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Will Covid-19 lead to more or less prostitution?

There’s a lot of speculation about what the long lasting fallout of the Covid-19 crisis is going to be. I am mostly concerned about finding and fucking chicks around the world, so that is what I focus

How Thai whores survived the lockdown

You’ve heard it all before. In fact you’re actually living through it yourself. We’ve reached a point in history where the great depression meets the Spanish Flu and everything turns to shit. Well not everything, but a

Everything you need to know about whore support

I’m sure you already know about child support. That’s the money you pay to woman who takes care of your kid, at least in theory. In reality it can be anything from money you probably ought to

Ten thousand dollars is too much for a whore

I just finished listening to an interview Adam Carolla did with American comedian and self-described train wreck Artie Lange on Youtube. In the video Artie talks about having short time sessions with $10,000 hookers in Vegas. That’s