The hottest chick I ever fucked disappeared

A couple of years ago I met one of the best looking women I have even seen. A few hours later I was fucking her. She was perfect from head to toe. In fact her toes looked better than the average chick’s face. I banged her good and then got on an airplane the next day. We stayed in touch. I went back to meet her again. She said no. And then she disappeared. It’s a sad tale. But better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. So I will tell it anyway.

I met the hottest chick I ever fucked in Pattaya of all places. That is not what you might expect. But that is what happened. I found her after a long day going around town getting blowjobs. I think I had my cock in 5 or 6 mouths that day. I came in at least 2 of them. After I stopped for a drink near Central Festival then I walked back towards my room. It was probably 9 or 10 at night so things were just getting going. I decided to stroll through Soi LK Metro. There were lots of people. Then I saw her.

How hot was she?

This chick was tall, slim, dark skinned, and striking. She was wearing jeans and a regular red shirt. She didn’t look like a bar girl. But she was sitting on a scooter outside one of the go go bars. I was tired and I really wanted to sleep. But she turned and smiled at me. So I couldn’t help but walk over to her. I started talking to her and I realized that she spoke absolutely no English. My Thai is good enough so I quickly switched languages.

painting of hot dark chick

She was really happy and she started talking so fast I could barely understand her. Luckily I slowed her down and we started a really nice chat. It turned out she wasn’t a bar girl. But her friend was. She came to visit her friend. Her friend went inside the bar to pick up some money. But she ran into a customer and he asked to fuck her. So she went to fuck the guy and left her friend waiting. The girl I met thought this was funny and laughed a lot. I joked she should come with me and make some money too. She quickly agreed. Although I could tell she wasn’t a bar girl I know she wasn’t in Pattaya to study medicine.

I took her hand and we walked right into a nearby go go bar. I doubt she was in many before. Because she almost froze when we walked in. The topless chicks on stage both intrigued her and freaked her out at the same time. She wouldn’t even look up at the stage for more than a few seconds. I bought us both drinks. She was really shy inside. Not nearly as talkative. Then an older dancer with big boobs bent over and said “your girlfriend is really pretty.” I answered back in Thai saying something like “thanks, but she is not my girlfriend. She is my wife.” The chick lit up like a Christmas tree. We laughed. I leaned in and whispered in her ear. “Do you want to go to my room?” She asked where it was. I told her it was a 5 minute walked. She said okay and off we went.

Back at the hotel

Back at the hotel she had to show her ID card. She didn’t know that though. Both the security guard and I had to explain why a few times. Finally she handed it over. But first I looked at it. She was 19 and from Khon Khaen. Good score! In the room she was friendly. I told her I was going to shower and got naked. She was shy at first but laughing. I showed her my soft dick and she touched it. Then I washed off. I came out and told her to shower. She did. And she came back out fully wrapped in a towel like she was trying to keep gold away from a known thief.

After a while she sat on the bed and I started kissing her Thai style. That means lots of snorting with the nose and little kissing with the lips for those following along at home. During this she closed her eyes. So I reached over and opened her towel. Not only did this woman have a gorgeous and well defined face, she had some of the smoothest skin I have ever felt to this day. Her perky tits were ample and firm. Her belly was tight with a cute innie button. Her pussy had just enough whispy soft hairs over top. No tattoos. No scars. No flaws at all. She was simply stunning. If she did Thai porn you’d jack off to her for years and keep trying to find out her name. She was that hot.

We fucked, then she fucked off forever

While her blowjob skills were nonexistent she did at least lick my cock head. I went to town on her. I ate that tight squeaky clean pussy like it was my last meal. Then I rubbered up and fucked her good. Or at least as good as I could have after a long day of getting my cock sucked by a bunch of different pros. After I jizzed in the condom I laid there and kept stroking her body. It was so fucking nice. I looked up at her face and she smiled. Then my cock rose again. Another condom and I was back at it. Even with the condom rubbing against my tender phallus I managed to pump out a final load. But it was more of a drizzle than a downpour. Her friend called just then on the phone. She jumped up and said she had to go. A quick shower and I was walking her back to her friend. I put 1000 Baht in her hand on the way out the door. She put in her purse without counting and said thank you in Thai.

When we arrived her friend had a really puzzled look on her face. Before she could say anything my chick said “he can speak Thai.” The bar girl looked back at me, smiled, said nice to meet you, then took my friend by the hand and ran off. That was it. Except that I got the hot chick’s LINE info early on in the conversation. Plus I was really tired. So I didn’t mind at all. I went back to my room, showered again, and passed out on the bed.

The next day I had an early flight out. It was already booked before. But I stayed in touch with the hot chick. Every few days we would message. She told me she went back home. One day she sent me a picture of her standing next to a statue in the local mall in Khon Kaen. I thought about going there. But after about a month she told me she was going back to Pattaya. I said I was too. Then I booked a flight. When I flew into Bangkok I got a taxi. On the way to Pattaya I kept texting her. But something was weird. Finally she said she couldn’t meet me. I kept asking why. She said “I am with my sister.” I said I didn’t mind. I would meet her sister too. “Sorry I cannot meet you anymore. Bye.” Then she disappeared. I never saw her or heard from again. I have no idea what really happened. If we would have met again this might not all be so memorable. But since it ended so oddly I can’t help but think about it from time to time.

And that’s my story about the hottest chick I ever fucked. Okay… she may not have been the hottest chick I ever fucked in my life. There were some real stunners in the mix. And there were years between some of them. To make an accurate judgement I’d have to line them up side by side to be sure. But she was definitely the hottest chick I fucked in recent memory. With hundreds of women bedded just in the last few years it really takes something to stand out. I don’t remember most chicks I fucked by name. I don’t even remember a lot of their faces. But I definitely remember this chick. And I savor every minute I had with her.

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