I’m over South Korea

After years of traveling to South Korea I think I am finally through with the place. I mean I will still stop through the ROK on my way to other countries. After all most flights from Southeast Asia to America stop in either Tokyo or Seoul. But I won’t be looking to Seoul as a destination any more. Not because I caught the clap from a Korean hooker either. There’s a lot more to it than that.

I started going to South Korea way before I even imagined making this site. I used to date Korean chicks in America and I always had a great time. Plus they had some of the cleanest nicest snatch I ever found. I would have eaten chocolate ice cream out of the average Korean chick’s ass back in the day. Stop and picture that for a second!

I also ended up boning a lot of Korean hookers. Though at first I didn’t even realize it. As an American I was never taught much in terms of history or geography other than that Columbus discovered America, George Washington cut down a cherry tree and made wooden teeth out of it, and honest Abraham Lincoln was a legendary cocksman.

So when I started hitting Asian massage parlors in America way back in the day I had no idea if I was boning Chinese chicks, Korean chicks or Japanese chicks. Later I learned. And I learned that the Korean massage babes were some of the best. Then I went to South Korea!

ROK used to be OK

Once I got to South Korea I realized it was even better in the homeland. More chicks. Hotter chicks. Easier chicks. More and cheaper prostitutes too! And better food, like tteokbokki which is indisputably one of the most delicious things ever made by human hands.

korean meme

I used to jump on dating sites and meet one or two women every day I was in South Korea. It was easy and fun! In between I would bang chicks from Hooker Hill for the equivalent of $40 American. Or window shop in the Busan red light districts for an $80 quickie.

I would rarely see another foreigner. Even in Seoul. Back then I seemed like more of an oddity. Some store clerks in small towns would run away when they saw me, afraid I might ask them a question in English. And some of the hookers would ignore me when I came through their red light districts. But I never felt like a total asshole. Until now.

Stranger in a strange place

When I used to go to South Korea years ago people back home would ask me why I wasn’t scared. After all the place was a war zone and North Korea was ready to blow up the world or something like that. I used to laugh and tell them it was one of the safest places on earth with low prices and great food.

No one ever seemed to believe me. Then one day everything changed. South Korea seemed to become popular over night. Korea TV and music started picking up steam in countries as different as Thailand and Canada. Dudes started jacking off to sexy female K Pop stars. Chicks started jilling off to metro sexual K pop stars. It got weird fast.

South Korea was no longer a special destination once I realized your aunt and the lady at the Starbucks back home have now both been to Changdeoggung. I don’t want to talk about Korean street food when I’m waiting for my pumpkin spice latte.

Now when I go to South Korea there are more foreigners than ever. Most local people seem to be annoyed by them. I can’t blame them, because these tourists annoy me too.

Online dating and in person dating are way more difficult now. It’s over saturated and blown out by one too many fuck boys who have totally ruined the scene with false promises and simpish behaviors.

Plus more Korean hookers are turning away poor boned up foreign guys like me no matter the price. I used to get ignored by the hottest chicks in the RLDs. Now they roll their eyes at me and appear to mutter “fucking idiot” as they slam their curtains shut to block my view. I can’t get access to as many massage parlors either. Some assholes fucked it up for all of us.

I can still get laid in South Korea with minimal effort. So of course I still do. But it’s just not the same. Spend more get less. Exert more energy but get fewer rewards. It almost seems to be the way of the world nowadays. But I can especially feel it here in South Korea. And that’s why I am moving on. Though I’ll still watch Korean porn.

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