I took Viagra and all I got was a bloody nose

I had heard all the stories about Viagra. Three hour erections, the ability to go all night long, a hard on that just wouldn’t quit. So I tried it. What I got for my troubles was pain

Beer bars in Thailand

I’ve already told you what goes on at and oily massage parlors and soapy massage parlors in Thailand. Now it’s time to tell you about another staple of the nightlife scene in the Land of Smiles: beer

Ten thousand dollars is too much for a whore

I just finished listening to an interview Adam Carolla did with American comedian and self-described train wreck Artie Lange on Youtube. In the video Artie talks about having short time sessions with $10,000 hookers in Vegas. That’s

Soapy massage parlors in Thailand

Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles but it would be just as fair to call it the land of massage. Legitimate massage parlors are most common and may or may not offer happy endings.

Oily massage parlors in Thailand

Thailand is often called the Land of Smiles. It could just as accurately be referred to as the land of massage parlors. The country is literally filled with them. Most of are the general type, offering an

The five best go go bars in Pattaya

Yesterday I wrote about the best go go bars in Bangkok. Today I’ll tell you about what I think are the five best agogos in Pattaya which is arguably a more famous destination than the Big Mango

The Best Blowjobs in Thailand

Why not start of right with a post on one of my favorite past times in one of my favorite places? I’m talking of course about blowjobs in Thailand. With all of the adult entertainment options available