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Which STDs can you get in Thailand?

After a long partial closure, Thailand has now opened to some tourists. Thousands of guys have already started entering the country. Thousands more will head there soon. I am not a travel expert but I can guess

The temple on the hill draws all kinds of women

There is a temple on a hill in Chiang Mai. It is called Wat Phra That. Some people call it Wat Doi Suthep. Doi means mountain in the local Lana language. That is not the Thai language

I fucked my Thai taxi driver

Today I am going to tell you about the time I fucked my Thai taxi driver. Now before you ask this was not one of the burly Thai guys that drives the colorful cabs in Bangkok. Nor

I fucked a Thai go go dancer for free

Some guys will tell you that Thai women are hardcore gold diggers who are all about money. The truth is that Thai chicks are humans like me and you. Some are greedy and some are not. I

Where is the easiest city to get laid in Thailand?

Where’s the easiest place to get laid in Thailand? I am asked this question in one form or another at least once a week. Usually people find this website and ask. But sometimes the guys back home

How to dress for success with Asian women

At this point I have been with so many Asian chicks that I’ve lost count. My batting average is through the roof over here in the East. It is vary rare that I purse a woman and

How to tell if your Thai girlfriend is a whore

I have found that a lot of guys are in relationships with Thai whores without even knowing it. Sure there are the guys who willingly shack up with bar girls. But I am not talking about them.

I fucked your Thai girlfriend

I’ve got bad news for a couple of guys in America and Europe who send money to Thai chicks every month: I fucked your girlfriend. Please believe me when I say that it wasn’t something I went