I took Levitra and got rock hard erections

Over a year ago I wrote about my attempt at taking Viagra. As I stated at the time it was a disaster that left me with nothing but a bloody nose and a bit of embarrassment. I didn’t get anything approaching a hard on. After that experience I decided to stay away from any erection dysfunction pills. Recreational use proved to be something that just wasn’t for me.

Fast forward several months and I was standing in a Southeast Asian pharmacy getting a prescription for antibiotics to combat a bad sinus infection filled. The price for a few dozen pills was around $2 US dollars and for some reason I decided to ask how much Viagra would be. The pharmacist suggested Levitra (vasodilator) instead. I think he only recommended the pills because a four pack of 10 milligram capsules went for $20 which was much higher than the little blue pills. On a whim I decided to pick up a box.

How’s your hard on?

I have no problem getting hard. Mostly. I spend every night rolling around to try to find a comfortable position to sleep in with a hard piece of meat in my shorts. Every morning I wake up with the boner still intact. The same goes for a jack off session. All I have to do is drop my pants or take out a Japanese sex toy and I’m standing at attention before you can say One Eyed Willy.

There was a time when getting a boner like this was automatic any time a woman walked near me but those days are long gone. A downside of traveling the world and having regular sex with multiple women is that you see what’s out there. It can really put things into perspective and the results are not always positive. Unless I go days without busting a nut, women with pregnancy scars, extra pounds or any number of other issues often can’t get me going unless they have some sort of skills like the ability to take a dick down the hatch until balls touch chin. Most dancers in many of the relatively prudish no touch strip clubs of the US could grind on me all night without so much as making my wiener wiggle.

While I would like to stick strictly to women with amazing looks or skills things are not that simple. Travel, trying out new places and sometimes being stuck in the middle of nowhere means that I have to deal with what I can find or take care of my own needs. I still have physical and mental sexual desire even when I can’t get it up just by looking at a mediocre chick sitting spread eagle in front of me so pills could have a place if they actually worked. And in the case of Levitra they do.

Levitra did the trick

The first time I took a Levitra pill I could quickly feel my face flush a little. I got the same sort of tingling in my lips that I had when I took Viagra which made me think it wouldn’t work either but then I noticed an increase blood flow to my unit. In four days I went through the four tablets which each gave me rock hard erections to deal with the sexy and not so sexy fishbowl women I was spending time with that week. Some of the ladies even remarked on how hard I was and well I pumped them out. That couldn’t be a placebo effect since they had no idea I even took the pills. I think that’s what scientists call a “blind” even if they never had this exact scenario in their minds.

Since popping the initial box of pills I have gone back to Levitra many times and I have always had success. I try to take breaks from it and I am still able to get it up on my own. So far the only effects have been beneficial to my sexual life.

The biggest issue is that Levitra requires a prescription in most countries. In the countries where it can be purchased over the counter like Cambodia, The Philippines and Thailand, it can sometimes be hard to track the pills down. Pharmacies often run out or only have the larger 20 milligram pills in stock.

The 20 milligram pills are more expensive and more than I want to deal with at the moment so I usually avoid them. I did try them once. I broke the pills in half using the bottom of a drinking glass but the results were messy. It worked but I’d rather have the tens. Luckily I can still run without any pill at all.

How about you?

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