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Which STDs can you get in Thailand?

After a long partial closure, Thailand has now opened to some tourists. Thousands of guys have already started entering the country. Thousands more will head there soon. I am not a travel expert but I can guess

I fucked a Thai author

I had sex with an author in Thailand. She isn’t world famous or anything. Though she does write for a living. A lot of her work ends up getting published too. I don’t think banging an author

I screwed another Thai nurse

I have some great news. I had sex with a very sexy Thai nurse. She had big natural tits and she loved sex. She might not have given the best head, but I’m not complaining. Because she

I fucked a Thai go go dancer for free

Some guys will tell you that Thai women are hardcore gold diggers who are all about money. The truth is that Thai chicks are humans like me and you. Some are greedy and some are not. I

I screwed a super chubby Thai chick

A few days ago I fucked a really skinny Thai chick. More recently I fucked a super chubby one. The skinny chick was 19. The chubby one was 23. I didn’t pay either. Not a bad week

I screwed a super skinny Thai chick

My latest in a long line of fucks was a 19 year old Thai chick. She was rail thin. Like to the point where you could see her hip bones. She also had the thigh gap that

How to date and have sex with Thai women

Time really flies. I wrote about dating and having sex with Filipinas more than two years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday though. I planned to write about Thai chicks in a similar way immediately

A flight attendant’s friend got me laid in Bangkok

A flight attendant’s friend got me laid in Bangkok. I was just minding my business in the airport when she told me that her friend liked me. I saw the friend who looked shy but laughed. So