Sleeping with two women at the same time is fantastic

I have to tell you something. Sleeping with two women at the same is incredible. It’s one of my favorite things to do. And I mean actually sleeping. Not banging two chicks at the same time, though I do that too! Having two women in bed with you is relaxing and satisfying in a way that is hard to match. Sleeping between two hot chicks is like laying down on a fluffy pillow in heaven while a feather lightly tickles your taint.

How did I find this out? It all started years ago. I wanted to bar fine this Cambodian chick from Phnom Penh with a perfect brown body to take down to the beach. At the time I hadn’t been to that beach before. And I wanted to bring some sand. I knew her pretty well and we fucked many times. I figured she’d negotiate all the taxis and get a room on a good rate. Now I would do that myself. But back in those days I wanted her to do it. Plus I could see her in a bikini and fuck her.

But you say she’s just a friend

But she had this friend. Also hot, but not quite as hot as my main hooker squeeze. They always hung together. So I asked them both to come. They agreed with no mention of barfine or tip. So I knew I was in for a good time. We made a plan to meet the next morning at 6:30 AM and beat the traffic. And that we did.

mff sleeping together

We arrived in town and found a decent hotel right on the beach. One bed. And I only paid something like $15 a night for this place. It was clean, big, had air conditioning, hot water, a big pool. All the stuff you would expect. Or at least all you could expect there years ago before the Chinese development bubble blew in. We spent the first day lounging on the beach, eating food, drinking smoothies and finally swimming in the pool. Then it was time to sleep.

I ended up right in the middle of the two chicks. It was nice to be there in that spot that I almost forgot to get horny. Then my main chick asked if I wanted to fuck. I did! She told her friend to go wait in the bathroom. I said there was no need for that. So she stayed right in the bed, wrapped in a towel, and looked at her phone while I fucked her friend. It was a great time. Then I fell asleep naked back in the same spot. In the middle of the night I woke up cuddling the girl I didn’t fuck. She hugged me back. I played with her tits then slid a finger inside of her. She reached over and gave my rock hard rod a couple of tugs. Then she kissed me and went back to sleep. Despite all the wild sex I have had, this is always one of my best memories.

MFF is A-OK!

I ended up fucking them both together a few days into the trip. But what always stands out in my memory is sleeping in between the two pretty women. It made me feel like a king. Like I finally found my calling in life. Life I was finally be rewarded for my excellence in manhood and genius in living life. The guys I grew up with were all back home working shitting jobs to pay for a shittier lifestyle. I was spending my time sleeping between two hot naked Asian women.

Typically I am a short time kind of a guy. I’m not one of those guys who misses his mommy and needs someone to hug at night to keep away the boogie man. I’d rather get a rest on my own in comfort then spend the next day on the prowl for pussy. So I don’t barfine hookers for an overnight stay. I don’t even invite a lot of the regular chicks I fuck to stay over. I bang them them say I have to get up early and call a car to take them home. I’m that kind of dude.

But the sleeping thing is just one of my favorite pastimes. I get the best rests when I’m firmly laying between two beautiful babes. I feel more safe and secure than that if I had my own heavily armed private security guards. I can’t explain it fully. It is just how it is.

So I have repeated this as often as possible. That time I slept with the two Thai chicks in Phuket. That other time I took the two Vietnamese chicks with me to Singapore and we all slept in the same, super comfortable and luxurious bed in the five star hotel, the other time I took that Vietnamese chick and her sister to Kuala Lumpur. Then there was that time I went with 4 chicks to Siem Reap. Two slept in their own room and the other 2 slept with me, because the one didn’t want sleep with me alone. So her friend joined her. Then the next night they all switched. So I had two new chicks in my bed. Another time I slept with 2 Slovenian chicks in Phnom Penh because it was too late for them to go back to their hotel. There are more stories. And I remember them all well.

Now truth be told I did not fuck all of these women. I fucked a lot of them. And I probably could have fucked more if I put in any effort at all. But I just turn into a big soft baby boy when I am in bed with two good looking women. I wrap myself up in the greatness of it all, lay my head on a soft titty, and drift off into la la land. It’s an experience that flows organically and simply cannot be replicated. Have you tried it?

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