I’m not afraid to date younger women

The west just keeps on getting weirder and weirder. Now we have a whole generation of people who go out of their way to judge their own actions in the fear that somebody, somewhere might potentially be offended. Fuck that!

For centuries guys lived by a surefire rule. You married women that were half your age plus seven years. So if you were 30 you aimed to marry a 22 year old. And if you were 40 you aimed to get hitched to a chick who was 27. This is so successful and scientific that there is even a chart on Wikipedia showing how it works!

But common sense isn’t as common as it used to be. So I was pissed when I heard some lame bitch boy on a podcast wining about a movie where the male lead won over a chick who was a lot younger. For this childless and probably sexless pussy man the mere thought of a guy dating a woman who wasn’t his age was “gross.” I call bullshit!

What’s weird and what’s creepy?

I personally think it’s creepy that people publicly comment on “age divergent relationships” in professionally published articles on the internet. Whatever happened to minding your own fucking business? And how about respecting the decisions of consenting adults?

age gap relationships in asia

It’s truly weird to worry about what others are doing. Especially if you’re an obviously lonely and joyless turd who doesn’t get sex with anyone of any age. Remember what J H Christ said: “Fix your own dating situation before you cry about who the guy down the street is fucking.”

Without the risk of coming off as a hypocrite I do have to say that the new mommy fucking fetish some guys have for “cougars” is stranger than anything else. You see this especially in societies that are widely recognized as being well into the state of decline. So there are whole groups of guys in America and Japan with the Oedipus Complex.

But one man’s weird is another man’s wonderful. In the end it should really be everyone’s “whatever” though. Once a woman reaches the age of adulthood it’s up to her and only her to decide who she will date, fuck, or marry. And she doesn’t have to give a second thought to the shithead in the peanut gallery. Fuck what you think. This is what I know.

Let an old man tell you how it is

Now I am not obsessed with younger women. I love women in general and I have always said that variety is the spice of life. So I have screwed 21 year old waitresses right on up to much older Thai grannies. Plus I’ve plugged away at lots of women in age groups in between.

I have absolutely no qualms about dating or fucking a chick who is younger than me. It is normal and natural. Study after study shows that adult men of all ages tend to be attracted to younger women. And it only makes sense. Better tighter bodies, less wear and tear, better chance at breeding. Or at least that is how it was before we had entire nations filled with obese tattoo covered twenty year olds living with their parents.

I spend most of my time in Asia. After that I spend time in Europe and occasionally Latin America. I always see older guys with younger women in Asia. I often see it in Europe. And I occasionally see it in Latin America.

It is only when I go back to America that I get the feeling that age discrepancy is suddenly socially unacceptable. I say suddenly because if you look at the old generations you will find tons of married couples with a nice spread between their ages.

That is if you can find any American who can manage to stay married. More often what you see is dysfunctional relationships, contentious divorces, strange kids with all kinds of disorders, mass murder, overdoses, self hatred manifesting in body disfigurement, and an overall bad attitude that can be felt everywhere from the local restaurant to the airport.

Maybe if the average middle aged American guy was boning a woman in her twenties things wouldn’t be this way. Then again maybe not. No matter what though I am going to date younger women whenever I have the chance. I will do it for the same reason a dog licks his own balls. Because I enjoy it. And because I can.

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