Whoring is fun

A chick I used to fuck recently sent me a message. It was a meme pic featuring some white pornstar looking lady in the middle of a spit roast. She had one cock in her cunt and another in her mouth. Captured mid-fuck, she was staring into the camera with a look of pure satisfaction. I don’t know the lady in the picture but I can tell you this. She was either really into the sex or a really good actor. Big white letters across the picture read “Whoring is fun!”

When the chick sent me the picture I replied with a meaningless “lol” simply to acknowledge receipt of the image. Then she wrote back “Seriously, it is!”

I couldn’t tell you if she did this as a joke, in an attempt to make me jealous, because she thought I would like it, or because she truly believed in the sentiment that whoring is fun. In fact I can’t even tell you where she found the image. But I can tell you a tale of two Thai “whores” that is pretty damn relevant.

Thai slut number one

The first woman I want to talk about will be called Thai slut number one. I wouldn’t call her a slut as a sign of disrespect. But I don’t know if she would call herself a slut either. Since she is the one who sent me the whoring is fun meme I don’t think she would object much. Either way it doesn’t really matter.

This woman is in her late twenties. She looks like a younger Rei Ayana. I met her when she was 24. She is not a prostitute. She has never traded sex of any kind for money. But she has had a ton of sex. She also has a good amount of money. I used to fuck her off and on for years. We even did threesomes, went to go go bars together, and a whole lot more.

I would call the chick average looking at least in terms of her face. She has a fantastic body though. A nice round ass and firm C cup tits with pink nipples.

The funny thing is that chick is incredibly mainstream outside of sex. She went to a good college. And she has a good regular job working high up in a pretty major company. She dresses professionally looks the part. If I told you the company she worked for you would know it. It’s that big of a corporation. And you would never know that she is a sex machine if you saw her at work.

I met this chick while transacting business with her company. She actually came out and asked me for my number. She said she loved meeting people from all over the world. I gave it to her.

whore mirror picture

After I left we started texting. She was really forward so I started talking about sex and she was with it. I told her that I thought it was cool she was so open about sex. She asked if I was sure. When I said “absolutely” she replied with a picture of her with cum all over her face. This was within 24 hours of our meeting!

Like I said we met up many times and had a ton of sex. She wanted to find out about the go go bars and massage parlors so I took her. She was always nice to the pros and never looked down on them. Unless you count the times when the chicks we barfined were eating her box. Lots of fucking and fun! But it couldn’t last forever.

She wanted an open relationship with me. She actually liked to see me fuck the chicks we took out of bars or met in massage parlors. That was fun. A highlight was when I creampied her and an old massage chick at one of the hardcore PSE shops in Bangkok slurped my jizz out of her snatch.

But I wasn’t looking for a relationship. Only sex and friendship. I never minded when she would tell me about picking up a tourist at a 7 Eleven and fucking his brains out. Even when she sent me selfies of her sucking black cock or riding a giant white wiener. I would just say “cool,” “have fun” or maybe “be safe.” In the end, it wasn’t what she was looking for.

I never figured out if she was trying to make me jealous, just having fun or something else all together when she would send me sex pics and tell me her tales. It was a good time while it lasted. I never faulted her. Not even when she finally ended things with me and told me she was marrying a superior in the company to “improve her career.” She still fucks around. I know that for a fact. Sometimes she’ll tell me about it. Then she gets mad when I don’t react as she would expect. After that I won’t hear from her for months. Then she will send me something like the “whoring is fun” meme pic out of the blue. What can I say other than “lol”?

Thai slut number two

Thai slut number two is actually a prostitute. She fucks guys and sucks cock for money. That’s how she makes a living. I know she wouldn’t mind if I called her a slut. Because she has a huge tattoo of the word “Slut” right across her thigh. It’s low enough that you can see the tattoo when she wears shorts or a skirt. Which is to say you can always see it.

Now I know this chick pretty well. She bears a strong resemblance to Reiko Shimura, and she has sucked more wads out of my prick than I could count. I also fucked her a few times too. She has a pretty big round ass which is nice to pump away on when you want to get a load off. But she can also be a bit nutty. She isn’t nearly as bad as the Thai chick who tried to violate me but she isn’t necessarily the kind of woman you would take out for a classy meal.

The reason this woman is interesting is that she loves sex. By her own admission and what I have seen with my own eyes I can tell that she really enjoys cock. A few times she begged to come over and suck me off after work even as I told her my balls were drained and I had no money to pay. When you start getting free sex from a Thai prostitute you feel like you’ve entered a whole new world.

At first I thought she had the clap and wanted to come over and give it to me as punishment. Eventually I realized that she is simply obsessed with cock. She once showed me picks of tons of different cocks in her phone. They weren’t dick pics from horny dudes. They were pics she took of hard pricks in her actual hand. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that she has at least 30 of these pictures! No faces. Only ding dongs. My fuck stick is even in there somewhere.

whore meme

I have talked to her quite a bit if only to get into her brain. She admits that she loves sex and is a proud slut. She is really independent. So much so that she won’t even go to work for a bar or any other establishment.

Working as a freelance prostitute with the help of apps like Tinder she is able to satisfy her sexual urges and make a decent living. She says she would much rather suck cock and make money doing it then to work for 3000 Baht a month in some convenience store or sweatshop factory. How can I argue with that? Especially when my dick is one of the many she sucks!

She didn’t really have the option to go to college. She was told to go find money when she became an adult. Unlike most Thai chicks in the same position she didn’t go find money to send home. Instead she went out on her own and made money to make her own life. She sends nothing home. In fact she doesn’t even talk to her parents. She told me they are “blood suckers.”

I can’t find much fault with her logic. I am even more horny than her. I only dream that chicks would pay me to get my rocks off. As it stands I am in the paying position and I don’t mind that either. I am just glad chicks like this exist for easy sexual relief.

Besides even college graduates in Thailand can end up in low level jobs that pay less than $1000 a month. There, like many places, it’s more about who you know than what you know. So she turned the tables and made it about who she blows! It keeps her bank account sufficiently full, her stomach full of nut, and her libido fully satisfied. What more could you ask for?

Don’t get me wrong. There are certainly prostitutes in Thailand and elsewhere who don’t like their jobs. But how is that different from any other industry? You don’t really think the supermarket cashier actually likes what they are doing do you? You don’t think the lady working for minimum wage at McDonald’s really wants you to have a nice day either, right?

But some chicks do like to fuck around and have a good time. Some chicks slut it up for free. Others do it as a job but still enjoy riding various cocks.

A chick from a poor farming family in the middle of nowhere might get wined and dined, earn enough to buy a new house and car, and get to travel all over the country and even the world. A chick like that who is horny and enjoys sex might even tell you that “whoring is fun.” And she would mean it just as much as Thai slut number one!

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