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The 5 best Vietnamese porn sites

I am going to let you in on a little secret. Vietnamese chicks have some of the best bodies of any women in the world. Of course I like Asian chicks. And Viets are up near the

HCMC is the easiest city to get laid in Vietnam

There is no question about and no doubt in my mind. Ho Chi Minh City is absolutely the easiest place to find sex in Vietnam. I have the experience and the knowledge to back this up! After

I fucked the Vietnamese mamasan

In 2014 I made this site and gave it the slogan “screw the whole world.” In the 7 years since I have had sex with hundreds of women all around the world. So I am living up

I fucked a Vietnamese waitress

In December, 2019, I fucked a 21 year old Vietnamese waitress. It was a random pickup that I almost didn’t even attempt. I am glad I did. Within 24 hours of my first approach I had my

It’s easy to have sex in Vietnam

I originally wrote this post for Monger Planet. But since that website disappeared I am posting it here. I don’t go as far back as some old hands. But I’ve been spending most of my time in

The 5 best Vietnamese porn stars of all time

Vietnamese women are underrepresented in porn. This is not some kind of PC slogan but a numerical fact. Home to almost 100 million people, Vietnam is the fifteenth biggest country in the world by population. And the

How to dress for success with Asian women

At this point I have been with so many Asian chicks that I’ve lost count. My batting average is through the roof over here in the East. It is vary rare that I purse a woman and

Hooking up with Vietnamese chicks from Tinder

In all of my time in Asia I haven’t heard much about Vietnam or Vietnamese chicks. Apparently, Vietnam is not a big tourist market. And when tourists do go there, they often don’t return. Guys who come