I’ve been spending more money on webcams

I have a confession to make. Over the last few weeks I have spending a lot more money on cams. I have always checked out cams off on and on. This time I have really kicked into high gear though. I am dropping a lot of dough on cams. It is probably the most I have spent in the last 10 years or more. And no, I am not ashamed about it either.

Because Asian women are the best in the world I have mainly dropping my load on the 5 best Asian webcam sites. I have really been getting into Chaturbate in particular. Camming is exploding and Chaturbate is the most popular site. So women just keep on showing up naked there. These are lots of really hot chicks too. You could wander around outside for months and not even see a tenth of the super sexy chicks on Chaturbate right now.

If you’re in middle America or some podunk village in the northwest territories of Canada you might spend a whole life time looking for hot chicks. Or you could spend a week walking in and out of medoicre strip clubs. You still won’t see what you find at Chaturbate in an hour.

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Yes I am being serious about that. I almost thought there was no such thing as a sexy western white chick anymore. I mean every time I visit the US or watch some American media all I see is giant overweight sweaty tattooed land whales with no makeup and multi-color hair stretching their yoga pants to the point of exhaustion. Fucking disgusting. But then I open up and Chaturbate and see 100 nearly perfect white chicks. So I guess the hotties just stay inside and on cams these days.

The crazy thing is that I accidentally skipped to the trans cams section of Chaturbate the other day. In the first minute before I realized what I was looking at I still saw better looking ladies then you find at your local McDonald’s on a late Friday night. And that really says something! It might even say more than this chart measuring the ration of fatso females to normal healthy women in America.

When 8 out of 10 women are overweight you might want to take a close look at where your society is heading. Or you can say fuck it and take a look at sex cams instead. That’s what I have been doing. And it’s a lot more fun than watching the western decline.

There are still a lot of hot Eastern European chicks around. Russians too. Sure they have their share of slobs but the average East Euro babe still looks pretty good. Especially when they’re spread eagle with a remote controlled dildo wedged in their fuck box!

The whole global situation has really put a damper on things. It seems like everyone has been affected in one way or another. As a continual world traveler and rootless drifter I am especially feeling the pinch. Since I am savy and experienced I have still been able to get around. But not as freely and as often as I used to. Plus my nostrils have been penetrated more times than the pussy of a a $1.38 Venezuelan prostitute.

So you can’t blame me for turning to the greatest form of entertainment ever known to man. That is of course watching naked chicks on cam. Ass naked, direct, and in high definition. A lot of them are hotter than the best looking celebrity in your country too. Plus, they stick toys in their holes than vibrate every time I send them a 10 cent token. This is the future boys!

Especially when I can see guys from Minessota fuck chicks from Colombia, Brazilian lesbians, petite Filipina sex pots and fat old African grannies with big udders that look like they could feed an entire village in a matter of mere minutes. All from the comfort of my own porcelain throne!

Unlike some others, I haven’t lost my will to live, my sex drive, my burning need to travel or even my website. I am a man for all season. Built to weather this storm and whatever comes after it. And if not, then I die. So what? The world won’t miss me. The only people that might are the chicks making money from my time watching web cams. But so many other dudes are doing it to that I am sure they wouldn’t mind at all. I am cool with the facts. They are what they are!

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