do? She said she was living in Phnom Penh. I forgot why because I don’t care. But I was interested to learn that she was from Slokia. Because it’s such a small country and one I have never visited.

Moving on from there

We ended up exchanging contact info. Just plain email since she was apparently technologically illiterate and didn’t have Line or even a modern phone. She did have money for beer and cigarettes though. Go figure.

Then my spaghetti showed up. I wolfed that down with no regard to manners whatsoever. Then I went over to the waitress. I paid for my food and left fifty bucks to cover the Slovak chicks too. I guess they found about that later after I bid them a nice farewell and good luck. That night I got a nice thank you but that was unnecessary text. Plus an invite for a house party.

I didn’t go to the party. Most expats in Asia are fucking weirdos. And I don’t want to get into any weird political arguments or watch white dude bros huff glue out of balloons or whatever the fuck they do. So I went to Crycee for a 3P instead. I told the chick thanks but I’d rather go on a date with her personally. She didn’t answer. Until the next morning when she asked where we should go on our date.

Typical and boring stuff from there really guys. A movie at Aeon mall. Then some coffee at the Coffee Bean. Then back to my room to “play cards.” I kicked her ass at that. So I suggested we play strip poker. She chugged beers like my uncle back home and by the time she got to bottle three she was more into strip poker than me. She never did seem to be drunk or even buzzed though. Yet even though she could hold her liquor better than me, I quickly busted her out and had her down to her string thong. Ace high flush baby!

Know when to fold ’em

I looked at her mostly nude body like a piece of meat and the room got quiet. Then in her accented English she asked “aren’t you going to kiss me?” I put my tongue in her mouth and it tasted like the bottom of an ashtray. But hey, in for a penny in for a pound right? I quickly moved on to her tits which were full and pretty firm. They hung a little bit but it was nice to work on some pale pink nipples for a change. I hadn’t done that since my last time in Germany.

I got her over to the bed and took off her panties. She shaved her box but the stubble grew back and I always find that gross. Plus she smelled a little sweaty like a chick who just at the gym. So I skipped over slobbing on her slit and just sucked her wonderful white titties instead. After a while she asked if I had a condom. I did, so I got it out of the drawer.

She jerked my cock like a Slavic peasant girl yanking beats out of hard soil but somehow it was enough to get me half hard. I put the rubber on with one hand and finger banged her with the other. She didn’t seem too excited about my cock. Maybe I am just used to Asian chicks pretending my rod is massive. Or maybe my prick pales in comparison to the hung studs she’s been fucking. Either way I slid my dick in and fucked her in a couple of positions.

There was some novelty to it all but I don’t think either of us was that into it. It was more like going through the motions. I started thinking about freaky stuff like the chick on Soi 6 who ate my ass out while her friend throated my cock and that was enough to get me stiff and squirting. I blew my wad in the rubber then got up and walked straight to the shower. She didn’t seem to like that much. When I got back she was fully dressed. “I’m going to go now” she said. I said okay and walked her to the door. We never talked again after that. But hey, at least I fucked a Slovak chick.

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