I screwed a super chubby Thai chick

A few days ago I fucked a really skinny Thai chick. More recently I fucked a super chubby one. The skinny chick was 19. The chubby one was 23. I didn’t pay either. Not a bad week overall!

The fact that all of this is so easily available to me here is why I keep coming back to Thailand. I might be able to score something like this back home. But the older I get and the stranger things get in America it becomes increasingly less likely. So does the possibility that I would even want to fuck anyone there. So I’m here.

Online dating has always been good in Bangkok. It might not be as good as it was years ago. But what is? There fact is there are still millions of available women in the city. And tons of them are on their phone looking through dating apps. That’s where I come into action!

Letting it all hang out

I put in almost no effort to get this chick. It might not even be possible to do less and get more. A part of this is due to the fact that she was chubby and not that good looking. I do mean chubby too. Not thick or a BBW like you’d see on XL Asians. Just chubby.

chubby chick meme

I figured I’d fuck her if I had the chance. But I wouldn’t do much of anything to get that chance since she was overweight and average looking at best.

Now I usually don’t put in a ton of effort anyway. You always have to balance your level of exertion against the possible reward. Why put in months of work just to get into the pants of a sexy Thai chick in Chiang Mai when you can walk over to Absolute Paradise and fuck one any time you’d like?

I follow this life principle even when pursuing “freebies” like the Japanese bitch I pissed off. I wasn’t going to play her game just to get a shot at her stink box. Especially when with a little patience and a slight change of plans I was able to bang a much hotter Japanese MILF soon after!

How I got this heifer

So here’s how it all went down. I was swiping through profiles on Tinder. I was looking at chicks from 18 to 25. I had the whole day free and I have the Gold plan. So any chick who was even moderately doable got the like. Unlike Tokyo where this rarely leads to anything I quickly had tons of matches in Bangkok.

Right up top was this chubby chick. She didn’t look like anything special but she messaged me immediately. To me this indicated that she was either thirsty, free, or both. She wrote “hi” or something basic like that. I wrote back. Then I introduced myself. “I’m Lorenzo. Friends call me Enzo. I would love to fuck your face.”

In America I probably would have been strung up publicly and quartered for this misdeed. But in Thailand it’s not the same. Things still could have gone many ways though. Most likely she just unmatches me and moves on. Less likely she reports me and it could fuck up my account. Least likely of all is exactly what happened. She laughed it off and kept the conversation going.

She wrote back something like “555 I want try too.” I know some people aren’t going to believe me. But what am I going to do? After traveling the world and fucking over a thousand women I don’t need to anonymously brag about banging a chubby chick in Bangkok. Take it or leave it. The choice is yours.

From a swipe to a suck

Once she responded I knew I was in. So I just kept it going. Well first I got her Line info so we could chat over there in private. Turned out she spoke decent English which surprised me more than the fact she was going to let me pump off in her mouth. She wasn’t a bar girl or even a freelancer. Just an unmotivated little fat chick with no job, no education and nothing to do. She lived with her mom who paid for everything. Her mom dated a western guy and that’s how she learned some English. See a trend?

I told her to come over to my place. I was in a top end condo right off of Sukhumvit. I got it on Air BNB. It cost me around 800 bucks for 3 weeks but it was definitely worth it. I was living in luxurious surroundings and a very convenient location. And I had a 23 old chick coming over to throat my ding dong. What more could you ask for?

She showed up just a few minutes late. Which means she was more on time than most Thai women. She was definitely chubby but no so bad that you’d be embarrassed to walk around with her or anything. Thicker in the middle than anywhere else. Nice handful size tits with big brown nipples. Short black hair with that weird half pony tail Thai women put on top of her head. She may have also had a little bit of a mustache. But since she wasn’t a ladyboy we will just move right beyond that.

I walked over to the nice leather couch and sat down. While she admired the nice view of the city out of the giant window I stripped naked without saying a word. She turned around and again started laughing when she saw me in the nude. She thought it was hilarious that I really wanted to fuck her face. But once she stopped giggling she sat down and said “Okay!”

Porking this porker

So I did it. She sat down on the couch and I stood up and stuck my rod in her pie hole. I started off with a soft dick but it stiffened up once I felt the warmth of her mouth. Then I shoved my hand down the front of her loose shirt and got myself a fistful of those tits. They weren’t like those obese hanging tits you see on real pigs. These were decently full half mangoes that were soft yet responsive.

I pumped her mouth lightly figuring she wasn’t going to be that good at it. I was right about one thing. She wasn’t that great. But I’m pretty sure she was experienced. Because she only took a few breaks to stop, smile, and wipe the occasional water from her eyes. And that was even after I really stepped up the speed and started plugging away between her lips. After a while I was able to grab the back of her head and thrust and everything and she took it all in stride. Only her throat was shallow, she had a bad gag reflex, and her teeth kept scratching my shaft.

You know where it went from there. Over to the bed. I took off her top while she pealed off the pants. Granny panties of course. But a shaved twat underneath. Wonder why she didn’t take the razor to her upper lip too? Oh well, never mind. I remember two main things. First, the three big rolls on her stomach looked like hotdog buns in a bag. Second, the skin around her crotch was like 2 shades lighter than the dark brown skin on the rest of her body. And third, she had a nice fitting hole that was actually pretty comfortable to fuck.

I did her missionary for about 10 minutes and that was enough. I pulled out intended to bust my nut on her prominent clitoral hood and deep belly button. My cock had other ideas though. For some reason I shot super long ropes that went all over her chest and up on to my pillow. It was a big wad to be sure! Something to be proud of even though I wasn’t so proud about banging this chubby chick once the orgasm finished and my sanity returned.

Sitting there in my moment of clarity I tried to figure how to get her out of my room as quickly as possible without being a complete and total dick. So I was nice about it but told her I had a lot of business to take care of in town. She took it like a champ. Better than the attempted skull bang in fact! Happy and smiling she dressed, said goodbye, and headed out the door. Of course she got lost on the way out of the building. But when she messaged me on Line I went out and helped. She messaged me again later that week too. This time with a video of her using a dildo. It looked pretty gross so I deleted the message and video. I haven’t seen or heard from her since.

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