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I screwed a chick with two different sized tits

I once fucked a woman with two different sized breasts. Well I’ve actually fucked a ton of chicks who tits were not exactly the same size but I could barely tell. As it turns out breast asymmetry

I fucked a Japanese MILF who wasn’t very sexy

I have a confession to make. I fucked an ugly old Japanese MILF. Unlike the super sexy Japanese MILF I told you about before, this woman wasn’t very sexy at all. But I would still call her

I fucked another Japanese MILF

I just fucked another Japanese MILF. Well, she wasn’t really a MILF in the technical sense because she never had a baby. But she was in her forties. So it would probably be more accurate to describe

I’m not afraid to date younger women

The west just keeps on getting weirder and weirder. Now we have a whole generation of people who go out of their way to judge their own actions in the fear that somebody, somewhere might potentially be

I pissed off a Japanese bitch

Here is the latest news, hot off the presses. Japan reopened to tourists after two years of lockdown. I went to Japan. And I pissed off a Japanese bitch! All that in more in the latest installment

I fucked a very sexy Japanese MILF

Right before Covid shut the world down I fucked a very sexy Japanese MILF. If you read this site you know I am into Asian MILFs. But this chick was objectively hot on her own. It doesn’t

How to dress for success with Asian women

At this point I have been with so many Asian chicks that I’ve lost count. My batting average is through the roof over here in the East. It is vary rare that I purse a woman and

The best and worst things about Japanese chicks

What are the best and worst things about Japanese chicks? By my count something like a hundred Japanese women have made me have an orgasm in one way or another. I’ve also spent a lot of time