Some chicks look better with their clothes on

Here is a fun fact about life on earth as a member of the human species: some chicks look better with their clothes on. The reverse is absolutely true too! Some women look a lot better with their clothes off. Maybe you already know this and maybe you don’t. Either way, I am going to break it down.

We all have an appearance that is based on a few things. One is our external features. Another is the internalization or sensory processing of the observer. In other words, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But unless the beholder is nearsighted what they perceive should be a fairly accurate representation of what actually exists. This is a requirement of nature! Zebras wouldn’t be able to escape from lion attacks if they perceived the lions to be harmless pelicans.

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Of course our mind can play tricks on us too. Well, a combination of our minds and the skills of fashion designers! I’ve seen some chicks who looked incredibly hot with their clothes on. Some even look hot with barely anything on. But when I see them without any clothes on, I am disappointed.

Have you seen some of the chicks doing “bikini haul try ons” on Youtube? Some big examples are Holly Wolf and Lola Valentine.

You might wonder why you would bother looking at chicks like these on Youtube when you can watch hardcore porn instead. I would admit you have a point there, but both of these women have racked up millions of views. Why is it that when porn is so readily available? You tell me! I watch plenty of porn but I’m also an admirer of women and a curious person. So I’ve checked them both out before.

When I did I was left wondering what these women looked like with their clothes all the way off. As it turns out I didn’t really have to wonder because I found Holly Wolf on SpankBang and Lola Valentine on Red Gifs!

Clothes are funny. Even micro bikinis. They can take away or they can add. I think about the chicks in the go go bars in Thailand. Sometimes they wear sheer panty hose under bikinis and it makes them look great. Then I see them naked in the room in the plain neon lights and they have a lot of marks on their skin. No big deal for me really, but something to consider.

Then there are the butterface chicks in go go bars or strip clubs. They have amazing naked bodies but their faces aren’t very attractive. With great tits and ass on display you can’t stop checking them out. But if you saw them on the street in regular clothes you probably wouldn’t spend a second looking at the very same people.

There are some porn stars who look pretty regular in clothes but incredible in the nude. A chick like Alexis Love comes to mind there. But I’ve also had plenty of real life experiences that mirror this.

One of the best pair of tits I’ve ever seen in my life came to me in Cambodia. The chick was a very conservative dresser and I didn’t even realize she really had any tits at all. But when she came to my room and took her heavy shirt off I bared witness to one of the most beautiful full racks of tits on earth. I was spellbound and shocked at the same time!

On the other hand I’ve also been fooled by things like lighting, cosmetics and push up bras. Who hasn’t taken a busty babe home only to realize that her hooters hang down to the floor once she is naked?

Then there was that hooker with the very pretty face in Bangkok who gave some of the best blowjobs I’ve ever experienced. Once I decided to pay a little extra and fuck her. But when she took her clothes off she had deflated tits, a saggy stomach with stretchmarks, and a hanging flabby ass. I lost my nerve. On future visits I just had her blow me again. I think she got the hint and I always felt a little bad and wondered if I wasn’t maybe hurting her feelings or self esteem. But hey, would you go back to a barber who couldn’t cut hair? A job is a job, even when it is a blowjob!

What’s the point? Well, it’s sort of like the old adage that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Sometimes you can’t judge a cover by the book either. Ultimately we show respect towards other people and realize that life is pretty tough. If we can help each other through even with a little kindness, we should. But that doesn’t mean you should be weak either. Be a man, believe your eyes, but always be on the look out for illusions too.

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