I took a vacation with 3 prostitutes

Hey guys. Today I am going to tell you about the time I took a beach vacation with 3 prostitutes. They were all hot. We had a great time. And lots of sex was had. All together the entire trip cost me less than 1000 bucks. This is why I went on the road and never looked back. It’s also the kind of story that made me create this site. I just have to tell someone!

This wasn’t planned ahead or anything like that either. One day I was hanging out in Phnom Penh doing nothing in particular. Two days later I am in Sihanoukville with three hot hookers in my bed. I love sleeping with multiple chicks. And did I mention that these chicks were sexy? It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

It was pure serendipity but it was also the kind of thing that can happen on any given day in this part of the world. At least if you’re a free wheeling open fly kind of guy like me. Compare that to the west where a random event might be more likely to consist of something like getting shot up by a madman while purchasing instant noodles at your local Wal Mart and you’ll see why I am never going back to America.

Act 1: Meeting a bar girl

One night I wondered over to Street 104 in Phnom Penh. I love the hostess bars but I don’t go to them every night. I am just as likely to date regular Cambodian chicks. But on this night I was in the mood for some fun.

Street 104 is alright but I usually go to Street 136 instead. I guess it just has more bars, more babes, and more variety. Since I hadn’t been to 104 in a while I headed over there. Looking back, I am glad that I did. After I walked into Airforce Bar it all went down.

kampong som beach resort

Anyway I see this hot bar girl standing on the other side of the room. Mid twenties, petite, with nice ass and tit curves. I could tell she was a bar veteran. Definitely not new to the scene! But she had a naughty yet fun look that had me intrigued. She looked at me but stayed where she was. So I called her over.

I bought her some drinks, did a lot of joking around, a bit of fondling and a good amount of talking. She was a 24 year old lesbian with a fat female lover. No baby and great perky tits and ass. All of maybe four foot ten inches. Good English and a scratchy voice typical of alcoholic bar babes who put in the work. I told her where my apartment was and she quickly agreed to go to my room with no mention of price.

We get to my room and it’s immediate. Raw and unbridled sex. I mean I did use a condom. But we fucked like long lost lovers. So if she is really a lesbian and not just attracted to both sexes then she belongs in Hollywood. We fucked like three times in a row which is rare for me. I am more likely to fuck three chicks in a row than repeat with one. But we had read sexual chemistry. I told her that she should move in with me and we could fuck chicks together. She laughed. I gave her 50 bucks. Then she left.

Act 2: Meeting her friends

Of course I got this chick’s Line info. So I chatted with her a little here and there. A few days after we fucked she asked why I didn’t come see her again. “I thought you want me to move in with you” she said. Intrigued, I went right back to Airforce Bar that evening.

This time she was sitting with three girls. One ended up pissing off when I showed up to give me room. She was older and a bartender or something anyway so good riddance. The other too were hot but different from the first. One was taller and skinny but with a beautiful face. It turned out she had big perky hooters too but I couldn’t tell that yet because of the way she was dressed. She was also 19 and new to the bar scene. The other chick was 25. She had a kid but you honestly couldn’t tell. She had light brown skin and a beautiful curvy but not “thicc” body. She was definitely the most beautiful of all.

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So I bought drinks all around. Several rounds in fact and we all had a good time laughing and joking. Finally my first girl broached the subject of fucking with other girls. “Isn’t that what you want?” she asked in front of the other two. I don’t know if she thought she would embarrass me or put me on the spot. But I am an inveterate sex fiend and I make no bones about. So I came right back with something like “Yes, with these two would be best!”

A little more laughing and joking and next thing you know this is under serious consideration. We didn’t get much into logistics or anything. No talk about who would fuck who. Or how much it would cost. But the general vibe was that we’d all go back to my apartment for some fun.

I had to get a little more serious and press the issue to get us out of the actual bar. But it wasn’t tough to do. After all the ladies are there to make money. It’s not point and click like a soapy in Thailand though. So you do have to be at least alright with human interaction to pull something like this off in a place like this. But sure enough 9 lady drinks and 3 barfines later we were all in the back of a tuk tuk heading to my apartment.

Again right in the room and everyone takes their clothes off. The first chick was sort of directing the other two for a while. Especially the less experienced 19 year old. The older “mom” laid he head on my shoulder and rubbed my chest while the tall chick rode me. Then I started taking over direction. I had them sucking either other’s tits while I rotated around from one pussy to another. About an hour later I unloaded in the first chick. A good time had by all and a total payment of $150 did the trick.

Act 3: The beach vacation

A few days later and the first chick is messaging me again. “We miss you” with a pic of her face, the tits of the mom, and the 19 year old laughing in the background. I suggested we all go somewhere together. “Like where?” she asked. I said Kampong Som and she instantly wrote back “When?” I said “tomorrow” and within a few minutes she wrote back “OK!”

That was it. I got on Booking and got us two rooms in a four star right on the beach. Both in my name of course. Next I called up a taxi company in Phnom Penh and told them I wanted to go to Sihanoukville. I arranged to be picked up in a Lexus SUV with leather seats at 7:00 AM. He drove us to the beach and stayed around as our personal driver for the four days. The chicks showed up at 6:50 obviously tired and worn out from the previous night working the bar. But the mom especially looked super good in her lose sweatpants and tight shirt with no bra.

We had a more or less regular vacation on the beach. Lots of dinners, a quick trip to a casino, a stop off at a market. Mostly though just lounging around at the pool, or in the rooms, or under an umbrella at the beach. Some swimming which was more like frolicking. Then every afternoon and every evening a nice fuck.

I switched off on them. One time I would fuck two. Another time another two. I would sleep with one or two in my room. One night I had the mom and the 19 year old. I ran out of condoms so I just started putting it in raw. Neither one minded at all. It was great too because then I didn’t have to switch condoms between pussies. Fun stuff!

The last day I fucked them all together one last time. Nothing major happened but I was starting to sense maybe a little rivalry or something. I think the first chick might have been a little upset that I was banging the other two more. But she never actually said anything and there were no arguments or anything like that. Just something I might have sensed. There was definitely less interaction between the girls. They weren’t cold or turned off but they weren’t touching or sucking tits. And the mom seemed to cuddle up with me more than usual in a way that was almost romantic.

Anyway it didn’t matter. I fucked them all bareback in many positions then shot my load on all three of them at the end. Pow, right in the kisser! A lifelong goal that was better than anything you see at the world cup.

We woke up early the last morning. Breakfast, then called my taxi who I think was sleeping in the Lexus, and we were off. We slept most of the way back, except when we stopped for coffee. Back in Phnom Penh we stopped in front my apartment. I gave them each 100 bucks and they said thanks and smiled. They got into a tuk tuk and took off. I got into my bed and finished my nap. The first chick messaged me later that evening. “Are you coming to Airforce tonight?” I didn’t answer. And that was that.

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