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I screwed a super chubby Thai chick

A few days ago I fucked a really skinny Thai chick. More recently I fucked a super chubby one. The skinny chick was 19. The chubby one was 23. I didn’t pay either. Not a bad week

I screwed a super skinny Thai chick

My latest in a long line of fucks was a 19 year old Thai chick. She was rail thin. Like to the point where you could see her hip bones. She also had the thigh gap that

How to date and have sex with Thai women

Time really flies. I wrote about dating and having sex with Filipinas more than two years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday though. I planned to write about Thai chicks in a similar way immediately

A flight attendant’s friend got me laid in Bangkok

A flight attendant’s friend got me laid in Bangkok. I was just minding my business in the airport when she told me that her friend liked me. I saw the friend who looked shy but laughed. So

I fucked a Thai chick in Cambodia

It’s always strange when worlds collide. That’s what happened when I boned a Thai chick in Cambodia. I never really did figure out the deal with this chick. But she let me fuck her hole raw and

I fucked someone’s Thai wife

I fucked a Thai wife. She wasn’t my wife. She was married to some white guy who I never met. It wasn’t like I fucked her behind his back though. The guy asked me to fuck his

A waitress picked me up in Bangkok

Here’s a true story that seems stranger than fiction. One day a waitress in Bangkok picked me up and we went off and had sex. Yes I know this is probably hard to believe. Unless you’ve spent

Whoring is fun

A chick I used to fuck recently sent me a message. It was a meme pic featuring some white pornstar looking lady in the middle of a spit roast. She had one cock in her cunt and