The joy of edging

You may know about the Joy of Painting. But are you aware of the joy of edging? It as just as good at making you feel content and at peace with yourself and the world. It can also embolden you and make you a better man.

Just in case you don’t know let me tell you what edging actually is. Wikipedia calls it “a sexual technique whereby orgasm is controlled.” I would say that is accurate if a little too academic and empty. I would put it another way. In my view edging is the practice of pleasuring your penis but stopping before you blow your load.

You can edge by yourself or with a friend. You can use your hand or someone’s throat. You can beat your meat until you’re ready to cum, then stop, put your dick away, and go do something else. Or you can repeatedly bring yourself to the verge of orgasm, stopping only long enough in between wanks to stop from jizzing.

How to edge

As Wiki says, edging “is practiced alone or with a partner and involves the maintenance of a high level of sexual arousal for an extended period without reaching climax.”

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Most guys who edge probably do it alone. But that isn’t the only edging around. If you run into a really skilled handjob artist at a place like Analisa in Bangkok you might experience involuntary edging. They might work you up a few times before finally finishing you off. You might also be edged by a girlfriend or sex partner who stops a few times to extend the sex.

You can edge for a day or for days at a time. Some guys edge for weeks before they finally unload. Apparently there are even online communities based around this sort of shit.

My adventures in edging

I will admit I have done this sort of thing in towns like Pattaya and Angeles City. I want to mess around with a bunch of chicks all day and night. Because after I nut I get sleepy and the town is otherwise boring. So I will sometimes go to a series of Pattaya blowjob bars and have the chicks suck me off for 15 to 20 minutes without making me cum. This works me up and gets me even hornier. By the end of the night my nuts are full and I unload a massive wad in my grande finale. It is amazing and it usually puts me into a solid 10 hours sleep. It’s like passing out drunk without the hangover the following day.

From time to time I will also edge myself intermittently through the day or even over a stretch of a few days. I’ll take breaks to go out and get something to eat or meet with some women. When my bull bag is fully loaded I feel more aware and masculine. It seems like I draw in more women during these times too. Maybe it’s an increase in pheromone release. Or maybe I am just more heightened by the increased weight of my jimmies.

Edging has also made me better at typing with one hand. This has allowed me to jack my way through the construction of things like my list of the best Chinese porn sites. I had my dong in one hand while writing about chicks named Wang fucking on video with the other. Talk about multi-tasking!

Benefits of edging

Technically any sperm you don’t shoot is absorbed back into your body within 24 hours. But I can definitely notice a difference when I edge for a few days or even a few hours before I launch a load of cock snot. The orgasms are better, longer lasting and more intense. I also shoot way bigger wads. When I cum 3 times a day the third shot just dribbles. When I edge all day then unload at the end of the night it is like I am firing off a high pressure water canon.

Learning to edge can also help you develop orgasm control. That way you can extend sex when you want. You can also get better at the pull out method, so you don’t accidentally end up cumming in Filipinas and impregnating prostitutes. Or worse, knocking up some American women who will make it their duty to ruin your life and leave you destitute and destroyed.

Now this doesn’t always work. Even after mastering the art of the edge and having sex with hundreds of women there are still some holes that get the best of me. The chick that I fucked on Halloween 2021 has just such a cunt. I can’t last more than a few minutes inside of her because the feeling and overall experience is just too good.

On the bright side edging feels great and extends pleasurable masturbation and sex sessions. So it is worthwhile to practice on its own for no other reason than to enjoy life’s best sensations. Plus the chick with the fantastic slizz is also a great cook. So after I unload my nuts and sit their looking like a drained out dope she is busy throwing down some kind of good food in the kitchen!

Do you guys edge? Why or why not?

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