I screwed a super skinny Thai chick

My latest in a long line of fucks was a 19 year old Thai chick. She was rail thin. Like to the point where you could see her hip bones. She also had the thigh gap that overweight western chicks now claim is unattainable. Well she attained it. And it looks good.

So she wasn’t anorexic or anything crazy. You couldn’t see her ribs. Well at least not until she rode me Asian cowgirl and arched her back. But I’ll get into that later. This chick was just naturally skinny because she didn’t eat a ton of greasy food, she moved her body, and she was young and healthy. You know like the Thai chicks you see in the older Thai porn videos from the late 90’s and early 2000’s. She looked like Czech porn star Nessa Devil only without the big fake balloons.

I met this chick on Thai Friendly. I would like to give you a long detailed backstory on how it all went down. But the truth is that no such story exists. I was in Bangkok so that’s where I searched. I narrowed things down to chicks between 19 and 22 years old who were online recently. I saw her beautiful face there on the page. I clicked it. I sent her a message saying “I think you are very beautiful.” She messaged back. I asked for her Line info. She gave it to me. I asked to hang out. She agreed. That’s all there was to it.

19 at Terminal 21

We agreed to meet at Terminal 21. She lived along the BTS and I was staying on Soi 8 so it was an easy location for us both. I waited for her up where the BTS station connects to the mall. When she showed up I got half hard. Slim and sexy wearing short shorts that showed off her smooth brown legs. She was dressed slutty like a bar girl but she didn’t work in a bar. No tattoos either. Not to mention that she looked half my age.

sexy skinny chick in bikini

Of course no one really turns their head or bats their eyes at this kind of shit in Southeast Asia. I’ve literally seen 60 year old Asian dudes with 20 year old women more than 100 times in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. No one cares. Or if they do they just suck it up and go on with life. Either way it works for me.

I’m not nearly 60 but like most men I appreciate a hot nineteen year old chick. Anyone who says they don’t is lying or posturing or mentally ill. And yes that is coming from a guy who watches porn on mother’s day and fucks ugly Japanese MILFs. Deal with it.

This chick wasn’t ugly or old. She was fresh and fit. She had a great beautiful smile and she flashed it at me when our eyes met. Then we just started walking around the mall and hanging out like we knew each other for years. Nice and natural, just how you want it.

Things get weird and wild

We ended up going to the movie theater on the top floor. She wanted to see a movie. So that’s where we went. I’ve been using movie theaters to get intimate with chicks since way back in the days before I could even drive. You’re right next to a girl for over an hour, it’s dark, and you can’t talk. Not much to mess up and tons of possible upside!

That was definitely the situation here. Because she was wearing super short cut off shorts half of her body was out and exposed. She had no fat either. So she was instantly frozen by the heavy air conditioning inside the theater. When she told me I started cuddling her to keep her warm. Of course that led to all kinds of roaming hands and touching. Her legs were as smooth as my cock was hard. I put her hand on it over my pants and she laughed so loud everyone in the place could hear. Oh well, that was more entertaining than the stupid ass Thai romance movie we watched.

When the movie was over we had some tea in the mall. She started telling me more about her situation. Out of school. No job. Her mom was married to some old French guy and her real dad was dead. Her mom had one baby with the Frenchman. He got a condo with a pool for the family and then bought a bikini for my 19 year old friend and invited her to swim constantly. Then he would just sit there and stare at her in the bikini when she swam. Strange and creepy shit to be sure!

Nothing like me of course: a totally natural dude who was honest with his intentions up front. I told her she was beautiful and I liked her, and all of that was true. It was also good enough to get her to come to my condo after the tea. I also had a pool but instead of taking her out there to swim I invited her to hang out in my California King bed. She did and of course that led to lots of kissing and touching.

Dicked down and disappeared

She was good at French kissing and into too. That’s not something you expect from a Thai chick. Especially one who barely speaks English, doesn’t work in a bar, and supposedly hasn’t dated a foreigner before. Hopefully she didn’t learn French kissing from the French guy — she assured me he never got any weirder than looking at her. And I hope that’s true.

I have my doubts about how experienced she was. But whatever the case may be she was so hot that I didn’t care. When I got her clothes off I was surprised to find some nice firm little titties and as much of a little bubble butt as a small frame like that could carry. No negatives at all. She looked like this chick. I ate her snatch and she slobbered on my knob a little before I prepared to slide into her shaved hole. She pushed back hard and said “condom.”

Sure thing sweetie! I don’t mind at all. Especially for a free crack at some tight slit like that. I just wonder what the deal is with that, because again it’s not necessarily normal for a Thai chick to demand a condom. Usually I am the one demanding one if the twat seems suspect in any way. Anyway, it was good even with the rubber barrier. I fucked her in a few positions and was quickly out of breathe just like an old man should be. She got on top Asian cowgirl and road me like a true champion. When she arched her back her firm boobs looked so good that my jizz squirted out against my own wishes. Oh well, that was that.

She stayed around my place for a while and we talked and watched TV. I was in no rush to kick this sweet thing out. I was even thinking about making her my regular girlfriend. Eventually she left. We talked off and on for the next few days on Line. Then suddenly she totally ghosted me and I never heard from again. I don’t think I pissed her off or anything. We never argued or fought. She never asked for money either. So it was just one of those things. I still miss her once in a while but I’ll be fine. I just think of all the other hoes in Bangkok!

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